I Am Afraid I Won’t Finish My Course

Anyone Can Study – We Teach You How

“I am afraid I won’t finish my course.” This is the worry of all students! For us the most important thing is that you finish your course successfully. We have students from 16 years old without a matric, to students of 76 years old. We help you till you pass. We never give up on you. Nobody gets left behind.

In your first package from the College we send you two things:

  1. Your Orientation Guide, and
  2. Introduction to Business English.

In the Orientation Guide we explain to you how distance learning works with Skills Academy. We tell you what is expected from you as our student. And we teach you how to study as a distance learning student. We show you how to set goals, how to manage your time and how to plan a proper study session.

We also teach you how to apply for a job. Most of our students are studying to get a job, or to get a better job. The moment your are registered for your distance learning studies, you have improved your CV. We help you write a great CV, teach you how to network, show you the best approach for a covering letter, and give you the right advice on how to get a proper job and build your career.

If you are already a successful student, then this section will be very basic for you – and you will complete it in an afternoon. If, like most of our students, you have not studied for a while, then this will teach you the basics that you MUST understand to be able to get the most out of your course and out of your tutors.

All our students start with our Introduction to Business English. In this module we evaluate at what level your English abilities are. You need to understand English to do your studies successfully. We look at your assignments in this module to determine how much help you will need with English. If we see that you need more help, then we can make sure you get that extra help right from the start of your course.

Students who are good at basic English will do their assignments in one weekend and move on to the rest of their course the next week. We always courier, so you will never get delayed.


Making Sure You Finish Your Course


We Help You Step-by-Step Until You Finish Your Course

From the moment you get your first package of study material, we teach you one step at a time. Our study material is especially written for home study students. The chapters are short and we make sure you understand each section before moving on. You will find many short assignments and tests to help you prove that you understand the work.

Friendly and Helpful Tutors and Lecturers Waiting for You!

Your tutor is waiting to chat to you on the phone, over email or in your online study groups. We register you on your online study group in the first week of your studies – you will get an email with your username and password. We also send you a document explaining exactly how you can use your online study groups.  Every day your tutor is available your online study groups. Go and meet your tutor and classmates online – you are never alone. Together you will find it easy to complete your course.

Your tutor is available during the day. So you don’t have to wait for certain days and certain times to ask questions. When you get stuck, you can go onto the group and get help from your tutor or a fellow student right away.

Fast Feedback on Your Assignments

We mark your assignments in seven days and give you lots of feedback and help. We want you to pass. We show you what you need to know, so that you get your qualification. Send in your assignment by post, email, or upload it to us on the internet. Get personal and private feedback, or choose to discuss it in your online study group.

Immediate Feedback when you Have a Query

When you send us a query or question before 3 in the afternoon, then we respond back to you on the same day. We don’t go home until we have responded to all the requests and queries we got before 3 in the afternoon. We are dedicated to answering you and helping you quickly.

You Won’t Run Out of Time

If you need more time to finish your studies, you get a course extension. With a course extension you can add more study time at the end of your study period. No re-registration fee. You just keep on paying your monthly installments. We help you till you pass.

You Never Walk away Empty-handed

If things go wrong and you have to stop your studies, you don’t walk away empty-handed. We give you an official statement of your results. This is your recognition for the subjects you have completed. And we will give you full credit for the work you have completed, when you decide to restart your studies.

Study as Fast or as Slow as You Want

Distance learning with Skills Academy is one-on-one private education. You work with your tutors, to study as fast or as slow as you want. When you do work that is easy for you, you can speed up. If you find a section where you need more help and time, then we slow down to make sure you understand the work and pass your course.

With this kind of one-on-one tutoring students actually get better results than in classroom-based studies.

Better than a Classroom

Your studies are not limited to classes where you can run the risk of missing a class. Everything you would have heard in the class is included in your study material. So you will never miss out on a lecture; even if you are sick or have to work late.

You don’t have to take down notes of important points during lectures. All the important information is already included in your study material!

As you will do your assignments at home; you do not have to stress about enough time or any pressure from outside. The assignments test your knowledge by asking you to apply it to certain situations. That way you can test whether you can apply what you have learned in real life situations.

If you fail; you can always try again at no extra charge. The aim is that you learn from your mistakes and to do better the next time around. Note that with some institute programmes, you will have to pay extra exam fees, and may have to pay for updated study material if you fail an exam.

If you are a fast learner you can move ahead by handing in assignments faster. If you need extra time; then you can take enough time on a specific piece of material to really understand it.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You will be impressed by how much we care for your studies, how fast we send your study material, and how smartly we help you with the academics. Not happy with us? Then you can cancel and get all your money back. No questions asked.

Your 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Fully accredited

Skills Academy is fully accredited by the ICB as a Quality Assurance Partner (QAP) of the QCTO. We are accredited by FASSET. We are also a member of APPETD.

