Everything You Need to Know About Studying Further

Start your road to higher learning without a hitch. Learn Everything you Need to Know About Studying Further and get started the right way with our tips.

So you’ve made the decision to further your studies? That’s great! Use our guidelines and Learn Everything you Need to Know About Studying Further.

Everything You Need to Know About Studying Further

Before you can hit the books, there are a few things you need to do before your learning starts. If you’re not sure where to begin, our tips below will help you make an informed decision. 

  • Finding a Place of Higher Learning That Suits Your Needs
  • Qualification Matters
  • Application Process
  • Choosing Your Course
  • Registration

Find a Place of Higher Learning That Suits Your Needs

If you think your success only depends on your course, then you’re mistaken. Where you study plays just as an important role as what you study. How you learn will depend on the teaching method at your place of learning. Choose the right place with our tips below:

University and Technikon – Like sitting in a classroom with a lecturer teaching you? Then this might be your best option. You will follow a timetable and have a set date for assignment and exams.

FET College – Learn skills that will make you thrive in the workplace. FET colleges combine classroom learning as well as a practical section that will teach you the tricks of the trade. 

Distance Learning – Love studying on your own? If yes, make distance learning your choice of study. Here you can study on your own and save money on travelling and accommodation.

Woman wearing a watch typing on a laptop. Learn Everything You Need to Know About Studying Further right here.

Qualification Matters

Not sure which course to pursue and where to study? Knowing what qualification you want might help you. Your matric pass also plays an important role in knowing which course you qualify for. Having a clear idea of your goal will help you determine the path you need to follow.

The different types of matric passes are as follows:

Bachelors Pass – Did you pass with a bachelors pass? You can enrol to a university, Technikon and college. This means you qualify to study towards a degree, diploma and certificate.

Diploma Pass – If you passed matric with a diploma pass, you can study at a Technikon, as well as a college. You have the option to get a diploma, national diploma, as well as your certificate.

Certificate Pass – Passing with a certificate pass means you can enrol to a college. Here you can complete your higher certificate qualification.

Application Process

Some people  see registration and your first semester as the first step in your education. Yet, it is your application to higher learning that’s the first step down the road to success. Many institutions need you to apply at least 4 – 5 months ahead of registration to secure your spot in your course. 

Important Documents you Need When Applying

There are quite a few documents you need when applying to college. These should all be sent in with you application

  • Certified copy of your ID (South African students)
  • A certified copy of your passport (international students)
  • Proof of address
  • Copy of your matric certificate or highest qualification achieved
  • Affidavit (if you are applying for a bursary loan)

For postgraduate studies, you will also need:

  • Letter of motivation to be considered for the programme
  • Summary of your research proposal

Please note: Most higher learning institutions only have online registration as an opinion. So it’s best to have PDF copies of all your documents saved on your Google Drive or online for easy access.

Choosing Your Course

Now that you have your foot in the door, it is time to choose a course. This decision cannot be taken lightly, as your entire future depends on this decision. Things to consider when choosing a course includes your: 

  • Career you would like to pursue
  • Skills and abilities

With higher learning, there are a range of courses you can enrol in. Some of them include:


Gone are the days of standing in long lines waiting to register. Registration now takes place online, saving you time and energy. Most institutions need you to register at the start of a semester or beginning of the year. Yet with distance learning, you can register at any time throughout the year, and still claim your spot to a successful future

Take the First Step Towards a Successful Future

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Last Updated: 15 December 2020