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Looking for our diploma courses? Skills Academy offers a wide range of diploma courses. The diploma courses we have on offer are all from the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB). Our parent company (Home Study Group) will be offering national diploma courses (level four to six on the National Qualifications Framework) certified by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) very soon.

Diplomas are some of the most respected qualifications you can find, and this is the right way to about finding your dream career.

We Offer The Following Range Of Diploma Courses:


National Qualification Diploma Courses (NATED)

Business Management N6

The N6 Course is the last course on your way to that 100% accredited Diploma in Business Management. Here we add more knowledge to subjects you’ve taken in Business Management N4 and N5 and adds the subject Cost and Management Accounting.

Management Assistant N6

The National Certificate: N6 Management Assistant is the final course before you can get your National Diploma. Like the N5 course, it goes even deeper into each of your subjects and it also adds Public Relations.

Financial Management N6

This is the last part of your journey to getting your National Diploma in Financial Management. Once you have completed this certificate and your 18 months of practical experience you will become incredibly employable.

Legal Secretary N6

This course covers everything you need to know in this field. Doing this course means that you are on the verge of entering the exciting and dynamic world of working in a law firm.

Educare N6

This course fully prepares you to help with the development of children’s social, language, and movement skills. You will help to shape the minds, attitudes, thoughts and behaviors of the future leaders of our world.

Marketing Management N6

This is the last course you need to do for your National Diploma in Marketing Management. Once you finish this certificate you will need to do your 18 months of practical work and then the diploma will be yours.

Human Resource Management N6

The N6 Human Resource Management Course is the final course in the Human Resource Management Programme. Once you complete this course and get the needed practical experience, you will receive your National Diploma.

ICB Diploma Courses

ICB National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting

This is an advanced accounting course which focuses on the more technical side of financial accounting like tax returns and business law. This is a great diploma course for any accounting student.

ICB National Diploma: Certified Financial Accounting

This is our most advanced accredited financial accounting diploma course, which will take 3 years to complete. This course combines all other financial accounting courses.

ICB Diploma: Public Sector Accounting

This is an accredited 36-month course which covers both entrepreneurship and accounting subjects. A great course to build a career on.

ICB National Diploma: Public Sector Accounting

The ICB National Diploma: Public Sector Accounting is the highest level qualification you can get in this subject.

ICB Diploma: Office Administration Course

This course will take you about three years to complete, and is the highest qualification for the Office Administration subject.

ICB National Diploma: Financial Accounting

This is an accredited 36-month course which covers both entrepreneurship and accounting subjects.

ICB National Diploma: Financial Accounting

The ICB National Diploma: Financial Accounting (Business Management) is our highest level qualification, and will take three years to complete.


Evette received a Diploma by completing one of Skills Academy Diploma Courses.

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Last Updated: July 11, 2019

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