  • ICB Accreditation Number: 300830
  • FASSET Accreditation Number: A58500025
  • APPETD Membership number: 20160099

Our students love studying with us

From Melanie

I would love to thank Debbie for helping me when I couldn’t get thru. She helped me a lot. I would rate Debbie`s services a full 10 out 10. She is an angel! Thank you Debs you rock !!!

From Vhuyai

I got two calls from different people, they were very helpful and they took the time to respond. They were so understanding and caring, they made sure I received my books on time. The even called me the day I received my books to make sure I did received them. The service is awesome thank you guys.

From Fauzan

He (Edison) was very efficient and quick, he followed up on my query and made sure I was assisted to the fullest, a valuable asset to the organization. I will definitely be studying through your college again!

Will home study work for Me?

How will home study work for you? You might not have matric, you might worry that you are not a “good student”, and you are wondering if you can afford private education.

I am afraid I won’t finish my course

The most important thing for us is that you finish your course. And when you don’t know what to do or where to start – we are there to help you.

Most of us at Skills Academy are studying via distance learning ourselves. We know the skills and planning you need to work and study at the same time. We know what it feels like when you must study, but your friends are going out. We can help you.

You can chat to your tutor in the online group. Or you can have a private chat online. Or you can give us a call, and we can chat on the phone. We will help you get you head back in the game. We will keep on motivating you, and giving you that little push to keep going.

If you need more time to complete your course, you can extend your course without re-registering. When you apply for a course extension we give you more study time, so that you can complete your course. You just keep paying your normal monthly fees.

No penalties. No re-registration fees.

How We Help You Finish Your Course Successfully


I don’t have Matric

You don’t need matric to study with us. Did you know that most South Africans never complete matric? We won’t let that hold you back.

Your school results does not tell you anything about how you will do in your further studies. At school you are studying subjects that might not interest you, and you are too young to know what career is right for you. A missing teacher, the wrong friends, your circumstances at home, having to take care of your siblings… these are all things that can end your school career before you get to Matric.

As an adult you understand how your skills and qualifications will give you a better future. You can choose a direction of study that interest you. And you can study something you can use in your current job. We shall help you, as long as you need, till you pass. This is why your studies as an adult will be successful.

Nearly all our courses have entrance criteria of Grade ten. Many of them are completely open access.

When life gets too busy – Take a Break

Busy month at work? Baby just arrived? Need a break? When you cannot study, you don’t pay. Let us know two weeks before you need the break, and we pause your studies and your payments.

Save this option for emergencies. Research has shown that if you take a break, it might be difficult to start again. We do everything to keep you studying. When you apply for a study break, we will discuss it with you and try to help you find ways to keep studying. Together we will agree the date on which you will start again.

You can take a break for up to two months during your studies. To look after the people you care for, you also need to take care of yourself.

Just remember the following:

1. A student cannot take a break within the first three months after registration.
2. Student Account has to be up to date with payments before a break can be taken.
3. Student cannot take a break for longer than two months.

What is Your responsibility?

Study. If you don’t know how, ask us. And we shall teach you how. Use your lecturers. Use your online study group. This is how you will pass quickly. Treat your lecturers and fellows students with respect – and expect them to also treat you with respect.

If you are not serious about studying and passing, then don’t register. Wait till you are ready.

You are making an important commitment to yourself and to the college. If you miss a monthly payment, then the college can and will act. You can get expelled for missing a payment.

If you know you are going to struggle to make a payment, tell us immediately. And we shall make a plan to help you. Yes, times are tough, so we must all help each other improve our lives and our country.


how to take a study break


Helping you study every week

Our students don’t wait

Skills Academy students don’t wait. We keep you studying every day, every week, every month.

If you are studying very fast, we send your next subject faster, so that you always have the right work to study on your desk.

If you want to study, and you are waiting on us, for any reason, then you fill in this form: Red Alert – Help me so I can study faster.

You will succeed – and fast

You need to complete your studies so that you can concentrate on your job and your career.

We help you get qualified fast. We make sure you focus on the important parts of your course. We always courier your books and study notes, so you don’t wait. If you study fast, you can order the study material faster – so you don’t pay to wait on the next set of books.

Our tutors love helping students

We believe students deserve to be helped quickly. Therefore everything we do is focussed on giving you a quick response when you need help, or when you have a question.

When you send in assignments for marking, we mark it and give you feedback in a week or less. And you can discuss your assignments with your tutor and fellow students online in your study group every day.

You can post questions to your tutor at any time. Mostly your tutor will reply on the same day, or on the next day. If you place your questions in the open study groups, then your fellow students can also answer your questions. When that happens, your tutor will still check the answers and comment on them.

Immediate Feedback when you Have a Query

When you send us a query or question before 3 in the afternoon, then we respond back to you on the same day. We don’t go home until we have responded to all the requests and queries we got before 3 in the afternoon. We are dedicated to answering you and helping you quickly.

