Getting Work in a Financial Crisis: Studying is Your Only Option

The world economy has seen many financial tough times and with everything that’s happening in the world right now it seems our economy may be moving towards a downward spiral. With jobs being hard to come by many people are concerned with how they will survive. Worried about getting work in a financial crisis? Here’s your secret weapon: Study Further!

How Will a Financial Crisis Affect Me?

When a financial crisis strikes business sales and revenues decrease. As companies struggle with less cash flow they need to implement certain strategies. This often includes lowering wages, letting go of some of their staff and in most cases they will stop hiring new staff. What does this mean for you? If you are entering the job market you face the risk of not being able to find work. Does all this seem a little scary? Not to worry, there are ways in which you make sure companies see the value in hiring you. Getting Work in a Financial Crisis Studying is your Only Option

Become Recession Proof

Living in a financial crisis may make you feel like you have no control. Seeing your friends and family going for interviews time and time again without landing the job can become discouraging. While you may not have control over the economy at large there are things you can do to make sure you attract possible job opportunities – even in hard times!

Build up Your Skill Set

Building up your skill set is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you will get a job, or if you already have a job to keep your position. There are always new things to learn – no matter the industry you are in. There are many courses and short courses you can do that will immediately up your value in a workplace. 

Stand out (in a Good Way) 

Want potential employers to notice you? Stand out with your skills! Pursuing academic development will make sure potential employers notice you. You’ll also be recession proof if companies think you’re indispensable. If you are already in a workplace, but want to make sure you retain your job, studying further will show that you are eager to learn new skills and are serious about your job.

Start Applying for Jobs

Some jobs still thrive even in times of financial crisis. It is important to identify which jobs these are and study towards or upgrade your skills in those fields. Oftentimes developing your scarce skills will strengthen your job opportunities. Read more about scarce skills and how to develop them here

Don’t feel discouraged if you are applying for jobs and getting no answers back. Upgrade your skills and companies will be begging you to work for them. 

The Benefits of Studying Further with Skills Academy 

Not convinced that studying further is the way to go? Let’s change your mind. Skills Academy is a distance learning college that prioritises the success of their students. During tough financial times you need constant support and reassurance. Our courses are focused on getting you work ready and upgrading your skills. The best part? You will be able to work and study! This means you won’t lose any extra income and you won’t have to spend money on travelling to class. Studying further is your best bet in times of recessions. Here are some benefits to studying with Skills Academy. 

  1. Greater Employment and Financial Opportunities: Obtaining official training will show employers that you are skilled and knowledgeable in your field. Studies have shown that studying further drastically increases one’s employment opportunities. 
  2. Improve Your Self-Confidence: Improving on your skills will give a boost of confidence- ready to take on any job interview and new job opportunity!
  3. Improve your Networking and Communication Skills: With most of our courses you will get an introduction into business English. You will be able to communicate and network effectively increasing your value in any company
  4. Make Your CV More Credible: Before even going to an interview, employers will first look at your CV. It is important that your CV leaves a lasting impression. The best way to do this is to show that you have had some form of official training.

Unstable financial times are scary, but there is no reason that it needs to get you down. Be proactive and prepare for any uncertainty. Studying further is the biggest investment you can make. 

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Last Updated: November 2, 2020


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