How A Beauty Course Can Help You To Make Your Clients Beautiful – Inside and Out

Clients And Your Career

Clients are the most important aspect of any business – no clients means no business. When you start a career as a beauty care consultant your job is to make people beautiful, but being beautiful means more than just looking beautiful, it also means having a beautiful soul. One of the most important qualities a beauty technician needs to have is self-confidence.

Self-confidence radiates beauty, no matter what shape, size or colour you are. We have all at some instant in our lives, heard an inner voice, or rather a sixth sense as some will like to refer to it, nudging us on… ‘You can do it’.

It’s almost as if we need a boost to trust and believe in our qualities, judgments and abilities. This feeling is what we call self-confidence. You need to not only feel confident in yourself but make your clients feel confident too.

When you study a great beauty course it will not only teach you how to manage the physical aspects of beauty care, but also how to deal with people and manage your clients. In this article we will discuss the below topics to give you a head start on your beauty care course.

  1. Beauty and self-esteem
  2. Identifying and building self-esteem
  3. How to specialize in your beauty career
  4. Does training matter?
  5. What home study is and how will it help you

How Beauty Affects Self-Esteem

Have you ever wondered, how does one build up their self-esteem, or are we truly just born with an innate sense of it? How is it then that some people never are bothered by low self-esteem issues, whilst others cannot even imagine a life without feeling low about them?

As humans we are all directly connected through a network of people, the activities we participate in, the feedback we receive about our thoughts, actions and behaviours from colleagues, relatives and friends. A positive self-esteem relies on good physiological and psychological health as a healthy body image.

Now days there is an alarming increase in individuals who experience low self-esteem. In fact if we sit back and think about it, you could say that almost every person has experienced low self-esteem at some point in life.

There are many different factors that affect self-esteem, including physical appearance. Beauty and self-esteem are often highly related for women, though a man’s degree of physical attractiveness to others can also affect his self-esteem.

It is difficult to determine the relationship between beauty and self-esteem because not everyone defines beauty in the same way. Additionally, it is difficult to determine if beautiful people have higher self-esteem or if people who have high self-esteem feel more beautiful. Generally, these two concepts are intertwined, but can be separated from a subjective standpoint with evaluation.

One of the major connections between beauty and self-esteem relates to a person’s feelings about his or her body. Beauty is defined differently by different people, but people who match their own evaluation of beauty may have higher self-esteem.

It is possible for a person to change her definition of beauty and choose to focus on the physical features she likes about herself, which is one way in which physical beauty can positively impact self-esteem. The negative connection between these traits arises when the individual focuses excessively on what he or she believes are physical flaws.

For women in particular, beauty and self-esteem are highly linked. Many young women feel that much of their self-worth relies entirely on external judgments about their physical appearance. People often blame the media for this problem, but all social groups create pressure of this type.

There are many theories about how to unlink these two categories, many including ways to realign women’s perceptions of beauty. Others work on the theory that self-esteem creates women who feel beautiful and thus attempt to improve self-esteem through sports and other affirming activities.

Beauty cannot always be separated from self-esteem, but they are not necessarily linked in every single case. Determining the connection between physical appearance and estimations of self-worth requires looking at the individual in question and investigating his or her attitudes about these subjects. It is also important to consider that, in certain special cases, beauty can negatively affect self-esteem. This is particularly true when a person feels that he or she is not taken seriously or when he or she is expected to act a certain way because of physical qualities.

As a beauty therapist you absolutely have to make your clients feel fabulous so take your client seriously and tend to their needs.

How To Identify Low Self-Esteem

No one likes being around a negative person and as a beauty care consultant your clients must be able to feel comfortable around you. Low self-esteem affects your positivity. There are many indicators of low self-esteem, here a list of ideas and attitudes that might show that an individual is suffering from low self-esteem:

  • Maintaining a negative view of life.
  • Difficulty in dealing with rejection.
  • Disliking your body because of weight issues.
  • Feeling ugly.
  • Mistrusting others even when shown affection.
  • Not being able to get along with people.
  • Not daring to take risks.
  • Fear of being ridiculed.
  • Being overly dependent on others and allowing other people to make key decisions.
  • Feeling insecure.

How To Build Self-Esteem 

Even famous leaders have lacked self-esteem at some moment or in a specific situation. Confidence is not a fixed quality; rather it is a flexible mindset, that is prone to influence and that takes effort to maintain when things are going wrong.

A healthy self-esteem should be constantly developing and like any other skill, it must be practiced, learned and mastered over time. As a beauty therapist you help people develop their self-esteem by making them look gorgeous, but there as many other ways you can assist them to feel more confident. Here is some advice you can give your clients is they are feeling low about themselves.

