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Want to manage a company’s finances? In order to start or run a successful business, you need to have excellent financial management knowledge and skills. Take the first step in your career by enrolling in our Financial Management Courses today!

We Offer The Following Financial Management Courses:

Financial Management (Provider Programme) 

Financial Management Short Course

A Financial Management Short Course that only      consist of 2 Subjects. This Course can be completed within a 4 month period.

Financial Management Certificate Course

A Financial Management Certificate Course that     consist of 4 Subjects. This Course can be completed within a 8 month period.

Financial Management Comprehensive Certificate Course

An Advance Course that is ideal for an individual that wants to pursue a full time career as a Financial Adviser. This Course can be completed in  12 Months.

NATED Financial Management Courses

Financial Management N4

Each company needs someone who can manage their money well. This means you will have a high employ ability rate. This course includes subjects such as Financial Accounting and Computerised Financial Systems.

Financial Management N5

Companies want the best possible person for the important job of managing their money. This course will explore everything you have learned so far and   add to it to help you become the best choice for a company.

Financial Management N6

This is the last part of your journey to getting your National Diploma in Financial Management. Once you have completed this certificate and your 18 months of practical experience you will become incredibly employable.

What is Financial Management? 

Financial management refers to the activities involved in planning, directing, monitoring, organising and controlling the financial resources of a company or organisation. Some of these activities include managing budgets, preparing financial reports, and studying financial statements. 

Career as a Financial Manager 

As a financial manager you’ll be responsible for a company’s financial health. Your main role within a company is to provide support and advice to key decision makers, by allowing them to develop strategies. 

Are you good with responsibility and time management? Looking for a career in accounting as a financial manager? Read through this financial manager article and see why this job is best suited for you.

Other Financial Management Careers 

Are you interested in working in the financial management field, but not as a financial manager? There are other career opportunities available to you. Read throuhg this article to find out more about other careers in accounting.

Here are some of the careers in Financial Management: 

  • Asset manager 
  • Business analyst 
  • Financial planner 
  • Credit manager 

What Skills do I Need? 

In order to be successful in financial management, you need to have a range of soft and technical skills. 

Interpersonal Skills 

You need to be able to build successful relationships with clients to do well as a financial expert. This means that you have to be able to work with different types of people. 

Communication Skills 

As a finance professional, it’s essential to have strong written and verbal communication skills. You should be able to explain financial jargon in simple terms. 


A financial manager oversees the finance or accounting department of a company. This requires leadership skills because you need to be able to direct the activities of others and assign duties. 

Analytical Skills 

Analytical skills come in handy when a problem needs to be solved. As a financial manager it’s your job to look at a problem, then come up with solutions 

Job Knowledge 

A financial manager needs to have some form of education in the finance field. It’s also helpful to know about the laws and regulations. 

Tech Skills 

It’s important for you to be familiar with computer software, such as Microsoft Office and financial systems. You also need to keep yourself up to date on any software changes. 

What Financial Management Courses are Available? 

Skills Academy offers a range of accredited and non-accredited (Provider Programme) Financial Management Courses through distance learning. Each has its own set of requirements. 

Financial Management Courses (Provider Programme) 

All that is needed to study these courses is grade 10. You also need to be 16 years or older, and be able to read and write in English. 

NATED Financial Management Courses 

To enroll for these accredited courses, you need to have grade 12 or an NQF 4 equivalent. 

What is the Difference Between Accredited and Non-accredited Courses? 

Accredited courses equip you with high quality education, and it also recognised by employers and other institutions. You’ll gain the skills needed for your future career and also have the qualifications to back them up. 

Non-accredited or Provider Programmes, on the other hand aims to develop your skills in a shorter time period so you can use them sooner. There are also no exams that need to be written to complete these courses. 

Why Should I Study Financial Management Courses? 

Financial management is one of the most important aspects of business. Some reasons why you should study Financial Management Courses includes the following. 

Career Opportunities 

Having a financial management qualification can open a lot of doors for you. You can choose to work in either the private or public sector, or even start your own business. Other career paths include investment banking, entrepreneurship and accounting. 

Good Salary

Finance professionals usually get paid very well, whether it’s at an entry or management level. This is due to the fact that it’s a highly skilled role that is always in high demand. If you’re looking for a career that pays well, this might be perfect for you. 

Career Growth 

There is always an opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge in the finance field. If you are a logical thinker with a talent for working with numbers, you’ll be able to climb the career ladder quickly. 

Why is Financial Management Important? 

Financial management is often referred to as being at the heart of decision-making for an organisation. This form of management is important for many reasons such as the ones listed below. 

  • Helps improve company profits 
  • Provides economic stability 
  • Assists with financial planning 
  • Encourages employees to save money 

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