How to Start a Career in Accounting Without Matric

Want to become an accountant but didn’t pass matric? We’ve got you covered. Learn How to Start a Career in Accounting Without Matric. Start a thriving finance career with us.

Do you have your heart set on starting a career in finance? If so, not having a matric certificate shouldn’t stand in your way of achieving this goal. Turn that obstacle into a stepping stone that can take you to higher goals. You can have a successful finance career with the right skill set. So crunch some numbers and find out How to Start a Career in Accounting Without Matric.

Start a Career in Accounting Without Matric

Even though starting a career without matric may seem difficult, there is so much you can achieve. There are many ways you can get into an accounting career. Use these guidelines to help you get started.

Do Your Research

Find out everything you need to know about this industry, such as the skills and experience you need. See what you can improve, to make up for not having matric. This is also a great opportunity to find out what type of accountant you want to be.

Gain the Skills

Now that you’ve done your research, gain the skills you need to start a career without matric. There are many accounting courses available that you can study without matric. Enrol into a course that best fits your needs.

Create an Outstanding CV

Before you can tackle spreadsheets and general ledgers, there is one piece of document that can decide your career – your CV. Create an outstanding CV that will make you a cut above the rest. Focus on your strengths and write a stellar cover letter.

Network to Success

In this day and age, it’s all about ‘who you know’. Network with people who already work in finance. They could help you land a job at their company. Once you’re there, you can learn the skills you need to work yourself up from there.

Sign up to job Sites

If you’re not sure where to start, you can apply to job sites. They will recommend entry level jobs that you can easily apply to. You can also use the job posts to see what employers seek in their employers. Job sites you can create a profile on includes:

South African currency on a table. Learn How to Start a Career in Accounting Without Matric

Build Experience When you Don’t Have Matric

You may think that matric is the most important thing you need for a successful career. However, experience has become the most important thing you need to start the career you want. Even the most qualified graduates need years of experience to get a foot in the door.

There are a few ways you can gain experience without matric:

  • Become a Volunteer – Find an organisation in your community where you can volunteer. Help them with their finances when they organise events and allocate resources.
  • Get an Entry Level Job – Want to come out on top? Then you have to start at the bottom. The most successful careers have humble beginnings. Work towards your success.
  • Learn skills through online videos – Make the most of the online resources available to you. Watch videos or read PDFs to learn specific accounting skills.
  • Help Friends and Family – Who says you can only gain skills through a formal job. Practice the skills you’ve learnt on your own time to help family and friends with their finances.

Brush up on Your Transferable Skills

What you lack in a matric certificate, you can gain with transferable skills. Accountancy is a technical career, yet it’s your soft skills that can help you complete basic work duties. Want to know the best thing about transferable skills? You can gain it all on your own. They are:

  • Analytical Skills – When working with money, there is no room for error. Use your attention to detail to analyse figures accurately. 
  • Problem-solving Skills – Has your ledgers come up short? Solve problems which no one else can. This will also test your decision-making skills when solving issues.
  • Organisational Skills – As an accountant, you won’t just be working on one ledger or sheet. Stay up to date by using your organisational skills to keep things in order.
  • Computer Skills – Many accountants use various systems to do their work. Your computer skills will make it easier to work on these systems and complete tasks.

Do you Need Matric to Become an Accountant?

The answer: No you don’t! You can still have a thriving accounting career without matric. There are many courses available to you that can help you start a career in this field. Many of these courses are aimed at students without matric.

People working on sheets and tablets, looking at different graphs. Find out How to Start a Career in Accounting Without Matric with our courses

Study Accounting Without Matric

Advance your accounting career with us today. Enrol into one of our sought after accounting courses. Study without matric and become an expert in your field today with our:

Accredited Courses

Study a recognised accounting course without matric. These courses meet the quality standards set by an external exam body.  With our accredited courses, you stand a better chance of becoming employed. They are:

  • ICB – These are great courses for people who want to learn accounting, as well as business-related skills. With the skills learnt, you can manage your own company.
  • CIMA – Become part of the biggest network of accountants in the world. They are internationally recognised accounting courses, which teach management skills as well.

Open Access

Our open access programmes are skills-based courses. This means they focus on teaching you the practical skills you need to complete daily tasks at work. These courses are designed to give you the best possible training in this industry. Accounting courses to dive into includes:

  • Financial Management Courses
  • Bookkeeping Courses

Accounting Careers Without Matric

With our accounting courses, you can strive for way more than just being an accountant. Our courses open many doors for you. Some accounting careers to consider include: 

Bookkeeper – Manage the finance books of a business with your skills and knowledge. Here you will work with all the transactions of a company, from sales to payments. 

Financial Manager – In this job, you will handle all the finances of a business. You’ll be able to help them allocate resources and profits, ensuring they remain a lucrative business.

Debtors Clerk – Become a professional in dealing with the accounts of customers. Stay in the green by helping customers pay their debts by working out payments plans.

Entrepreneur – Manage the finances of your own company. Here you will be able to decide how the money you make is spent, to ensure that your business remains a success.

Studying Without Matric is as Easy as 123

Your success is not determined by your matric certificate, but by your hard work and determination. Enrol with us and we can help make your dream of becoming an accountant a reality. Contact us today and a course expert will help you get started. You can:

  • Call us on 0800 39 00 27
  • Fill in our contact form for a call back
Last Updated: June 10, 2022


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