ICB 2020

The road to success starts here. Plan your ICB 2020 academic year. Access important information regarding your exams, and find out how to get your results.

Here you can access all the important details regarding the ICB 2020 academic year. Write your own success story with ICB and Skills Academy, and make the most of the 2020 exams. Start prepping now!

Who is the ICB? 

Over the past 5 years, they have been responsible for the successful graduation of approximately 25 000 students. Many of these students have entered the labour market with the skills and knowledge they have gained through their ICB courses, and have built successful careers. But who exactly is the ICB and how do they do what they do?

ICB 2020 stident wearing a blue suit and tie and fixing his tieThe Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) is an Independent External Examination Body that provides its enrollees with Accredited Business Qualifications. Their goal is to equip industry professionals with the necessary skills to perform their daily duties, and they strive to make their qualifications accessible to all.

The ICB have over 500 training providers you can choose from, and Skills Academy is proud to announce that we are one of them.

ICB 2020 Exams

The ICB has released their Classroom and Distance Learning exam dates for 2020. You can access the ICB 2020 Exam Timetable here, they are ready to download and use at your disposal.  Make sure to start your exam preparation as soon as possible, to get the results you deserve.

Fee Structure 

You can access the ICB 2020 Fee Structure here. This page includes important information regarding the registration fee, exam-related fees, as well as  exemption fees. You can also learn more about the various payment methods and how you can calculate your fees.


Calling all prospective students! The ICB 2020 Prospectus is now available for download. You can learn more about the 5 study programs the ICB offers, and all the subjects you need to pass to get your qualification. You can also learn more about the exam dates, exam entries, and results release dates.

Exam Registration

All the exam entry dates are available on the ICB Exam Timetable 2020 and the ICB Prospectus 2020. They are made ready to download and print. All ICB exams are scheduled mid-month, so make sure you register to write on time. As of April 2020, all exam registrations will be done online.

ICB Results

Make sure to save the date. Or in this case, the dates. The exam results release dates for 2020 is now available. Make sure to take them and the exam registration into account when planning your exams.

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Last Updated: November 2, 2020


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