Homeschooling vs Online Learning

Who wins the Homeschooling vs Online Learning battle? You may be wondering this due to the pandemic. Learn all about these two learning methods before you pick the winner.

Homeschooling vs Online Learning – Which method has the most benefits? If you’re a parent with school-aged children, this may have crossed your mind. Find out more about these two learning methods right here! 

Homeschooling vs Online Learning – What’s the Difference? 

The pandemic caused many schools to rethink their teaching methods. Due to this, normal classroom learning was moved online. This means that many students had to tune in for the lessons at specific times. 

Although this sometimes forms part of homeschooling, there are some differences. The main one is that a parent or guardian takes responsibility for the learner’s education at home, instead of a school. This happens until grade 9. 

After grade 9, the learner has to enrol at an accredited distance learning college. This helps them work their way towards their matric. 

Young student using his computer for his online lessons. The winner of this Homeschooling vs Online Learning battle is online learning.

What are the Pros and Cons of Each? 

Like many things, there are good and bad sides. Deciding between homeschooling and online learning can be tricky. This is why you should be aware of all the pros and cons before you pick one. 


Has Covid-19 made you think about homeschooling your kids? Here is a list of pros and cons to consider.


  • Flexible learning space 
  • Lowers peer pressure 
  • Caters to children with learning difficulties


  • Harder for parents to juggle work and kid’s schooling 
  • Lack of chances to socialise 
  • Difficult for learners to get into varsity 

Online Learning 

If you think online learning might be the right fit, take a look at some of the pros and cons first. This can help you decide if you should continue.


  • It’s flexible 
  • Students can learn from anywhere 
  • It’s much cheaper 


  • Access to technology and internet is needed 
  • Students must be computer literate
  • Lack of social interaction
Mother homeschooling her daughter. The winner of this Homeschooling vs Online Learning battle is clear.

What are the Requirements? 

Want to know what is needed? The information below covers both homeschooling and online learning requirements


To register your child for homeschooling, you need to complete an application form. You also need to attach the following documents: 

  • parent/s certified ID copy
  • last copy of a school report (if your child was in school before)
  • weekly timetable with contact times 
  • breakdown of terms 
  • learning programme
  • certified copy of your child’s birth certificate

Online Learning 

All online learning institutions have their own set of requirements. This is why it’s best to research each college before you decide on one. 

Where can Parents get Support? 

Are these learning methods too much to handle? As a parent, there are support options available to you. This includes some of the ones listed below. 

Curriculum providers: 


Online assistance: 

Legal Information: 


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Last Updated: 15 January 2021