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Do you dream of opening your own business? We help prepare you for the exciting journey ahead. Enroll in our Small Business Management Courses and learn the tricks of the trade.

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Small Business Management: Short Course Certificate

This Short 4 Month Course with 2 Subjects that briefly covers the basics of Starting and Running your own Business successfully. Start your career today!

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Small Business Management: Certificate Course

Here you will learn all the fundamentals as well as some problem solving techniques. This course teaches you the skills you need to know how to make your business more successful.

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Small Business Management: Comprehensive Course

Our most advance Small Business Course that equips you with the Skills to budget, problem solving, business etiquette and being able to make good decisions and planning properly.

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Small Business Management Courses

Small Business Management Courses is an excellent field of study. If you are a current or prospective business owner, you can only benefit from registering for a small business management course. If it is your dream to start up your own business, then studying a course in small business management is a good place to start. But even if you don’t yet have any plans to start your own business, you can still benefit from studying any of our Small Business Management courses. You will gain skills that will assist you in any working environment.

What is Small Business Management?

Small business management refers to the wide range of activities involved in running a small business, including: strategising, planning, and overseeing daily operations.

Entrepreneurship skills are essential to the success of any small business. If you do not have the necessary skills and insight, you will not be able to run your business effectively. Many small businesses fail due to poor business strategies and lack of proper management.

What you will learn

Small Business Management Courses There’s no better way to advance your career than to enroll in Small Business Management Courses. The lessons you will learn can be applied to various industries and will prepare you for an exciting career in management. What you will learn will heavily rely on the program you’ve enrolled in. All courses are designed to help you improve your leadership skills and help you learn more about financial management or budget planning. 

Who can Benefit From Small Business Management Courses?

No matter which stage of your life or career you may find yourself in, you can always benefit from enrolling in a course or two to up-skill yourself. Our Small Business Management Courses are aimed at anyone who wants to advance their careers and get better employment opportunities.

1. Small business owners

If you don’t have any formal experience of running or managing a business and failure is your biggest fear, then you have clicked on the right page. You will need as much industry experience and knowledge as possible to help you succeed in your endeavors as a small business owner. You will learn how to do things such as financial or budget management on your own. This will help you minimise extra costs of hiring someone to do it, and prevent yourself from getting scammed by financial managers.

2. Managers

Many crave job promotions and would like to take on more responsibilities, but lack the skills and knowledge to pursue their goals. Taking a business-related course could be the step that takes your career to the next level. Small Business Management Courses will help you gain advanced managerial and leadership skills to aid you in the next level of your career. 

3. Anyone

You might not have any career goals at the moment, or might not be sure which path to take. But when the time comes, you will be ready because of the knowledge you’ve gained through this program. These courses could even help you decide which direction to take, and encourage you to take more risks when it comes to your career. Anyone could benefit from our Small Business Management courses. There are many career options you could explore with this qualification.

What can you do After Completing Small Business Management Courses?

Many may hesitate to choose this field of study, because they are not aware of what careers they could pursue with this qualification. Some even fear that their career options could be limited. That’s not the case, in fact you can explore the options below. 

Start Your own Business

Apply the skills you have learned to open up your own small business. This allows you to earn a living from something you are truly passionate about. Being a small business owner differs from working for a company, because you will be in charge of the amount of money you make each month. 

Find Employment in any Industry

No matter which course you decide to enroll in, all our Small Business Management Courses allows you to gain skills you can apply to any industry. You will pick up skills like financial management, and learn to perform administrative duties. All Business Management Courses allows you to work as an office administrator, bookkeeper, receptionist or manager. 

Career as a Business Manager

Business managers use their creativity, problem solving and decision making skills to catapult the company into success. Be the reason for your company’s success by starting a career as a Business Manager.

Reasons to Study Small Business Management Courses

Want to know why you should enroll for the Small Business Management Courses? The answer is quite simple. Enrolling means you are investing in yourself and your future. Our courses could help you advance your career and help you successfully manage a business. 

Learn how to run a Business

The saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ should be applied to small business management. Many small businesses fail because business owners have no skills or experience to manage it to success. To prevent your company from failing, it’s best to learn more about the industry you want to dominate and pick up a few industry-related skills. Learning things such as financial management, ethics and legal practice, and business management could be beneficial to you and your business. 

Become the Manager You’ve Always Wanted

Not everyone has natural leadership abilities, but they often find themselves in managerial positions. Many have an idea of what they want the ideal dreams to be like. If you’ve had bad experiences with managers in the past, now is your chance to become the manager you’ve always dreamed of. Build strong relationships with your employees and oversee that they do their tasks to the best of their ability. 

Sometimes Experience Isn’t Enough

There are some lessons and skills that can’t be taught through experience alone. These skills can often only be taught through specialised business study programs. After years in the industry, there will be skills that you will be expected to know if you want to advance your career. If you want to achieve your long-term business goals and reach your full potential, it’s best to enroll in a course. 

Chance to Find Employment in any Industry

Want to be spoiled with choice and have the luxury of being picky about which industry you want to enter? Business Management Courses are your best bet. It can enhance your CV or resume, and your career prospects. The skills you will develop will give you a competitive edge and make you eligible to find employment in any industry. 

Study Small Business Management Courses with Skills Academy

Entry Requirements 

Yes, you can study without Matric and enjoy a fulfilling career without a certificate. At Skills Academy, we offer courses to help students who didn’t finish matric fulfill their lifelong dream of furthering their education. 

ICB Courses

Students who are interested in any of the ICB Courses should make sure they meet the following requirements:

  • Completed Grade 11 
  • Are 16 years or older
  • Can read, write and understand English 

Provider Courses

Want to enroll in any of our Provider Programs? Make sure you understand and meet the following requirements before applying:

  • Completed Grade 10 
  • Are 16 years or older
  • Can read, write and understand English 

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Last Updated: May 4, 2020

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