Study groups

You don’t have to study on your own. Our online study groups is the place where you can work with your tutors, lecturers and even fellow students. We register you for your study group within your first week with us. You will get an email from us with your username and password, as well as a guide explaining how to use your study group.

In the emails we send you about your study group, we give you small exercise to teach you how to use it. These exercises will help you get the most help and value out of your study group!

You must have an email address that you monitor every day, to be able to use your study groups and communicate with the college successfully.

You will learn better. In a group you can often ask questions and get an immediate answer.

You will get new insights. When you study by yourself you only get one point of view – your own point of view. Different people see the same thing in different ways. And you can learn a lot by getting to see the different perspectives other people have. This will sharpen your critical thinking.


You will learn new study skills. When you learn how to use your study group, you are learning a very important new study skill. Asking questions in a group, and helping answer them, is a great way to learn.

Research has shown that the absolute best way of learning, is when you are explaining the work to another student.

You won’t get bored. When you study in a group it is more fun than doing it on your own!

You will fill the gaps. By discussing and evaluating each other’s work you will be able to improve your answers and your understanding.

Study notes and textbooks developed especially for distance learning

Our study material is written in simple English. It is easy to understand and gives you regular breaks. In your breaks you rest your mind and absorb your learning. We only teach you what you need to know. We don’t overload you – we help you finish fast.

Distance learning students need their study material, textbooks and study notes to be written specifically for home study. We are good at this. We break your course into chapters short enough that you can finish a chapter in one study session.

Study materials created especially for distance learning means that you get lots of examples. We give you home tests (self tests) and assignments so you can test your own knowledge as you study. We leave space in your study notes for you to write your own notes, to help you remember the important parts of your work.

We are very proud of our study materials, and always working to further improve it. We are committed to finding and fixing any errors. Just use our “mistake in the study material” form to let us know when you find an error. By pointing out errors in the study materials you are helping us, and yourself, and all the other students!

Full-time Lecturers In-house

Fast feedback on questions

When you send us a query or question before 3 in the afternoon, then we respond back to you on the same day. We don’t go home until we have responded to all the requests and queries we got before 3 in the afternoon. You don’t wait in a long line to get an answer from us.

Marking and feedback on your assignments and tests

We mark your assignments in seven days and give you lots of feedback and help. We want you to pass. We show you what you need to know, so that you get your qualification. Send in your assignment by post, email, or upload it to us on the internet. Get personal and private feedback, or choose to discuss it in your online study group.

We love helping students – and we are studying ourselves!

From Alicia

Thanks so much for the help, after I talked to him [Edison], my questions have been answered and he could help me on my way, and I now have a clearer mind. Thanks so much for the help and being ever so patient with me. You are great.

From Booi

Thanks Mzukisi for being a super consultant and giving me advice. A gold star on your service!

From Sophie

She [Vinolia] called me because I sent her an email. She explained that she did rectify the problem. And then she also sent an email to show me that my problem was solved.

Always use the newest study material – one subject at a time

We help you manage the speed of your studies. We send you one subject at a time, so you can focus and complete that subject, before you have to concentrate on the next subject.

As soon as you send in an assignment, we send you the next subject. So you always get the study material just when you need it. You are sure to always get the latest version of the study material.

If you study faster, then we send your books faster.

Remember, a stack of books on your desk does not mean you are studying. You need a study plan, you need to be working through a chapter at a time, do your home tests, send in assignments for your tutor to mark, get feedback from your tutor, chat with other students and your lecturers in our online study groups and finish one subject at a time. And we shall help you with this, every day, until you succeed.

how we help you succeed


Making sure you finish your course successfully

Think you are not a strong student?

Do you think you can’t study? Because you did not do well at school? Or maybe you did not finish school. That does not mean you are a “bad” student.

As an adult learner you get to choose a course and choose subjects that truly interest you. You understand how your studies will help your career. And now your age and your life experience and work experience will help you.

It is much easier to study as an adult. You have leant life’s lessons. You know what you want. And you know how to ask for help. Many of our students are using their studies in their jobs. When you work in a job where you can use your studies, your studies are much easier and certainly more fun.

Your Skills Academy lecturers and tutors are waiting to help you. Together we shall get you the education you want.

Tutors and Lecturers that help you step by step and day by day

Most of our academic staff work full-time at Skills Academy. This is important because it means you can call us, or message us in your online study group, and we will answer you on the same day.

We know that when you start we have to teach you how to study. And help you plan your study-calendar. And keep you motivated.

If there is an exam coming up, we shall warn you well ahead of time. So you don’t have to worry about all the little details. We do it for you.

Research has shown that students who get the kind of one-on-one tutoring you get from us, get better marks than students who go to classes.

