ICB 2024 Fees List

The ICB 2024 fees list is here. Take a look at the fee structure for the new year. Once your course fees are sorted, you can focus on getting top marks.

Listed in the table below is the ICB 2024 fees list

Registration fee

Annual student registration fees


Exam-related fees

Assessment fee for digital PoE


Assessment postponement fee per subject


Assessment late entry fee per subject


Assessment re-mark and examiners report per subject


Private invigilator admin fee 


Printed ICB programme certificate


FASSET certificate reprint


Workplace PoE assessments (learnership)


Recognition of prior learning (RPL)/ Exemption fees

RPL/ Exemption application fee


RPL /Exemption fee per subject (no PoE required)


RPL PoE fee per subject (PoE to be completed)


What Are The ICB Registration Fees?

The annual registration fee covers all administrative duties that are not directly related to the exam. ICB’s registration fee for 2024 is R470. You need to pay your sign-up fees each calendar year while studying. 

Remember: You need to pay your registration fees regardless of the time of year you start your studies. 

How Do The ICB Fees Work?

Your study fees are comprised of your registration fees + assessment fees per subject.

If you study via classroom learning, you will pay your fees to your college. They will then pay your fees to ICB on your behalf. If you are studying via distance learning, you will pay your fees on the student portal. 

ICB Student Portal

There are various administrative duties you can complete on the ICB student portal:

  • Register with the ICB.
  • Enter the ICB exams.
  • Update personal details. 
  • Pay your fees.
  • View your ICB results.
  • Print exam confirmations.

What Are The ICB Banking Details?

You can pay your fees using the banking details below. Pay your fees on the student portal via:

  • Credit/debit card
  • Instant EFT

You can also pay your fees through EFT and bank payments. The payment details will be on your invoice. ICB does not accept:

  • Debit orders
  • Cash payments

If cash payments are your only option, make a payment at an FNB bank and send ICB the proof of payment or deposit slip. 

Remember: Use your South African ID or ICB reference number as a payment reference. 

How To Register With The ICB?

To register with the ICB, you must create a student profile to get started:

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Search and open ICB website.
  • Go to student login.
  • Click on ‘register’
  • Fill in the form and click register again.

This will take you to the learner registration page. Add the necessary information to complete your registration.

ICB Exam Booking

Use the easy-to-follow guide to book your ICB exam

  • Select the subject you want to write.
  • Choose the exam venue.
  • Pick an available exam date for the subject you chose.
  • Click on ‘add to basket’ next to the chosen information.
  • Submit all details. 
  • Make a payment. 

What Is The ICB Timetable?

ICB exam timetable is a detailed calendar that lists when you will write your finals. You can also see which exams you are booked for. It includes:

  • Exam dates
  • Postponement application cut-off date
  • ICB portfolio of evidence (PoE) completion deadline
  • Results release date
  • RPL and RTAP exam details
  • Important exam details 

Can I Study Directly Through ICB?

No, you cannot study directly with ICB. They only provide assessments that test the skills you have gained during your studies. You need to find a training provider to study ICB courses. 

Which Colleges Offer ICB Courses?

Colleges that offer ICB courses include:

We also offer ICB courses via distance learning. You can study with us anywhere in South Africa, whether in Cape Town or Pretoria. Benefits you can enjoy while studying ICB include:

  • No classes
  • Study material delivered to you
  • Skilled tutors and expert lecturers

What ICB Courses Can I Study?

You can study three ICB courses with us:

Accounting Courses

Learn quality finance skills in our Accounting Courses. This includes managing financial statements and understanding cost and management accounting. This is an excellent introduction to bookkeeping for students with no prior skills. 

Entry requirements: Grade 10. 

Business Management Courses

Start your management career with our Business Management Courses. Learn all about business law, literacy, and marketing practices. You will also learn about labour laws to help you manage your business and employees.

Entry requirement: Grade 11. 

Office Administration Courses

In our Office Administration Courses, you will learn skills that will help you complete various duties in the workplace. Gain communication skills and knowledge of economics. This includes business, finance and HR management skills. 

Entry requirements: Matric or equivalent.

Are ICB Qualifications Recognised? 

Yes, all ICB qualifications are recognised. They meet the NQF standards since they are all registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)

What Are ICB Qualifications Equivalent To?

Since ICB courses are SAQA-registered, each qualification is equal to an NQF level:

NQF Level






Is ICB Recognised In South Africa? 

Yes, ICB courses are recognised in South Africa. You will have many employment and further study opportunities available to you. 

Does Unisa Accept ICB Qualifications?

Not quite. Unisa accepts recognition of prior learning (RPL) from ICB graduates. Each application is reviewed to determine if you qualify for higher education. So you might be able to use your ICB qualification to study further at Unisa.

Where Should I Go After ICB?

From getting a job to starting your own, here is what you can do after studying ICB courses:

  • Complete all levels in your ICB course
  • Get an advanced diploma
  • Take the first step in your career
  • Start your own business
  • Join a professional membership

Complete All Levels In Your ICB Course

ICB courses are modular. So when you complete the first level, you can move on to the certificate course. Thereafter, you can advance to the last level and get your diploma

Get An Advanced Diploma

Study further at institutions such as: 

You can use your Financial Accounting NQF 6 National Diploma to get your advanced diploma or higher qualification. 

Take The First Step In Your Career

ICB courses are a great way to learn practical and valuable skills. You can use your knowledge to pursue junior-level jobs or internships. 

Start Your Own Business

If you want to start your own small business instead of getting an internship, you can! Your ICB qualification proves you have the finance and management skills to lead a successful business.

Join a Professional Organisation

You can join a professional organisation after you complete your studies. With the help of your membership, you can connect with professionals in your field and grow your network. You also have access to resources that will help you build your career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Unisa does not offer ICB courses. If you want to further your education at a distance learning college, you can study ICB courses with us. You can learn quality skills from home and enjoy exclusive benefits

ICB pass requirements are listed below: 

  • 50% in your final exam.
  • 60% as your overall mark. 

Remember: There are no minimum requirements for your ICB portfolio of evidence (PoE). But you must pass all your assignments to prepare for your final exam. 

You can rewrite your exam. Re-register for the exam as soon as you get your results and pay the exam fees. 

Please note: If the next available exam date is still within the same calendar year, you do not need to complete a new PoE. 

Yes, you can become a bookkeeper with basic finance skills. But it will be difficult for you to find a job. Employers want skilled bookkeepers with formal training and relevant skills. So study a bookkeeping course and stand a better chance of starting your dream career.

Last Updated: 5 June 2024



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