How to get Your Matric 2020 Results

Matric Finals are almost done and the next step is waiting for your results! Find out how to get Your Matric 2020 Results right here. There are tons of free and easy methods you can try.

Matric Class of 2020, are you ready? Your results will be released 23 February 2021! You can get your matric 2020 results through the following methods: 

  • Your mobile phone 
  • News websites 
  • From your school 
  • Online 

We walk you through the steps for each of them to make sure your celebrations won’t be delayed. 

What Date Will the Matric Results be Released? 

The matric 2020 results will be released 23 February 2021 and marking will end by 22 January. Independent schools have not released an official release date yet. 

How to get Your Results 

 As mentioned, there are numerous ways you can get your results. These methods are easy to access and are free. 

Through a Cell Phone 

Get your results by dialling a USSD Code using your phone or by sending an SMS to 35685. 

  • The USSD Code you must use is *120*35658#. Follow the steps provided, enter your ID number and get your results per subject.
  • When you register for your matric results using SMS, send through your ID and exam number to 35685. 
  • On the day of release, you will get a confirmation message with your marks. 

Check News Websites 

Most websites will update matric scores the day of the release. This however will not be full grades and will only let you know if you passed or not. 

From Your School 

You can go to your school to get your marks per subject. Most high schools will plan a final ceremony on this day for their matric students. 


The government posts the results through the Department of Basic Education website. Follow the instructions below to access your results:

  1. Visit
  2. Register using your details. You can register online now until 22 February 2021. 
  3. Click on the link for 2020 NSC exam results.
  4.  Enter your examination number. 
  5. Your results will appear on the screen. Click the download button and print.

You can also call the Department of Education when results are available. 

How to get old Matric Results

Lost or damaged your matric certificate? Simply visit your nearest Department of Education or Provincial Education Department to fill in a replacement application form. 

You can also apply on the DBE Website. You will have to pay R130 for replacing a certificate and R180 for a statement of your results. Bring along your ID, a certified copy of your ID and an affidavit stating the reasons for your replacement application. 

How do I Improve my Matric Results?

We know you are hoping for good news the day results are released. But what are your steps if you want to improve your results? Listed below are some of your options: 

Rewrite Your Exams

Your results should have a note that states whether you qualify for supplementary exams or not. If you do, you must register following the steps: 

  1.  Contact the Department of Education, via your school.
  2. Applications usually close in January. But avoid any further stress and register as soon as possible, after receiving your results.
  3. Keep an eye on the media releases posted on the Department of Education website. 

Get a Remark 

Mistakes can often occur in the exam marking process. If you think that this might have happened to your exam scripts, it’s worth giving this option a try. You may register for a remark at school or your local district office.

Re-Enroll for Your Matric Year

If you failed three or more subjects this is a good option. You will return to school as an independent learner. This means you won’t have to attend classes. 

Look at Distancing Learning Colleges

Distance learning colleges, like Skills Academy, offer great alternatives for students who want to improve their matric marks. We offer the following options: 

  • Adult Matric: This is for students who are 21 and older and want to get their matric certificate.
  • Matric Upgrade: if you were not happy with your results and want to improve on certain subjects you can enrol for this. Option available for students 21 and older. 

We also provide students with the chance to study further without matric. Many of our courses are open access. The only requirements for these are that you understand English. 

Matric is Just the Start. What’s Next? 

Start your next adventure with a college that cares. Have a look at our diverse range of courses. Contact a course consultant today by: 

  • Call us on 0800 39 00 27 – it’s free
  • Or fill out a contact form for a call back
Last Updated: September 2, 2021


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