Gap Year vs Studying Further: Why not do Both?

Do you have to make the decision between Gap Year vs Studying further? You can have BOTH when you enrol for distance learning courses.

The rumble is on. In one corner we have the appealing gap year waiting to whisk you away on a global adventure.In the other corner is studying further pleading you to think about your future. So in the great fight between Gap Year vs Studying who wins? Why not do both?

Gap Year 

Gap years are when students take a year off from studying to travel, gain experiences and or work. For many students this idea seems exciting, especially if they have just slaved away in high school and want that much needed break. Here are some pros and cons attached to gaps years and studying further to help make up your mind.

The Pros 

You don’t know what to study: Students who are fresh out of high school might not know what direction they want to study in. A difficult decision like this might need some time and thought.

You need to work: Many students cannot afford to go straight from high school into studying. Working might feel like your only option. You will also gain valuable work-experience

The Challenges 

Can affect your study plans: Let’s be real. After travelling, working and having some off time it can be very difficult to get back into studying and many people fail to. 

You get left behind: Many of your friends will study after high school and seeing them progress might have you feeling left out

Studying Further 

Studying further is the most traditional choice after high school. Many students spend their entire matric year prepping for college life. If you are more academically inclined then going to college after high school might be perfect for you. 

The Pros

You’re already in the zone: You just left high school and you are still in the mode of studying and prioritizing your studies. This make it easier to transition into higher education 

Getting qualified: Obtaining an official qualification will open many doors and opportunities for you

The Challenges

Figuring out what you want to do: Studying can really help you decide what you are passionate about and what direction you want to specialise in.

You need a break: You want to continue to learn, just away from the textbook for a while. You want to do this through rich experiences and gaining new perspectives.

Two friends smiling on the beach. Who wins between Gap Year Vs Studying Further? You can have both when you choose Distance Learning.

Is it Better to Take a Gap Year Before or After College?

There’s really no set way to answer this. It all depends on your study goals and needs. Taking a gap year before college will give you more independence, you’ll meet new people and learn how to handle stress and conflict. But, on the other hand you might get used to life without school and it will be difficult for you to get back on track. It is entirely possible to be successful without any higher education, but it does make things much harder!

Can I Still Get Into College After a Gap Year?

Yes, of course! You can make use of your matric results and apply for college years after high school. In fact, many adult learners are more organised and focused than those who study straight after school. You can travel the world, work for a little bit and then get back into your studies. 

Do Both

What if we proposed doing both? Both options have such great benefits attached to them, it is almost impossible to choose! So JUST DO BOTH. Here, at Skills Academy, we give you the opportunity to learn on your terms. We offer flexible learning that works for your schedule. You can travel, go on adventures or even work and still study. Some of our benefits include:

  • Free access to our online platform with Together we Pass
  • Financial benefits like our Study Fast and Pay Less Policy 
  • No credit checks – making registration easy and affordable 
  • World class tutors

Don’t compromise on your dreams! You can have both here at Skills Academy. 

Our Courses

We have a diverse range of courses on offer. Everything from accredited courses to courses you can study without matric. We have it all! Some of our most popular courses are listed below:

These are just some of the options you can choose from. Each has their own set of entry requirements, but we do prioritise learning for all. 

Bridge the Gap With Skills Academy!

So what’s your final answer? Gap Year VS Studying Further: Why not do Both? Take the leap with us! Contact us today on:

  • Complete our contact form
  • Call us for free on our number at 0800 39 0027
Last Updated: June 13, 2022


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