How Does My Company Claim Skills Levies?

Want to claim your company’s skills development levy? Learn more about what you can do to activate your company and employee’s potential to reach success.

A problem many South Africans face is not having the skills they need in the workplace to fulfill their duties. This could lead to job loss across many industries. There are efforts to curb unemployment and teach employees the skills they need. Find out more about Skills Levies and how it can help employees gain valuable skills.

What are Skills Development Levies (SDL)?

Skills Development Levies ( SDL) is a levy paid by employers who registered with a SETA. These funds are used to pay for the development of the skills of employees by employers. This helps employees gain the scarce skills they need to thrive in their careers. 

What are SETAs?

To claim a skills levy, employers need to register to a Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) related to their industry. The role of SETAs is to teach people the scarce skills they need to be successful in the workplace. There are 21 SETAs in the country, all focusing on a particular industry. Some of these SETAs include:

How are Skills Development Levies Calculated?

Employers need to pay 1% of the total annual salaries of employees. This is paid to the South African Revenue Services (SARS). When employers pay R500 00 or more on salaries to employees, they are inclined to pay the 1%.

Construction worker measuring wood, using skills he learnt studying further with Skills Levies.

How can my Company Claim Skills Levies?

Want to know how to gain from the skills development act to further the skills of employees? There are a few steps you need to take to be able to claim front the levy. Below are some guidelines you can follow on the process of getting a skills levy for your company:

  • To start, you need to register through the client information system at SARS. They will help you with any information you need to claim skills levies, such as which SETA to apply to.
  • Make sure that you are registered with a SETA related to your industry. The levy paid will be transferred to the SETA you are registered with. They will fund the skills programme. It’s best to work out the programme with your SETA for the best possible outcome.

Benefits of Skills Development Levies 

What’s better than gaining valuable skills in your chosen field? Having your employers lend a helping hand so you can gain these skills. That’s right! There are countless benefits of skills development levies. Some of these perks include:

Learn Scarce Skills

There are many jobs available, however there aren’t many skilled people to fulfill these roles. This is one of the reasons why so many people are unemployed or unable to keep their positions at work. Giving people these abilities will help them complete duties at work.

Can Lead to Promotions

No need to be stuck in one position your whole life. Learning scarce skills will allow you to apply for that position in your company you’ve always wanted. You might even become eligible for a promotion once your employer sees your potential with your newfound expertise.

Skilled Workforce

Employees aren’t the only ones that benefit from skills development levies. Employers gain skilled staff within their company. Improved sales, increased production and happy customers are only a few of the advantages that come with having skilled employees.

Opportunity to Study Further

Many people do not have the opportunity to further their studies. Using skills development levies to improve skills can change all that. It might be your big break and open up the door to furthering your studies on your own.

Three women sitting around a table haveing a meeting about Skills Levies and how it can develop their skills.

Gain Scarce Skills Through Distance Learning

Skills development levies aren’t the only way you can gain skills. Advance your skills through distance learning colleges like Skills Academy. Here you have the opportunity to gain knowledge right at your doorstep. 

Study Without Matric

When you don’t have matric, you need to rely on your skills and experience to pursue a successful career. We offer a wide variety of skills based courses you can study without matric.  

Short Courses

Become a professional in your field in half the time. We offer short courses that will teach you industry related skills in a limited amount of time. You don’t need to study for years to have a successful job. Studying a short course could be the big break your career needs. Short courses we offer includes:

Train Your Staff at Skills Academy

We know the importance of training your staff. It teaches them how to do basic workplace tasks and ensures the success of the business. Apart from our popular courses, we also offer Skills Development and Staff Training. Reach your full potential by developing your skills with us.

Grab the Opportunity to Work and Study at the Same Time

No need to miss out on work to study further. With skills development courses and Skills Academy, you can work and study at the same time. Become skilled in your industry today. Contact one of our course experts for more information. You can

  • Call us on 0800 39 00 27
  • Fill in our contact form for a call back 
Last Updated: October 30, 2020


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