Act the part

Explain to your clients about body language. Body language is either indicative of self assuredness or self insecurity. Suggest that they present themselves in a way that displays that they are ready to be in command of a situation. Looking confident and acting the part creates an aura of confidence and other people will be able to see, and this also fools the mind into feeling confident.

Dress the part

We all can agree that our favourite colour, jewelry or perfume have at some time or the other made us feel like a ‘million dollars’. It is true, the better you feel about, the more positive a self-image you create. As a beauty care consultant you should stay abreast of recent trends and vary your dressing style.

Setting an example to your clients and being up to date with fashion will make them trust that you know your stuff, and encourage them to do the same. This does not necessarily mean that one has to fork out huge sums of money. Finding alternate ways of enhancing your wardrobe can accomplish the same outcome, add a funky scarf or some nice jewelry to refresh your look.

Maintain good posture

Did you know that your posture reflects your personality? Drooping shoulders and lethargic movements demonstrate low self-esteem and shows that you are not enthusiastic about what you do, creating the impression that you don’t consider yourself important. You want your clients to see that you are confident.

So, practice good posture, stand in a straight posture, keep your head up and maintain eye contact. Do not walk slowly because it creates an impression that you are always lethargic and lack enthusiasm – not a good impression overall. It is a generally accepted fact that confident people walk faster and move with purpose.

Communication is another important factor in projecting confidence. When communicating with your clients maintain eye contact throughout the duration of the conversation. Vary your pitch and intonation patterns, and be certain to emphasize on the ideas that you are trying to get across. And remember to listen in turn so that your client feels appreciated. Pause occasionally to allow your listener a chance to take a conversational turn.

Practice interacting in groups

If you are a shy person interacting with a group can be difficult. As a beauty technician you will have to interact with people every day. Usually people who lack confidence and come across as quiet in groups and do not initiate conversation, they tend to be reliant on others to take the lead and are agreeable to views and opinions that are not necessarily their own.

Building confidence requires that you take charge of the conversation, and make your clients feel at ease. Socializing is very important. You can become a good listener and a good speaker by constantly interacting with others. Make yourself talk to other people, this gives you the opportunity also of learning about group dynamics and interpersonal relationships, and that in turn build up your self-esteem.

You can also listen to motivational speeches and read motivational books. Take the principals that you learn from these and practice them in your daily life. You can also scribble down your strengths, what you like about yourself, weakness, things you would like to improve. Then use those to set goals and rehearse them. Your thoughts will become fuel for your actions and before you realize it, you will be radiating self confidence

Get a hobby

This is a great way to increase your confidence. When you do something you are good at it makes you feel that you can also do other things well. Besides this, it will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Try doing something new, even if that scares you. Hobbies are also a great way to socialize.

Be creative, when you are a practitioner of the art of beauty you need to be creative, finding a creative hobby is a great way to branch out your creativity skills and might inspire you to find new exciting ways to advance your stylist portfolio. Achieving a goal, even if it is a small task, will give you a confidence boost and get that self-esteem flowing.

Affirmations and Introspection

Your client needs affirmation. Use affirmations of their appearance, when talking to them point out their best features and suggest ways to that you can highlight those features. You’re your clients a ray of sunshine by complimenting them. Compliments make everyone feel good. You can’t help but feel a little better about yourself when someone gives you a glimpse of your fabulousness through their eyes. Praise your clients; and do it often.

Avoid Comparisons

Don’t compare what you have achieved with other peoples accomplishments. Each person is unique and have a distinctive set of skills and ideas. Comparing yourself with another person who appears to be successful than you may make you feel bad about yourself. Rather utilize the skills and capabilities in you and try to give your best every time and remember to set your goals and look at how far you have come on your own personal journey.

There is a considerable amount of time spent in life focusing on our gaps, or outstanding accomplishments. Don’t do this! It takes the focus away from the positives, meaning all that you have actually accomplished. Keep a style portfolio when you have done work that you are particularly proud of, look at it again whenever you are feeling a bit low. This is also a great way to show your clients what work you are capable of doing and will give them ideas for their own makeovers. Focusing and revisiting your achievements will help you gain a perspective on your talents and abilities.

Talk yourself up

Remove all negative spells of doubt that act as a running commentary in your mind, telling you that you cannot make the grade. Your thoughts fuel your actions, so positive self-talk is vital.

Self-esteem springs up from self-belief. The more you believe in yourself, the more you respect yourself. If you don’t respect yourself, how will others respect you?  Always believe that you have a unique set of talents and abilities which no other person has. Rise in your own eyes and thus, rise in other people’s eyes too.

