How Studying an ICB Course Will Help you Get a Job

Would you like to know How Studying an ICB Course Will Help You Get a job? We have the answers for you. Don’t worry, your ICB course is internationally recognised.

Do you have a head for numbers with an interest in a career in finance? You can achieve that with an ICB course. Find out How Studying an ICB Course Will Help you get a Job.

Jobs for ICB Graduates 

What’s next? You completed your qualification and have your CV in hand, ready to claim your place in the professional world. Now it’s time to find a job that meets your financial and academic needs. Take a look at your options: 


As a bookkeeper, you will be responsible for organising and maintaining an organisation’s books, also known as ledgers. You will also handle all day-to-day transactions. According to Pay Scale you can look at earning R9000 per month. 


As an accountant you will be responsible for a wide range of financial tasks within a business. Your main responsibility will be to interpret financial reports gathered by bookkeepers. The average month salary of an accountant is R28740.

Accounts Clerk 

The duties of an accounts clerk include updating financial reports, preparing reports and running accounting software. As an accounts clerk, you will be providing accounting support to the accounting department. 

Business Analyst

In your role as a business analyst, you will organise documents that are important to the running of the business. You will also come up with cost-effective programmes that the business can implement into the day-to-day operations. 

Did you know: If you are having trouble finding a job, you can do a learnership with ICB. Your learnership will combine both practical and theoretical work

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Are ICB Qualifications Recognised?

You never have to doubt your ICB qualification. All ICB qualifications are accredited and internationally recognised. The qualifications offered by ICB are accredited by a few bodies including:

Advantages of Being ICB Qualified 

You may have some reservations on studying through the ICB. That’s why you should take a look at the benefits you will have access to with them.

Easy entry: Don’t have a matric certificate? No problem. All you need to start is to be 16 years and older and your grade 10 report. 

Quality Learning: While studying, you will build up your PoE, which will include three assignments and two tests.   

Accessible: You don’t have to worry about moving to find a program. ICB courses are offered by over 500 accredited institutions. You just have to pick one. 

Flexibility: ICB courses are available in classrooms and distance learning. So you get to choose which fits you best. 

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Reasons Why you Should Study ICB Courses 

Becoming a professional in the financial sector is a great idea. But deciding on an institution can be difficult. You need an institution that is skills-focused and aims to give you the qualifications you need to not only get a job but to become a professional. 

Growing Your Career 

ICB allows you to earn qualifications in a growing industry. You won’t have to worry about retrenchments. Better yet, you have the opportunity to become an entrepreneur and start your own business. 

Get a Certificate for Each Level Completed 

Studying can be a time consuming process. That’s why ICB gives you an accredited certificate for each level you complete. So, you don’t have to complete the entire programme to get a qualification. 

Accredited Qualifications 

All ICB qualifications are recognised. Not only will you receive a qualification that is credible but it’s accredited as well. This increases your chances of employment and your credibility.  

Look Forward to Career Stability With ICB

Enjoy career stability when you study an ICB course. Start your course with us via distance learning. Simply contact one of our course experts today. 

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Last Updated: December 1, 2020


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