Finance Courses South Africa

Are you looking for finance courses South Africa? Courses that are accredited? Here we break down the finance course South Africa. Want to know more about it? Then keep reading!

South Africa offers a range of courses and there is no lack of finance courses. South Africa’s finance courses are on par with the global standard and to see why keep reading. Many colleges offer finance courses in South Africa but deciding what course to do can seem overwhelming. Here we break down the courses types and differences, internationally recognised courses and where to study them. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start at the beginning with what is finance.

What is Finance?

Finance is the management of money. Where the money goes and comes from. What that means is it’s the management of accounts and activities like investing, banking, budgeting and forecasting. Finance normally falls into three types of financial categories:

  • Personal finance
  • Corporate finance
  • Public finance

If you are interested in studying finance you work in the management of any of the three types of finance or a combination of the three types.

Why is Finance so Important?

Without good financial management, a business will struggle to succeed. Finance forms part of the core of any business and mismanagement of finance could mean legal trouble. But why is managing finance so important? 

It’s important because managing your business’s finance generates money, organises your operations and allows you to reach your goals. For those reasons and some others, there is always a need for financial professionals. There are international financial bodies that govern finance professionals and aid in maintaining a global standard.

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Why Pursue a Career in Finance?

A career in Finance is rewarding on so many levels. It will help you grow as a person by improving your interpersonal and communication skills. The jobs are exciting and challenging with opportunities for growth. There is no shortage of opportunities and no limitation to what country you must work in. It is a high earning job with great returns and job satisfaction. 

If that isn’t reason enough for you to study finance we don’t know what is. If you would like to know what careers are in finance and their salaries then these finance careers articles are for you. These articles are detailed and tell you everything you need to know about the top finance careers.

What are the Different Types of Finance Courses in South Africa?

There are various types of finance courses out there and finding the right type of course for you is as important as knowing who you are as a person. The type of course you take can define how much free time you have or how quickly you complete your course. Let’s look at the 3 types and explore time, cost, travel, and resources for each of them.

Online In-Class Distance Learning
Time Fast Long Time depends on you
Cost Cheap Expensive Affordable
Travel No travel Daily travel No travel
Resources Online Buy own books Provided
Accredited No Yes Yes

That sums up the 3 categories. If you are looking for accredited courses then you can choose between in-class courses or distance learning. With in-class courses being expensive and distance learning is affordable. You can take your time completing your studies or work at a faster pace. It all depends on you. 

If the course cost plays a big role in your decision then considering online or distance learning will be in your best interest. Just bear in mind that online courses are not accredited. With online courses, there are no resources like textbooks involved, in-class courses you have to buy your own books and with distance learning, the books are provided. Use this table to decide which type of course is best for you. For what you need and what benefits the course holds for you. 

Finance Courses South Africa

Now that you know the types of courses available you can start looking at colleges. Let’s explore some distance learning finance courses in South Africa. These courses are fully accredited.

Where can I Study Finance in South Africa?

We Skills Academy, are an accredited distance learning college with internationally recognised finance courses. We offer a range of courses but we are well known for our finance courses. So if you study with Skills Academy where will your studies take place? 

You will study from the comfort of your own home or while on the go. Want to know more about the benefits of distance learning? Then read this article benefits of Distance learning for adults.

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