Remember we are all unique each with our own challenges. It is acceptable to have some deficits or ‘gaps’. What is most important ultimately, is identifying those ‘weak’ spots, embracing them and embarking on a plan of action towards self-development and self-advancement. You will be surprised how beneficial and enlightening such an exercise can become.

Your confidence is contagious so if you feel good your clients will feel good too!

The Different Specialties In A Beauty Salon

The best way to feel confident in your career is to know exactly what you are doing, this will not only make sure that you feel comfortable doing the basics but also allow you to branch out and get creative. Specialising in what you do is a great way to develop that skill. Let’s examine what the main areas of specialization are in the beauty industry.

Skin Care

A skincare specialist provides treatments and advice to people seeking to improve their appearance. Skincare specialists provide a wide range of treatments, from relaxing facials to dermabrasion and light skincare treatment.

Nail Care

Manicurists and pedicurists work exclusively on the hands and feet, providing treatments to groom fingernails and toenails. A typical treatment involves soaking the clients’ hands or feet to soften the skin in order to remove dead skin cells. Manicurists and pedicurists apply lotion to the hands and feet to moisturize the skin. They also may shape and apply polish to artificial fingernails.

Make Up

As a makeup artist you would apply makeup and style hair for anyone appearing in front of a camera or a live audience. You may work in film, television, theatre, concerts, photographic sessions or fashion shows.

Hair Removal

Hair removal technicians remove body hair safely and sometimes permanently using various methods. Hair removal technicians need to know about their clients’ their skin type, allergies, medications and overall health. They assess these elements so as to determine the safest and most effective settings for removing unwanted hair.

Does Training Matter?

The short answer is yes! Training absolutely matters! But it is not easy to find the right course to study. It is a big decision that you need to properly consider. All you have to do is follow this 5 step process that will help lead you to the course of your dreams.

Step 1: Figure out why you want to study

This is the most important step. Figuring out exactly why you would like to study, because this determines exactly what courses you should consider. It also helps you to have a deep motivation when it comes to your studies.

There are many more reasons for wanting to study, so if those reasons are not one of yours, that’s okay. All you have to do is find out the most important aspect that you want to study and focus on that.

Step 2: Find out what job you want for your future

You should consider what job you think you will enjoy, and if you would like to do that job for your foreseeable future. If you have a clear passion for a job it will always help to study in that direction. This is especially relevant if you are studying to better your career. If you are studying just because you are interested in something and like to learn more, then it is still worthwhile.

You are building into your interests and passions and that could very easily lead into a job. The best part of this job would be that you have a real interest in it.

It also helps to consider where this job will lead you and to make sure you will enjoy your future job. It won’t help studying for a job you are just going to hate, because you will try get out of that job

Step 3: Will I be accepted for the course I want to study

This is also an important step. Once you identify what course you would like to study, you need to make sure that you fulfil the course requirements for entering this course. This will differ depending on the institutions that you want to study at.

Universities, normally require you to pass grade 12 and to get certain marks for specific subjects. You can also study at an FET college, when you study at an FET college you normally only need a grade 9 or 10 certificate making it much easier to study at a College.

Some unique institutions require you to have work experience before you study a particular course with them, while others also have age requirements. You need to make sure of these requirements when looking to study a particular course.

Step 4: Get the support of your friends and family

This step may not seem important but it really helps, when you have the support of your friends and family when you study. You should explain to them why you have made the decision to study and what exactly you are going to study. This will allow you to feel much better about your studies, if you have the support and encouragement of all those close to you.

Step 5: Start Your Studies

Now that you know what you want to study, know that you can study it and have the support of those who care about you it’s time to start. Make a commitment to yourself to start studying as soon as you are able. Why delay when it comes to bettering your future.

What Is Home Study and How Will It Help Me?

Home Study is one of the fastest growing and best ways to study now days. Home Study Works via correspondence which means that you can study at your own pace – anytime, anywhere! This also means that you can still work while you study, so you can develop your beauty skills at the same time as getting qualified.

A short course is a great way to study. It is fast, easy, and accessible, and can be done part-time without any inconvenience. If you want to get ahead in your career studying a short course will give you definite career advantages and allow you the opportunity of branching out into new avenues, for instance if you are hair stylist you could study a short nail technology course and broaden your skill set easily.

The best thing about short courses is that they are affordable, so if you would like to start training you salon staff you can afford to get them all qualified – without breaking your bank.

You have probably heard this expression before: “self-confidence comes naturally with success, but success comes only to those who are self-confident.” This is so true! Invest in your self-confidence and you will be investing in your own success as a beauty technician.

Find out even more info on this topic with this fantastic slideshow:

Last updated: February 15, 2019

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