How to Know You’re Ready for a Career Move

Thinking of switching things up and making a career change? Find out How to Know You’re Ready for a Career Move right here. Odds are if you are feeling anxious to get to work, it’s time to make a change!

Have you been stuck in a job that feels like it’s going nowhere fast? It might be time to consider making a change. Find out how to know you’re ready for a career move and how to take the next step right here.  

10 Signs That You’re Ready for a Career Move

You might not be ready to admit it to yourself, but constantly feeling anxious to go to work is not a good sign.

 Listed below are ten signs that show you’re ready for change:  

  1. You’re Bored With Your job
  2. Your Earnings Aren’t Increasing 
  3. No Learning is Taking Place
  4. You’re not Being Challenged 
  5. There is no Room for Growth 
  6. You Feel too Comfortable 
  7. You’re Feeling Restless
  8. You Feel Burned out 
  9. You’re Jealous of Other People’s Careers 
  10. You Live for the Weekends  

You’re Bored With Your job

It’s not even 11am yet, but you have already yawned 35 times. Not everyone is privileged enough to land their dream job, but your career should ignite some passion in you. 

Your Earnings Aren’t Increasing

If you have worked in your current position for a while, with no increase in your earnings, it may be time to move on. Your sacrifices won’t feel worth it, if you are not being paid well.  

No Learning is Taking Place

Improving your skills and learning is important in a job role. If you have reached a point where you no longer have anything to learn, then you have outgrown your position.  

You’re not Being Challenged

Every day you go into work and it’s the same thing. Smooth sailing might be a dream come true, but for growth you need to be challenged with problem solving. 

There is no Room for Growth

Look at your company structure. Is there space for promotions and leadership roles? You don’t want to be a junior staff member for the next 20 years.  

You Feel too Comfortable

Being comfortable in your workspace is great! But, getting too comfortable is dangerous. The odds are you need a change of pace, scenery and people. 

You’re Feeling Restless

While you are at work do you ever feel anxious, fidgety or on edge? You might not be able to explain this, but it could be a result of your lack of fulfillment in your career. 

You Feel Burned out

End of year burn out is totally normal. But you should not be feeling burned out weekly. It might be time for you to choose an environment that compliments the other duties you have. 

You’re Jealous of Other People’s Careers

You just met someone at a braai and they cannot stop raving about their career. What’s that? A little green monster on your shoulder. Why not find a career that you are also excited about? 

You Live for the Weekend

If you find yourself counting down the days till Friday, then you’re in trouble. We spend most of our time at work. Make sure you make that time count and do something you love! 

A women sitting with her head in her hands frowning. Find out How to Know You're Ready for a Career Move here.

Questions you Should ask Yourself 

A career change can be daunting. That is why you really need to talk yourself through the pros and cons. Use the following questions to determine if you’re ready for a career move

What is my current job giving me?

Consider benefits like your salary, medical aid and other company perks. 

Where am I headed in my current role? 

You should also discuss this with your boss. If there is no real room for progression, you might want to consider other options. 

What is most important for me?

Rate what is important to you. Is it  job security, a high salary, learning and development, or managing a team? 

What are my long-term goals? 

Where do you see yourself in the next five to ten years? Will your current position accommodate those goals?

What would this career change give me?

Consider the good and bad. Will you be happier and more fulfilled? Or will your career change have negative financial implications?

A man and women shaking hands after an interview. Find out How to Know You're Ready for a Career Move right here.

What to do Next

Now that you have found out how to know you’re ready for a career move, the next step is to actually make the move. The following guidelines should steer you in the right direction. 

Get an Idea of Your Interests and Skills

Our interests are always changing. In your twenties you might have wanted to be an accountant. But maybe now you are looking for a more creative career.  

Interests: Are you passionate about beauty, events or computers? There are career options for all of thes. 

Skills: What skills have you already gotten? Will your career change require you to do a short course?  

Do a Course 

Enrol for one of our distance learning courses. This time really pursue what you are passionate about.  Studying with us means

  • All your study material couriered to you at no extra cost. 
  • Free access to online student support. 
  • Credible, affordable education

Try it out

Once you have gotten an idea of what you want to try next, the next step is to go for it! It’s never too late to make a career change. Start working on your dreams today. 

Make Your Next Move With our World-Class Courses 

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Last Updated: 8 June 2022