Impact of the Covid-19 Second Wave on Education

Covid-19 greatly affected schools in SA. But the Impact of the Covid-19 Second Wave on Education can bring it to its knees. Learn more about this here.

The first wave of Covid-19 greatly affected South Africa in 2020. The effects it left within every sector can still be felt in 2021. The Impact of the Covid-19 Second Wave on Education has many worried about the schooling and development of learners in SA. 

Entering a Second Wave

Early December 2020, SA entered the second wave of Covid-19. With many countries around the world entering the second wave and harsh lockdown, this was expected in SA too. Yet so many people were hoping that it could be prevented. 

Second Wave Amended Lockdown Regulations

With the second wave upon us, the SA government has reinstated lockdown level 3. This includes the amended level 3 regulations. Some of the lockdown regulations include: 

  • Wearing masks at all times
  • Closure of beaches and limited access to public parks
  • Curfew between 21:00 and 05:00
  • Less than 50% capacity in well ventilated areas

These regulations affect everyone, even our education system. Social distancing means smaller classes, so classes with more than 40 learners should be adjusted. This is just one of the many ways how the second wave has affected our schools, before the school year even started.

Boy wearing a black mask. The Impact of the Covid-19 Second Wave on Education has affected many students in South Africa.

Impact of Covid-19 Second Wave on Education

“Are the schools closing? How will I get my school material?” These are just some of the many questions parents and learners are faced with at the start of the new school year. The impact of the second wave is bigger than before, and could negatively affect education in South Africa.

Loss of Teachers to Covid-19

Sadly, over 1400 teachers have lost their lives to Covid-19. This is a huge loss to their families, as well as their students. With fewer educators during the second wave, learners could be left without teachers. Combining classes isn’t an option, due to social distancing. 

Delay in the Start of the School Year

The 2021 school year has been amended, and will start 27 January. The school year will start later, affecting many. Registration and classes at colleges and universities have also been delayed, as they wait for the release of matric results. The impact of Covid-19 on Matriculants has greatly affected their education.

Alternating School Days

In 2020, different grades had to attend school on alternating days. This was due to the adherence of social distancing. As stated by the Department of Basic Education, this will most likely continue well into the new school year in 2021. 

Shift to Online Learning

Recently, online courses and distance learning have become increasingly popular. And during the first wave, many used these platforms to stay up-to-date with work. The second wave could see a lasting shift to online learning, as institutions make online learning their primary focus.

Possible Hard Lockdown

The second wave has a higher infection and mortality rate. To prevent the spread of the virus, we could face another level 5 lockdown with stricter regulations. This will prevent learners from attending schools. Students with no access to online platforms will suffer more if this happens.

Impact on Student Development

When talking about students and how Covid-19 affects their education, we only think about their marks. But their emotional and mental state are at risk too. They are facing pressure, affecting their student development. This could lead to lower pass rate across all grades.

Let’s Come out on top of This Second Wave!

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Last Updated: 14 January 2021