Forensic Investigation Courses

Forensic Investigation Courses

forensic investigation courses

Forensic investigation courses are a great way to advance your policing career. Forensic investigation refers to the process of fact-finding using different forms of science and technology. The purpose of a forensic investigation is usually to gather evidence. This type of investigation has to be carried out by professionals because there are rules governing how evidence may be obtained, and some of the technical aspects have to be taught. There are many careers in forensic science. If you are intrigued by investigation work in general and would like to do an investigation course, please browse through Skills Academy’s list of Forensic Investigation Courses below.

Forensic Investigation Courses offered by Skills Academy

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Forensic Science Programmes

Why is forensic science important?

Many court cases rely heavily on forensic science for mysteries to be solved. If it were not for forensic science, many more criminals would walk free, and some innocent people might go to jail. Forensic science plays a crucial role in revealing hidden facts and evidence. Here are some of the reasons why we need forensic science

  • To keep up with the levels of sophistication of organised crime.
  • To resolve disputes regarding paternity and other DNA-related matters.
  • To ensure accurate record-keeping, especially in fields such as archaeology.
  • To recover information. Document specialists can analyse documents and recover even distorted information that would otherwise have been lost forever.
  • To provide accurate evidence to be used in court cases.

Last updated: February 13, 2019

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