Help Your Kids Succeed at Distance Learning

Learn everything you need to know on how to Help Your Kids Succeed at Distance Learning. You support and motivation can help them reach their study goals.

Classroom learning has been the standard way of teaching since the dawn of time. To most parents, it’s the only method they know. But times are changing and we need to go with the technological flow. Is your child studying a distance learning course? Find out how you can Help Your Kids Succeed at Distance Learning. You’ll be on top of your online game in no time.

Distance Learning – The Go-to Study Option

Distance learning has taken the world by storm. It may seem like a new learning method, but online learning has been available for years. We tend to stick to what we know, assuming classroom learning is the best option. But distance learning courses have become a go-to study method for students, parents and teachers. Find out why below.

The Lowdown on Lockdown

The pandemic left many parents worried about their children’s education. But distance learning came to the rescue. Students are able to stay up-to-date with work and have classes online.

The Future is Now

In some places, textbooks have been replaced by tablets, and information is available at a push of a button. Online learning may not replace classroom teaching, but it will be integrated through hybrid learning.  

Brings Education to You

Distance learning offers inclusive education for all. No matter how remote you are, you can study a course from the comfort of your home. Your learning possibilities are endless.

Mom helping her daughter with her distance learning course. Lean how to Help Your Kids Succeed at Distance Learning

Benefits of Distance Learning

If you’re old school and unsure about distance learning, we understand. Classroom learning allows kids to interact with their classmates and teachers. You may not want to make the change because of this. But there’s no need to worry. There are many benefits of distance learning

  • You can study from any place in the country
  • Save money on travelling costs
  • Develops your problem-solving skills, e.g, fixing a freezing computer
  • Learn social skills through online study groups
  • Wide range of courses to choose from
  • Teaches you how to work independently

Help Your Kids Succeed at Distance Learning

As a parent, you want to support your kids through all aspects in life, and this is no different. It’s the perfect opportunity to step into the digital side and learn more about online teaching. Learn about how you can help your kids succeed at distance learning. Who knows, it might motivate you to study one of our courses as well.

Create a Study Schedule 

Distance learning allows you to study at any time you want, but it’s best to create a study schedule. Help your kids plan their studies for the best possible outcome.

Test Their Knowledge

After they’ve finished a chapter, test them on their knowledge by creating a fun little mock exam. After you’ve quizzed them, reward them by doing something they love for all their correct answers.

Show off Your IT skills

So the audio is switched off on their zoom call or they are having trouble loading an assignment? Showcase your IT skills and help your kids with their technological issues.

Be Their Cheerleader

If you don’t know much about technology or the course they’re studying, you can still motivate them into doing their best. Your encouragement will give them the drive to aim higher.

Boy wearing a yellow t-shirt, smiling in front of a computer, happy after his parents helped him with his online course. Help Your Kids Succeed at Distance Learning and they could reach all their study goals.

What not to Do When Helping Your Kids

All you want to do is help your child? That’s great! But sometimes our help can do more harm than good. Make sure you help them in a way that contributes in helping them achieve their study goals.  

Do not Answer Their Questions for Them – If you do their work for them, how will they learn? It’s okay if they make mistakes. It gives them the opportunity to learn and improve.

Don’t Buy Expensive Equipment – You don’t need to buy an expensive computer and equipment. You can study an online course with the most basic computer and the right software.

Keep a Lid on Complaining – If you have a negative attitude towards distance learning, it could shape how your child sees it too. Don’t deny them the opportunity for quality education.

Don’t Keep the Chore Wheel Spinning – Just because they are at home, doesn’t mean they should get extra chores to do. Their main responsibility is focusing on their studies.

Go the Extra Mile With our Distance Learning Courses

If our little ones can do it, so can you. Why should they have all the fun?  Advance your skills and upgrade your career with us. Contact our course experts for more information. You can:

  • Call us on 0800 39 00 27
  • Fill in our contact form for a call back
Last Updated: June 13, 2022


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