How to Increase Your Salary

Looking for ways to increase your salary? Keep up to date with industry trends and get qualified. Update your skills and earn more!

Having trouble keeping up with your debit orders, monthly payments and more? If you’ve gotten a case of the financial blues lately you may be asking yourself how to increase your salary. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sell your car or work another extra shift. Here are some easy tips that will help you bag that extra cash. 

Tips to Increase Your Salary

The job market is very competitive. Work is hard to come by and employers are picky with who to employ. To increase your salary you must make yourself stand out from the rest of the crowd.  

Get Comfortable Negotiating Pay Raises

Most people have trouble negotiating for pay raises, but gaining this skill is important. When negotiating, be tactful and professional at all times. Important things to mention in support of your raise are your work history, overall performance and any additional work you may be doing.

Become an Important Industry Expert

If you become an essential member of your workplace, management will do everything to keep you at their company. This includes giving you an increase. Become an industry expert by enrolling for industry specific training. 

Update Your Skills

You may have obtained official training in your field of expertise, but methods change often. Keep yourself relevant by enrolling for short courses every now and then. This will ensure you are up to date with industry trends. 

Research and Compare Your Salary

Research is your friend. Do some market research to get an idea of what other professionals in your industry with your qualifications and work experience are getting paid. Use these findings to negotiate your salary. 

Increase Your Salary Without Matric 

Can you increase your salary without matric? Gaining work experience and getting certified is your best bet. We offer courses to study without matric. You can enrol, get official training and with these qualifications negotiate for more money in the workplace. If getting your matric is still a priority, why not look into the following options?

A blue piggy bank with a coin. Looking for tips on How to Increase Your Salary? Enrol into our courses and update your skills.

Popular Courses for Increasing Your Salary 

Choosing a course is not a one size fits all type of thing. You must consider your study goals, interests and availability. However, the following courses are guaranteed to notch up your skills and make your CV more impressive

Computer Courses

Every person in the professional workforce should have some basic knowledge on computers. If you feel you are lacking in this regard, we have a range of computer courses that cover the most basic concepts right to the most advanced. 

First Aid Courses 

Besides being able to assist in an emergency, first aid courses are also beneficial in the workplace. Health standards require businesses to have first aiders at hand and if you already have these skills you become a great asset to the company. 

Management Courses

Show your employers that you are ready to take on more responsibility by enrolling into a management course. These courses equip you with leadership skills, business skills and so much more. When the time comes for a potential promotion, you’ll be ready. 

Accredited Courses 

Accredited courses are certified by professional bodies. They hold a lot of weight and give you credibility. You’ll have world class skills backed by trustworthy organizations. It doesn’t get better than that. 

Short Courses

If you’re looking to update your skills quickly, a short course is the way to go. Short courses usually take less than a year to complete. You’ll be able to learn a lot of things without it impacting that greatly on your other responsibilities.  

How Can Scarce Skills Assist With my Salary? 

Studying towards a scarce skill is a guaranteed way of ensuring you get paid a high salary. Jobs with scarce skills are hard to fill because not a lot of individuals have these skills. If you have scarce skills your opportunities will be plenty. Funding will be available to you, you’ll have ample choice of work and you potentially even go work abroad. Here are some of scarce skills jobs you might want to look into:

The key to how to increase your salary might just be to develop a scarce skill. 

Two business professionals negotiating while siting behind a desk. Learning how to negotiate your salary is essential for how to Increase Your Salary.

Creative Ways to Supplement Your Income

Why not take things into your own hands and find creative ways to supplement your income? Many people rely on side hustles to keep them afloat. Here are some easy things you can try. 

Start a Business 

With the internet at our fingertips, starting a business is really easy. Identify what you’d like to go into and create an online presence. Maybe you’re good with hair and nails or perhaps you have some nice vintage items in your closet you can sell? Enrol into an entrepreneurship course and become your own boss. 

Tutor/Teach Lessons

In your spare time you can start a tutoring service. Many parents are far too busy to help their little ones with homework. So why not fill that gap? Doing an educare course will teach you how to work those tiny tots and keep your cool. With homeschooling becoming a popular teaching method, you might just hit the jackpot with this venture. 

Event Planning 

Are you a natural born party planner? Why not use your skills to create special memories for your potential clients. The best thing is, most of these events will take place on the weekend, so you’ll still be able to work your day job while pursuing this dream. 

Take these steps and you’ll start noticing a difference in your opportunities and salary. Remember, it is a process. So be patient with yourself, keep updating your skills and you’ll see the results. 

Get Your Hustle on – Upgrade Your Skills and Earn More!

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Last Updated: September 17, 2021


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