How Video Games can Assist in Career Development

Grab your consoles and your favorite video game. We’re showing you How Video Games can Assist in Career Development. Turn your hobby into a viable career path with our course options.

Are video games just meaningless distractions? That may be the popular opinion. But your hours spent playing World of Warcraft might actually do some good. Find out how video games can assist in career development right here. 

4 Ways Video Games can Help Your Career

If you are an avid gamer, you already know that gaming takes a lot of skill. You need to strategise, analyse and use your creativity to get out of tricky situations. The skills you learn from gaming can boost your career. 

Communication and Resourcefulness

Game playing improves your communication, resourcefulness and adaptability. All of these are skills that many recruiters are looking for. 


Video games require you to complete various tasks. In most cases there is a timeframe attached forcing you to make intelligent decisions on the spot. 


Gaming teaches you to never give up. No matter the challenge, you want to win. That determined spirit will take you far in the workplace. 

Workplace Productivity 

No one wants to go through work yawning. To make yourself more productive, a quick gaming session during lunch can give you a surge of energy to tackle the rest of the day! 

Can Video Games Help you get a job?

Yes, it can. Video games, as we mentioned, develop transferable skills that are valued in any workplace. But, you can also turn your hobby into a career. Why not enrol for a computer course and take things to the next level?

A student in a yellow shirt holding a gaming console. Find out How Video Games can Assist With Career Development here.

 Careers in Gaming

How passionate are you about gaming? Passionate enough to start a career in it? Listed below are some careers in gaming you could consider: 

Game Designer 

Are you a natural storyteller? As a game designer you will create storylines and characters. You will then work with designers, developers and production to bring your vision to life. 

Software Developer 

As a software developer, you will turn the game designer’s vision into a playable game. You will use programming languages and engines to add to game play. 

Audio Engineer 

Everything you hear in a game, the music, the character’s voice and other background noise is the audio engineer’s job. 

Games Artist 

Think you’re a bit of an artist? Here you will have to make the video game look more realistic and stylish. 

Interpreters and Translators

There is a space for everyone in gaming. Use your language skills to translate games for counties across the world.  

Professional Gamer

This is the stuff dreams are made of! Professional gamers earn winnings from sponsored tournaments and personal sponsorships. 

Game Play Tester

Game testers make sure a game is functioning properly and that game play is easy, clear and that there are no glitches.  

If you are interested in improving your skills and pursuing a career in computers, have a look at our distance learning computer courses: 

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Last Updated: June 7, 2022


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