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Think you have what it takes to manage a business? If you answered yes, then we could help make your dreams of managing a company a reality. Read further to learn all about the ICB Business Management Courses offered at Skills Academy.

We Offer the Following ICB Business Management Courses:

Business Management Courses

ICB National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management

A 9 month Course that covers 4 fundamental       Business Subjects. This Course Requires Grade 11 to Start.

ICB National Diploma: Financial Accounting

A Diploma level Course that stretches out over 3     Years. This is our highest level Business Management Course.

ICB Higher Certificate: Office Administration

A 24 Month Course Covering 9 Subjects helping you pursue your career as a Senior Office          Administrator.

What is ICB? 

ICB stands for the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, which aims to improve the quality of bookkeepers and accountants in South Africa. 

Can I Study ICB Business Management Courses Without Matric?

Yes, you can study ICB Business Management without matric. You will need a minimum of Grade 11 certificate in order to enrol in the Business Management Courses offered at Skills Academy. You should also be able to read and write in English.

What are ICB Business Management Courses all About?

The ICB Business Management Courses will teach you all the basic skills needed to manage a company and make it a success. The Business Management courses will cover everything from HR and managing finances, to Office Administration and computer literacy. 

How Long are the Courses?

The length of study for each course differs. However, if you finish your course quicker than expected, then you do not have to study or pay for the full duration.

  • Small Business Financial Management: ICB National Certificate – 9 months
  • Business Management Office Administration: ICB Higher Certificate – 15 months
  • Business Management Financial Accounting: ICB National Diploma – 12 months

What Skills Will I Learn?

With the Small Business Financial Management: ICB National Certificate, you will learn:

  • How to understand the process of documentation and recording of financial transactions.
  • How to communicate with stakeholders, whether they are investors or employees.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the skills a general manager should have.
  • Computer skills

With a Business Management Office Administration: ICB Higher Certificate, you will learn:

  • How to manage a work schedule.
  • The basic principles in business.
  • How to work on financial statements and reports.
  • Work and communicate with HR and labour relations department.

With the Business Management Financial Accounting: ICB National Diploma, you will learn skills such as:

  • How to work on financial statements and reports in accordance with IFRS
  • How to manage a sales environment in terms of finances and control principles.
  • Strategically thinking in an international business environment.
  • Preparing a business for internal and external audit.
  • How to work with management information systems.

How will I be Assessed?

Your assessment will consist of your Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) and summative exam.

PoE keeps track of all your home based and workplace assessments and tasks, and will be marked with your final exam. It makes up 30% of the final mark and will consist of formative activities, which gives teachers an indication of the students learning process. 

Summative exams assesses all the knowledge you have learnt throughout the course. This exam makes up 70% of your final mark.

What Jobs can I get With an ICB Business Management Certificate?

Our accredited courses are not only nationally recognised, they will teach you the basic skills needed to be successful in this industry. Start a career as a Business Manager and manage all business related factors in your company. Other jobs you can do with our Business Management courses include: 

  • Office Administrator
  • Secretary
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Researcher
  • Sales Assistant
  • Business Consultant 
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager

Salary Expectancy With an ICB Business Management Certificate

Salaries vary depending on experience and level of qualification. Yet the average salary of a business manager is around R26 000. A senior manager can earn up to R78 000 a month. These salaries are as of 9 November 2019 according to Indeed.com. 

Are the ICB Business Management Courses Accredited?

Yes, all the ICB courses are accredited. This means that these courses received authorisation from an official or professional body like the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). These courses are recognised by higher learning and employers. When you complete an accredited course, you have a better chance of becoming employed.

Benefits of Studying ICB Business Management Courses at Skills Academy

Not only are you offered excellent courses, there are loads of benefits of studying with us, such as:

  • Skilled tutors, who help you complete your course.
  • Reliable courier service, making sure you get your study material in good condition and on time.
  • No need to give out extra money on study material. The cost of all your course material are included in the fees.
  • Together We Pass is an online study group, aimed at allowing students to talk, help and support each other through their studies. 
  • Do you have other responsibilities? Not a problem. Distance learning colleges gives students the flexibility of study at their own pace.

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