Everything you Need to Know About a Call Center Career

Want an exciting career where no two days are the same? Look no further! Read below and find out everything you need to know about a call center career.

Everything you Need to Know About a Call Center Career

Are you looking for an industry which is upbeat and never produces a dull moment? Well look no further than a call center. Now you might think that this career does not require any tertiary education. Having a qualification will make you stand out in a highly competitive industry. Here are reasons why a call center career is one to study for.

What is a Call Center?

It is an office or workspace where a large number of phone calls are used to contact potential and existing customers. Call centers are often used by big corporations to increase sales or improve customer service. It is not just those constant calls we receive everyday. Call centers make a big contribution to companies who use them.

Where can I Study for a Call Center Qualification?

Although you can apply for a call center position without any qualifications, your chances of getting the job increase a lot if you have a completed course on your CV. Our Call Center Management Course covers the basis of being a call center manager. Imagine applying for a junior role with a management qualification? Sounds great right!

Who’s Who in a Call Center

Before you step into your new office, you must first understand who’s who in the zoo. By understanding the different roles in a call center, you will be able to navigate the office and it’s chain of command.  


They are the people responsible for making the actual calls and often operate in teams. Your first job in a call center would generally be as an agent. This might be the first step in a call center. By being an agent you will learn exactly what is needed to move forward in your career.

Team Leaders

These individuals are responsible for the output of their agents. They provide advice and training so that their agents become better at their job. Team leaders would normally work as an agent first before getting promoted as this would be how they learnt what to teach agents.


Team leaders report to managers. These individuals are responsible for the tasks handed to agents. They establish targets, direction and provide training to team leaders the same way they do for agents. 


Quality assurance (QA) officers take care of the compliance section of the job. They basically make sure everything said or done on calls meet all legal requirements. They are vital in making sure the company does not get any fines due to non-compliance.

IT Team

Call centers use computers, telephones and many other technological systems to function. This is why there is an on-site IT team ready to solve any technical issues.

Call center team sitting at their desks while taking calls.

Benefits of a Career in a Call Center

A call center career is underrated because of how available jobs in the industry are. This should not take away from all the benefits that come with this exciting career. Below are a few reasons to work in call centers:

  • Working with People From Everywhere – Call centers often employ people of different ages and backgrounds.
  • Clear Career Path – There is a clear path from position to position. You know exactly where you are going. Management courses often speed up this process.
  • Upbeat Environment – Because you are working on a call and the person on the other side can’t see you, energy levels are always high. 
  • Money, Money, Money – Call centers pay well, especially for sales agents. There are often financial incentives which give you the opportunity to earn more.

A Call Center Might be the Stepping Stone you Need

Looking for a job to support you until you find your perfect fit? This career could do just that. You could use a call center to support your financial needs while you are looking for your desired job. This industry could be the perfect bridge between what you ‘can’ do and what you ‘want’ to do. The skills you gain in a call center will be transferable to any industry. You will learn problem solving and people skills which can be used for the rest of your career.

Ready to Conquer the Call Center World?

Step 1 – registration. Step 2 – complete your course. Step 3 – enjoy a successful career in a call center! Your journey starts now. Contact our course experts and find out just how easily you can complete step one. You can either:

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Last Updated: 30 March 2022