Grade 10 – Requirement Courses

Did you know that you can study with us if you only have Grade 10 behind your name? We offer a wide variety of courses for you with only having Grade 10!

Why Should you Study Grade 10 – Requirement Courses?

Studying a Grade 10 – requirement course will allow you to you gain the necessary work skills. These skills will get you employed easier.

What Will you Gain out of These Courses?

It gives you the opportunity to choose the best course for you. When you apply to a university, your first choice is not always approved. Your results determine what you can study. But with the Grade 10 – requirement courses you can choose the career that you want to pursue.

Accredited Grade 10 – Requirement Courses

If a course is accredited, it means that it meets the standards of a professional or official body. Most courses receive authorisation from the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB)

The ICB offer “Accredited Business Qualifications”. You will gain extensive business skills. These skills are very scarce in companies. And it will get you noticed at a job interview because of your skills and professionalism. It could increase the chances of earning a higher salary.

ICB: Financial Accounting Programme

Do you dream of becoming an accountant one day? The ICB Financial Accounting course will kick-start your career dream. You will learn the basic skills about bookkeeping and drawing up financial statements. Click on the link below for the course information.

Skills Academy offers a wide variety of Grade 10 Requirement Courses.


Secretarial Courses

Do you have excellent communication and organisational skills? A Secretarial course could be perfect for you. Secretaries can be seen as personal assistants as well. They offer their support to fellow staff members and management.

Receptionist Programme

A receptionist is a person that greets customers and clients. They are usually the person who make bookings and arrange calls to management. Have a look at what our Receptionist courses can offer.

Medical Receptionist Courses

Medical receptionists do administrative work for Doctors, nurses and other staff members. You will need to be well-organised and stay up to date with bookings.

Personal Assistant Programme

Personal assistants see one person’s tasks and duties. They perform administrative duties only for one person.

Professional Secretary Programme

Another one of our Grade 10 Requirement Courses include the professional secretary programme. The duties of a Professional Secretary include arranging phone calls and appointments. You will also be the person between clients and management.

Management Studies

Are good at managing people? Management studies are all about managing your staff and making sure everything flows. There are different management departments in a business. Find the one that suit you best.

Supply Chain and Logistics Management Courses

If you have a way to let things flow naturally, maybe a course in supply chain and logistics management will interest you. Supply chain managers duties include storage and distribution, production, planning, and other ways to maximise profits.

Logistics is about transportation, flow and storage of goods, in and out of business.

Security Risk Management Courses

Can you identify risks or implications easily? Have a look at the following courses. You will put procedures in place to minimise or control any unforeseen circumstances.

Production and Operations Management Courses

Are you a very well-organised person? You need to oversee the flow of production in the company. It also goes hand-in-hand with the goods and services customers receive from the company.

Project Management Courses

Do you enjoy making a target? Or are you driven by goals and deadlines? Then a Project Management course would be perfect for you. Choose one of our course listed below.

Beauty Courses

The beauty industry has grown a lot over the past years. There are a lot of job opportunities in this industry. You can work in a salon, on cruise ships, backstage, and on film sets.

Make-up Courses

Studying one of our makeup will enhance your makeup application skills. Learn different techniques and increase your product knowledge.

Nail Care Courses

Taking care of your nails can be a huge benefit to your health. It could prevent ingrown nails, fungus, and other sorts of infections.

Facial Skincare Courses

To perform a face treatment, you need to know different skin types. These courses will teach you everything that you need to know about the face.

Child Day Care Courses

Are you passionate about children education? Our childcare courses will teach you about child psychology and first aid, and you can also learn about opening a daycare or créche.

Day Care

Our Day Care courses will teach you how to work with children and provide a safe environment for them.

Day Care

Our Day Care courses will teach you how to work with children and provide a safe environment for them.

Creche Management

Learn the basics about starting your own crèche and managing staff. These courses will help you make sure that the children are in a safe environment.

Further your studies with us by registering in Grade 10 Requirement Courses.

Events Courses

Are you the person people go to, to organise an event? If this is your hobby, passion or dream, it is time to turn it into a career with one of these courses.

Event Management

If you are good with planning, organised, and meeting deadlines, an Events Management course would suit you. Plan concerts, festivals, conference and so much more.

Wedding Planner

Weddings are important events in a person’s life. This course could help you plan and organise a wedding smoothly.

Photography Courses

Are you the person that always captures the moment? Photography has become essential in our everyday lives. Whether it is for a birthday party, news, wedding (the list goes on), the need for a photographer is big. Improve your skills with our Photography courses.

Guest House Management

Do you enjoy hosting people? To run a guest house is the same as hosting people, but it’s for locals and tourists. Find out more about these courses.

Travel and Tourism Courses

Are you excited to go to your next destination? Or are you the person who knows the best places to go on holiday? Study one of our travel and tourism courses and pursue a career.

Tourism Management

Tourism has a business side as well. You will deal with business and finance principles specific to the travel and tourism industry.

Tourism Marketing

For the travel and tourism industry to survive, there needs a lot of attention spent on marketing. It includes designing advertisements and promoting so that you draw your customers.

OHS Courses

Occupational Health and Safety is all about ensuring that your employers and workers are in a safe environment.

Decorating and Design

Are you interested in decorating homes? Or do you take an interest in designing rooms for a building? Have a look at our decorating and designing courses.

Decorating and Design Proficiency and Expert Certificates

The right furniture, painting and plants, can create the perfect balance in a room. These courses could sharpen those skills and increase your knowledge about the usage of space.

Workplace and Administration Skills – Short Courses

Improving your skills could increase your potential earnings. Have a look at the following short courses that we have to offer.

Distance Learning

Study our courses through distance learning. It gives you the opportunity to work while you study. You still gain the same knowledge as full-time studies. But you get to study from the comfort of your own home. Skills Academy is a distance learning college. By studying with us, you will reap the following benefits:

  • get access to tutors for your assistance
  • form part of an online study group and chat with students studying the same course as you
  • get your study material included in the fees.

Ready to Give Distance Learning a go? Contact us Today! 

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Last Updated: October 30, 2020


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