Festive Season Job Opportunities for Matriculants

There are tons of Festive Season Job Opportunities for Matriculants. So you don’t have to worry about being bored this summer. Take notes on our helpful tips.

Once your matric exams are completed, you’ll have a whole month to do whatever you want. That’s why we are bringing you these Festive Season Job Opportunities for Matriculants. Don’t get bored this festive season, get a jumpstart on your career. 

Top Holiday Jobs for Matriculants to Jumpstart Your Career

Apart from having fun in the sun and spending time with loved ones, the festive season is the perfect time for a summer job. You can build up your CV and gain work experience. You might just want to relax and sleep in, but you’ll be missing out on amazing benefits and the opportunity to make some money. 


If giving back is something you’re interested in, then volunteering would be a great match. There are many organisations who can use the extra help. Simply choose something you’re passionate about like animal shelters, and reach out to one in your community. 


  • Meet new people 
  • Contribute to change within your community 
  • Live out your passion 


With retail you’ll get to have your summer and gain some work experience. If you’re into fashion, working in a retail store is an added benefit. Many major retailers seek seasonal employers to help out with the festive season trade. 


  • Strengthen soft skills 
  • Gain computer skills 
  • Learn sales skills 


The hospitality industry booms during the festive season. That’s why there are so many job opportunities for you. With tourists flocking into the nation, you’ll have a fun summer and an exciting job. 


  • Learn sales skills 
  • Gain Financial skills
  • Understand problem-solving 

Intern and Job Shadow

It’s never too early to start networking. You can do just that with an internship or while job shadowing. Great thing about job shadowing is that you can do it for two weeks and still have your entire summer to yourself. 


  • Network 
  • Gain work specific skills 
  • Explore what you want and don’t want in a career
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Set Goals for College or University

The holiday season is just temporary, so why not start planning for the future? After all, if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. Take some time out of your day to work on your academic goals for college or university. Yes, you don’t know what to really expect but you can aim for good grades, making friends and joining a few social clubs. 

Why Take on a Summer Job?

When you’re young, summer is the time to be with friends and go on adventures especially after a long school year. But when you’re a matriculant, it’s definitely the time to work on your future. This is where summer jobs come in. 

  • Work experience
  • Insight into an industry
  • New skills and knowledge
  • Build up your CV
  • Stay busy
  • A chance to earn some money

Why it’s Hard to Find a Job as a Student 

As a matriculant, your sole focus is to pass your matric finals. You may only think of getting a job after that. On your job search you might come across a few challenges that can discourage you from working. But fear not, we have solutions for each of the top reasons why students have trouble finding a job. 

No Experience 

You need experience to work but also need to work to gain the experience. It’s a predicament you may find yourself stuck in. But impress employers with a CV and motivational letter that will knock their socks off. A good tip would be to rely on your willingness to learn. 


Not having your own transportation shouldn’t stop you from getting a job. Find other ways of getting to and from your job like public transport. Some jobs even have a lift club that you can use. Remember where there is a will, there is a way. 

No Connections in the Industry 

If you are a real go getter, you won’t need anyone to get you in. Not knowing anyone in the industry shouldn’t stop you. Be proactive, if you don’t have any connections. Use the internet or go old school and call around. With the right mindset and determination, you can’t go wrong. 

Not Being of age 

Did you know that in South Africa you can start working from the age of 15? So age shouldn’t even be a factor. All matriculants are between the ages of 16 to 18 so you can definitely work. If anyone ever challenges you on this simply show them the South African Labour Laws

Gain More Than Sunburn This Summer 

Start thinking smarter, not harder. Earn some extra money for all your summer adventures and bag the work experience you need, all at once. Contact one of our course experts when you’re ready to talk about your studies after matric.

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Last Updated: 17 September 2021