How Volunteering During the Holidays can Help Your Career

It’s time to spread the spirit of giving. Find out How Volunteering During the Holidays can Help Your Career right here. We give you practical tips to use to get ahead and succeed!

What have you given today? Whether it’s your time, money or expertise, giving to others is also giving back to yourself. It’s the perfect time to spread some holiday cheer! If you’re wondering How Volunteering During the Holidays can Help Your Career, we’re here to answer that. 

Benefits of Volunteering During the Holidays

We know the holidays are all about having fun, going out and relaxing. But, it’s also a time for family, friends and love. What better way to spend your holidays than giving back to the community? 

You Have More Time

Have you always wanted to volunteer, but never had the chance? Well, now you do! During your holidays, spend your days in a meaningful way. Your time is the best gift you can give.  

Try Something new

The holidays are all about adventure and volunteering is a cool way to try something new. You’ll get to network with new people and see the world from a different perspective. 

It can Lead to a Full-Time job 

If you show enough passion and grit, your volunteering position could lead to a full-time job. This will give you a chance to really impress your potential employers. 

Make new Connections 

The working world is all about networking. If you get to know the right people in an industry and form relationships with them, you’ll be sorted for life. 

Develop new Skills 

While volunteering you’ll pick up important soft skills and work-related skills. You’ll learn how to work with people, solve problems and communicate effectively.   

It’s Fun!

Doing good, feels good! Giving back and helping out in your community will lessen your stress. You’ll go to bed knowing that you made a difference. That is the biggest perk!

A group of volunteers handing out food. Find out How Volunteering During the Holidays can Help Your Career right here!

Can Volunteering Help my Career?

If you have some time off work or you’re in-between jobs, volunteering this holiday season can help your career. All employers want individuals who work hard and go the extra mile. 

Looks Great on Your Resume- If you have any unexplained gaps in your resume, volunteering is a great way to fill them. It also shows that you’re compassionate, dedicated and hardworking.

Gain Experience – If you’re new to the working world, you need as much experience as you can get. Internships and volunteering is a great way to gain some experience. 

Find a Mentor – While working for an organisation, you can seek out a mentor. Having a mentor gives you an opportunity to gain some wisdom and career advice. 

Get References – If you’re a dedicated volunteer, you can get a new reference. This gives you credibility when applying for a new job. 

Get to Know Yourself – This can be a great opportunity to learn about yourself and your potential. You might uncover skills and interests you never knew you had.  

Where can I Volunteer for the Holidays?

South Africa is known for our picture-perfect tourist attractions. But, there’s also a side that is less glamorous. Many people across the country will need help during the holiday season.


Why not help out some furry friends this holiday season? You can find out from your local SPCA if they are looking for volunteers. Get your Doctor Doolittle on!

South Africa Wildlife Sanctuary with GoEco

If you’re interested in wildlife conservation then this is perfect for you. You’ll get the chance to get up close and personal with African fauna, zebras and elephants. 

Education Program in South Africa with Love Volunteers

Do you have a knack with tiny tots? With Love Volunteers you’ll be able to work with toddlers and elementary school kids. Teach basic English skills or Computer Skills

Volunteer in Surfing in South Africa with IVHQ

The main objective here is to get kids outside to learn valuable life skills and healthy habits through sports. And no, you don’t have to be a surfer to get involved with this programme. 

A wildlife volunteer feeding a baby elephant. Get involved with conservation and find out How Volunteering During the Holidays can Help Your Career.

Qualities Gained From Volunteering

The best ways to improve your skills are through doing a course and gaining experience. Volunteering is all about experiencing new things. Some of the qualities you’ll gain are listed below:

  • Industry Related Skills 
  • The Ability to Work in a Team
  • Leadership
  • Communication 
  • Problem solving and adaptability 
  • Time Management 

If you’re looking to improve your skills fast, then why not enrol into one of our short courses? Our learning is flexible. So you’ll be able to study while volunteering during the holiday. We offer everything from Project Management, Beauty Therapy and Courses to Study Without Matric

Turning Your Volunteering Position Into a Job

If you want to turn your volunteering position into a career, there are some things you can do. Being honest about your intentions from the start is always a smart move. 

Be Straightforward- Make it clear to the people in charge that you are interested in pursuing a career within their organisation. They will hopefully keep this in mind when there are any vacancies.  

Show Humility – Don’t complain about the salary, tasks or conditions. If you do, you’ll come across as egotistical and they might not want to hire you because of this. 

Professionalism – Treat your volunteer position like a job. Show up on time and deliver good work. If you need help communicating professionally, why not enrol for one of our courses? 

Learn the Culture – Learn as much about the company as possible. Hiring managers are more likely to hire people who already have an idea of the in’s-and-out’s of the company. 

Take on Responsibility – Show off your dedication. When people need help, offer your assistance. This will make you stand out from the crowd.

There are so many ways How Volunteering During the Holidays can Help Your Career! You’ll be giving back, but also working on your success. Why not give it a go?

Life is Short. Do Stuff That Matters!

If improving your career is on your priority list this holiday, then enrol for our courses. Gain the credibility and confidence you need to be successful. Contact us today by:

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Last Updated: September 16, 2021


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