Cyber Monday Courses Specials

Cyber Monday Courses Specials

You may have heard the name “Cyber Monday” before but are you really sure what it means? Here is everything you need to know about Cyber Monday.

What is Cyber Monday?

The name “Cyber Monday” was first used in 2005 to talk about the Monday after Thanksgiving. It is like Black Friday but it is more about online shopping than Black Friday. Some companies have the same Black Friday deals on Cyber Monday, but other companies put up new specials that are online only.

How did Cyber Monday Start?

The very first version “Cyber Monday” was created in 2003 by It wasn’t on a Monday but it was on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and it was called “White Wednesday”.

Many companies noticed that their online sales increased on the Monday after Thanksgiving. This increase made then offer more and different specials on that day to boost sales even further.

Back in 2005, home internet connections were not as fast as the connections that were available at most jobs. Researchers found that lots people would go to work on the Monday and go online to buy things that they had seen over the Thanksgiving the weekend.

Many online companies like Amazon and Takealot now have massive sales on Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday sales are almost just as popular as Black Friday sales.

When is Cyber Monday?

Thanksgiving is on the last Thursday of November. Cyber Monday is always on that next Monday, three days after Black Friday. Cyber Monday generally falls between 26 November and 2 December.

For the next five years the date for Cyber Monday is as follows:

  • Cyber Monday 2018: 26 November
  • Cyber Monday 2019: 2 December
  • Cyber Monday 2020: 30 November
  • Cyber Monday 2021: 29 November
  • Cyber Monday 2022: 28 November
  • Cyber Monday 2023: 27 November
  • Cyber Monday 2024: 2 December
  • Cyber Monday 2025: 1 December
  • Cyber Monday 2026: 30 November
  • Cyber Monday 2027: 29 November
  • Cyber Monday 2028: November 27

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Last Updated: December 5, 2018