Festive Season and Revision

Would you like to know how you can balance the Festive Season and Revision? Then you’re at the right place. Find out how you can have family time and study time all at once.

Christmastime is for the three F’s – Family, Friends and Fun and you wouldn’t want to miss out on any of it. We have tips on how you can balance the Festive Season and Revision. This way you can join in on all your festive faves and ace those exams. Doesn’t that sounds good? 

How to Balance Festive Season and Revision 

When you think of your festive season, revision isn’t usually part of it. In fact, over the festive break you don’t think of school at all. But sometimes you have to, especially if you have exams right after. Don’t worry though, you can still enjoy shopping and family time with our helpful revision tips. 


Everything needs to be planned. This means planning your shopping and your revision. Create a timetable that allows you to do both. Remember not to over work yourself and to give yourself days off. 

Study Space 

With the whole family at home studying can be a bit difficult. So find yourself a study space. Try adding a desk, lamp and chair to it. It doesn’t have to be all fancy but it has to be practical. If you can get a space that’s quiet, that would be great. 


During Christmas break, everyone gains a few kilos. It’s part of tradition at this point. However, doing a few short exercises is good for your brain. So keep your tummy full with all the yummy foods and keep your brain active for your revision. 

Don’t Stress 

Now finding the perfect Christmas gifts is stressful enough so don’t add your revision to the list. It’s only revision which means you already know the work. Doing some revision here and there simply keeps your coursework fresh. 

Tips for Last Minute Revision 

With a shopping list longer than the Nile River, last minute shopping is completely understandable. But doing last minute revision isn’t as straightforward. Luckily we have you covered with a few tips and tricks.

Review Summaries 

Remember those study notes you already made throughout the year? Never throw them away. This is the perfect time to use them. It’s short and organised. All you have to do is revise. 

Ask for Help 

You have your entire family in one place, so use it to your advantage. Offer to peel the potatoes or do the dishes while someone explains a section to you. Two heads are better than one and teamwork makes the dream work. 

Prepare in the Morning 

Most Christmas festivities take place in the afternoon or the evening. So use your morning to prepare for your exams. You’ll be done before noon and still have enough time to pick out a Christmas tree with your family. 

Set Technology Aside 

Technology might be taking over the world but it can be set aside for a moment. Enjoy your time with loved ones and your revision notes. Now you have to capture those beautiful moments so your phone will be needed. But try and put it on airplane mode while studying. 

Think and Stay Positive 

A positive mind makes for positive results. Try to think and stay positive regardless of how hectic things may seem. You can juggle the festive season and revision. Simply stick to our tips and take deep breaths. 

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Christmas Shopping and Studying 

Do you know what Christmas shopping and studying have in common? Stress, lots and lots of stress. But it’s all manageable so you don’t have to worry about it. If you have a few helpful tricks, you wouldn’t have to have sleepless nights. 

Get Organised 
Make a shopping list and a study timetable. With this you will know exactly what you need to get at the store and what modules to tackle. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to have the perfect schedule. 

Stay Hydrated 
Festive days can be really long and draining. Staying hydrated can keep you energised on your days at the mall and during your study sessions. This way you’ll be fresh enough to stand in those long lines and stay awake while studying. 

Shop Early, Finish Early 
Starting your day early means you miss the afternoon rush and those last minute shoppers. Get your shopping started early and start your revision early. With your shopping and studying done early, you’ll have the rest of the day to yourself.

Rest on Christmas day  
Christmas day is all about family even if you don’t celebrate it. Taking the day off won’t put a bump in your schedule. In fact you can work it into your study time. You have enough time to revise your notes. 

How Much Should I Revise Daily?

No one can tell you how much you should revise. Don’t force yourself to study for hours on end. Give yourself a moment to relax and have fun, you deserve it. Revise as much as you feel you need to. 

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Online Study Groups and Tutors 

If you are looking for some extra help our online tutors and study groups can help. You won’t have to stress about working alone. Instead you can speak to fellow students and tutors whenever you need to. You can experience this benefit with distance learning

Benefits of Doing Short Courses 

Short courses have several great benefits. This includes not studying over the festive season. You can still get a good qualification but in a shorter period of time. So you won’t have to add studying into your festive period. 

Festive Season is Near and We’re spreading Revision Cheer

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Last Updated: 30 October 2020