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If you have a busy life but would still like to further your education, Home Study Colleges make it possible. You can now take care of all your responsibilities and study, find out more right here.

What are Home Study Colleges?

In simple terms, Home Study Colleges are Institutions of higher education. However unlike other institutions Home Study Colleges don’t have classroom classes. Instead you complete all your courses and assignments from the comfort of your own home. This gives you plenty of freedom to study at your own pace and removes the fear of keeping up with other students. 

Purpose of Home Study Colleges

Home Study Colleges aims to make studying accessible to everyone no matter your background, age or prior qualifications. Home Study Colleges want you to succeed and therefore offer you a variety of courses you can do. These courses will equip you with skills and knowledge suitable for any career.  

Why should I Enrol in a  Home Study College

Home studying is a modern method of getting an education. Therefore if you are someone who is more comfortable studying on their own or perhaps you feel that studying in your own space at your own pace works better for you, then choosing to enrol with a home study college should be your number 1 option. 

No Distractions

With no classes to attend, you won’t have any distractions from other students. Your lectures will also be able to give you the attention you need to progress in your studies. Studying in your own space allows you the freedom to use whichever study methods you feel most comfortable with. 

All Study Materials Get Delivered 

A life of a student can be very demanding therefore with home study colleges your study materials get delivered. That’s right, to make life more convenient we deliver your study materials. This includes all your study guides and assignments, the only thing you need to get is your pens, pencils and notebooks. 

No Hidden Costs 

You won’t have to worry about paying any random fees once you have spoken to our expert course consultants. The price you are given when registering is the only cost you will have for the duration of your studies.

A young man working on his courses he does through Home Study Colleges

Courses I can do With Home Study Colleges 

Skills Academy is essentially a type of  home study college. Here at Skills Academy we offer our students a variety of courses that are all done from home. There are practical courses included however, even with those courses you don’t attend a physical class. Below you will find a brief list of the courses we off. For a full list click here

Course at Skills Academy:

Skills Academy Study Policies 

Here at Skills Academy we firmly believe that everyone has the right to an education. With that we have compiled several policies that speak to the needs of students. So along with a good education from an accredited institution, you will also be well taken cared of. 

Study Fast pay Less 

If you complete a course sooner than the duration period, you will automatically pay less. This means that if you are doing a 12 month course but finish it in 9 months, you will only pay for the 9 months you spent studying. 

No Credit Check, No Blacklisting 

When we say anyone can study with us, we mean it. Skills Academy does not allow your past financial situations to determine your future. So you don’t need to worry about having good credit or being blacklisted when you register with us. 

Ready to Give Home Studying a try? 

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Last Updated: 21 June 2022



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