Essential Skills for Young Adults

Struggling to adjust to the real world? We know it’s a stressful process, but you can do it! Learn how to gain Essential Skills for Young Adults that can help you out.

Making the transition from teenager to adult can be confusing. Suddenly you have more responsibilities on your shoulders. Gaining Essential Skills for Young Adults can help make the process a little easier. Find out more about them right here! 

What are Life Skills? 

Life skills are any skills you need to manage your everyday activities effectively. These skills can help you improve all areas of your life, from work to relationships. They allow you to handle things better and can vary depending on your lifestyle and age. 

Essential Skills for Young Adults

Wondering what skills are needed to make adulting bearable? Everyone needs a little help sometimes and that’s okay. Find a list of Essential Skills for Young Adults below and use them as a guide to help you. 


Money can be a difficult topic for many to talk about, but it is a necessary part of life. As the saying goes, “Money makes the world go ‘round”. Not only do you need to know how to make money, you also need to know how to use it wisely. That’s where budgeting comes in. 

Time Management 

As a young adult, one of the most important skills to master is how to manage your time well. A big part of being independent means having more responsibilities. In turn, these tasks need to be worked on and you need time to do that. 

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle 

Being an adult comes with its fair share of challenges. This is why it’s so important to look after yourself. Both your mental and physical health are important. Make sure you practice healthy eating habits, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. Don’t be afraid to take breaks. 


The ability to communicate well is necessary for all aspects of life. You need to be able to communicate both verbally and in writing. Also pay attention to your body language. Get used to speaking and interacting with different types of people. 


Transportation has a big impact on how we live our lives. If you are able to drive, you need to know how to maintain your car. Know how to change a tyre and when to send your car in for a service. If you can’t drive or don’t have a car, knowing how public transport works is essential. 

Stress Management 

Learning how to navigate life can be stressful, especially as a young adult. Recognise your stressors and find healthy ways to cope, such as meditating, breathing exercises or spending time in nature. If you are really struggling, get in touch with a professional for help. 

Building Personal Relationships 

As a young adult, it might be challenging to make and maintain friendships once you leave school. Learn how to develop relationships with like-minded people. This can be done by joining a specific club or volunteering

Yung woman using Essential Skills for Young Adults to do her work

Job Hunting 

Regardless of whether or not you decide to further your studies after high school, you still need to know how to find a job. It’s the best way for you to make money. Consider what it is you would like to do with your life before you make decisions. Also create a CV that stands out. 


In South Africa, the legal age to vote is 18. Make sure you have your South African ID before then. Get familiar with the voting system and learn more about political parties. Make your voice heard by casting your vote in each election that takes place. 


In the world today, knowing how to use basic technology is essential. You should be comfortable with using smartphones, email and the internet. Knowing how to use computer programmes such as MS Office and social media can also be beneficial. 

How can I Improve my Life Skills? 

Looking for ways to improve your life skills? You can never go wrong with constantly finding new ways to learn and educate yourself. Use these tips below to boost your workplace performance and relationships. 

Do Research – Interested in a specific topic? In the age of technology, information is literally at your fingertips. Use the internet to do research and learn about different perspectives. 

Take Short Courses – There’s no better way to improve your skills than by doing short courses. It teaches you valuable skills in a shorter time period. 

Challenge Yourself – Try to solve a problem without asking for help. Take the time to assess the issue and figure out possible solutions. 

Practice Self-Awareness – Notice the body language of others when you communicate with them. Ask for constructive feedback on your performance and improve where needed. 

Importance of Developing Life Skills 

The world is constantly changing. To be able to adapt and overcome new challenges, you need to have the up-to-date life skills. Some benefits developing your skills offers includes the following: 

  • Builds confidence when communicating
  • Teaches taking responsibility for own actions 
  • Improves decision making 
  • Encourages teamwork 
  • Teaches negotiation and networking skills

Develop Your Skills, Improve Your Life!

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Last Updated: 2 December 2021