Chatting to your Lecturers and fellow students every day

When you register with us, we put you in your online study group right away. Your online study group is a chat-group and study-group for our students. Your lecturers and fellow students will be online often.

Here you can ask questions and get help. You can even help other students when you know the answer to their questions. Remember, helping others study is the best way to test your own knowledge.

Being online with other students is a great way to stay motivated. You will meeting people going through the same stresses and successes as you! Studying is much easier when you are not alone.

You online study groups also work on your phone. So in the bus or train on the way to work, you can check in with your lecturers.

What happens when things go wrong?


30 Day Money Back Guarantee


We know that we will give you the best advice, so you make the right choice for you. We know that we will register you fast and paperless over the phone. We know that if you live in one of the major cities you will get your study materials in less than a week from our couriers. We know that you will love your lecturers and tutors who want to help you. And you will enjoy the discussions in your online study groups.

But, still, things can go wrong. So, if you are not totally happy with us in the first 30 days after you register, we will cancel you with no questions asked, and return your money.

What happen when I have an emergency and I cannot study?

How we help when things go wrong


We want you to succeed, we won’t give up on you

Most of our tutors work full-time at the academy. So you can easily get hold of your tutor on the phone. We also register you in our online study group where you can post questions and get answers and help from your tutors and fellow students. This is like Facebook, just for you and your classmates.

When you see a question and you think you have the answer, then you can jump in and help your classmates. Teaching someone else is the best way to find out if YOU really understand the work. It helps you understand and remember your work much better.

We spend all our time helping students. This is what we love doing.

I am afraid I won’t come right with the online study groups

Our online study groups work in a browser (like Internet Explorer or Chrome or Safari or Firefox), on your computer and on your phone. When you register, we sign you up for your online group. At that point we explain to you how to use your online study group.

If you struggle to make it work, we will take you through it step-by-step on the phone. You can ask as many times as you want. We want to help you.

Of course, you can also study without using your online group. You can chat to your tutor on the phone. You can email us, and you can ask us to call you. So if “technology” is not your thing; don’t worry!

On the wrong course? Transfer to a different course

You might get a promotion or a new job. And suddenly you need new and different skills. You can easily change your course. So that you study the right course for your career. Just apply for a course transfer.

We will calculate a new course fee. And determine if you have any academic credits that can transfer to the new course. So if you have done subjects that are the same in your new course, then it is possible you might not have to do them again.

No, you cannot get a refund for the studies you have done thus far. No, we will not make you pay a re-registration fee.

No fuss. No penalties. Just help.

Enough time to finish your studies without having to restart

Need more time to finish a subject? We understand. All of us have studied via distance learning, so we know the feeling when you worry about running out of time.

If you get to the end of your course, and you need a few more months to complete, you apply for some more study-time – it is called a course extension. Then you keep paying your monthly study fees and you just keep studying. If there has been a price increase from the time you started your course, you will have to pay the new higher monthly amount. But only for the extra months you need.

No, we don’t cancel your studies once your study time is all gone. No, we don’t make you re-register. No, we don’t charge a re-registration fee. No we don’t charge a registration fee every year. If you sign up for a course that will take two years, we will only charge you a registration fee ONCE.

Nope… we don’t have financial penalties for anything.

30-Day money back guarantee


If you don’t Study, you don’t Pay


When you register to study, you make a commitment. A commitment to yourself. A commitment to changing your life and your future. You also make a commitment to us. We know what a big commitment this is – that is why we give you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. After the 30 days we hold you responsible for your commitment.

However, if you cannot study, we don’t want you to pay.

When you cannot study, you don’t pay. Let us know two weeks before you need the break, and we pause your studies and your payments.

Save this option for emergencies. Research has shown that if you take a break, it might be difficult to start again. We do everything to keep you studying. When you apply for a study break, we will discuss it with you and try to help you find ways to keep studying. Together we will agree the date on which you will start again.

You can take a break for up to two months during your studies.

Remember, if you don’t finish your course; or if you don’t pay for your course, it can have a negative impact on future studies. When you apply to study, and the college where you want to study determines that you did not complete your studies, or you did not complete your payments to your previous college, then they can refuse your registration.

Keeping your academic record and your payment record good, is part of how you change your future.

When things go wrong, you will find that we want to help you get back to studying fast. We won’t threaten you, we won’t be rude! We will just help you get back up!

What can I do so that I pay less?

Finish faster. You know all the things we do, to help you finish fast. Once we have issued your certificate, you stop paying us. So if you finish a 12-month course in only 9 months, then you don’t pay for the last 3 months.

This is how we reward hard-working students. And we commit to work just as hard as you to help you finish fast. If you pay the full course fee when you register, then you pay 20% less. If you pay with a Debit Order, then you pay 5% less. If you want to know more have a look at our payment options.

Last updated: February 19, 2019

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