ICB: Financial Accounting Programme

Office AdministrationStudying the ICB Financial Accounting Programme is the best choice you will ever make if you want to become a bookkeeper or accountant of note. This programme will equip you with the best skills and knowledge of a variety of fields such as:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Income tax
  • Reporting standards
  • Corporate strategy
  • Accounting
  • Research

In order for any business to succeed in today’s tough and competitive market, good bookkeeping and accounting are important to properly manage a business. Good organisation is essential when starting a business. Lots of profit can go lost if there is no good management or bookkeeping of the company’s expenses and activities.

ICB Financial Accounting Programme

How the ICB Financial Accounting Programme is structured

The ICB Financial Accounting programme is made up of 4 levels:

  • Foundation Level: National Certificate: Bookkeeping
  • Intermediate Level: FET Certificate: Bookkeeping
  • Upper Intermediate Level: National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting
  • Advanced Level: National Diploma: Financial Accounting

Each of the 4 levels in the programme contains four separate qualifications. You start off at the Foundation Level studying for the National Certificate in Bookkeeping. In the foundation level, you need to pass 4 subjects to complete the level. In order to enrol for this programme you only need to have a grade 10 and be 16 years of age. No prior knowledge of accounting is needed. If you keep on studying the programme you will progress to the intermediate levels and then to the advanced level.


Skills Academy offers the following range of ICB: Financial Accounting Programme:

For more information on the programme and the different courses, it contains see the links below to get a comprehensive overview. Here you will see the subjects you will be studying, the entry requirements, accreditation and for how long the course will be.



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Last Updated : July, 04 2017