High Paying Jobs Without a Degree

Did you know that there are high paying jobs you can do without a degree? That’s right. Don’t sell yourself short because you don’t have a degree, find out what career options are available to you.

No time or money to study for a degree? Don’t let that hold you back. There are a few high paying jobs without a degree. You still stand a chance to become a wealthy successful individual. 

High Paying Jobs for Young People in South Africa

You don’t have to study for years and spend thousands on university fees. Take your hobby and turn it into a profession. This is both fun and profitable. It allows you to enjoy what you’re doing and earn a living. 

Web Developer

Technology is strongly incorporated in many businesses. This makes web developers high in demand in this industry. You can get the skills you need with a short course or even an online course. 

Makeup Artist

If you have a passion for beauty and makeup, you won’t have to study for it. You can get into the business by attending a beauty school or even doing a short course. 

Real Estate Agent

You may not know this but you don’t need a degree to become a real estate agent. That’s right! You can start off by volunteering or as an intern at a real estate agency. 

Executive assistant

There aren’t any specific qualifications needed to be an assistant or receptionist. All you need is a basic understanding of computers and having a good personality. 

Digital Marketer

You can become a digital marketer by doing an online course which shouldn’t take you long to do. Once you have completed your course you can start your own blog and then start freelancing. 

DJ & Producer

If you enjoy music and entertaining, then consider becoming a DJ or producer. All you need to know is how to work the equipment and copyright laws in South Africa.

A young woman sitting in a coffee shop, looking for high paying jobs without a degree on her laptop.

How to Improve Your Skills 

Now even though you don’t need a degree qualification for these jobs, you can still work on improving your skills. This will make your CV more attractive to potential employers and allow you to move up in your career. 

Become Successful Without a Degree

Explore your career opportunities without a degree. We have a variety of distance learning courses you can do without even having a matric certificate. 

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Last Updated: 20 June 2022