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Become an vital member of any team with our Sales Management Courses. Learn how to up profits, manage losses and get ahead in this competitive industry.

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Sales Management: Short Course

Our Sales Management: Short Courses is an entry-level course. It will equip you with all the basic yet valuable skills you need managing a sales team.

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Sales Management: Certificate Course

Learn how to effectively manage the sales department in your business with our Sales Management: Certificate Course. Learn useful skills that will boost your career.

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Sales Management: Comprehensive Course

Want to learn how to successfully run a sales department? Our Sales Management: Comprehensive Certificate Course will teach you valuable skills needed to be a sales manager.

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The sales team is the heart of any organisation. To be successful, the company should know what the consumer wants, and have plans in place to cater to these needs. This is where Sales Management Courses come into play. Sales management courses will teach you how to meet the organisation’s goals and increase the sales of a business.

The Benefits of Studying Sales Management Courses

If you are already in sales or looking to go into the industry, then getting official training is the right way to go. It shows employers how dedicated you are to your job and increases your credibility. These are just some of the benefits attached to studying Sales Management Courses.  

Being Able to Identify Customer Needs 

With this course you will get insight into customers’ needs and their behaviour. Get to know why they buy certain products and how to increase sales. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll get the handle of the most important aspect of any business – it’s customers. 

Broad Business Education 

Not only will you gain some insight into sales, but you will also cover other aspects of business. You’ll cover management, communication and decision making. 

Work in Many Fields

Because of the broad scope of your learning, you will be able to apply your knowledge to many other industries. Your work opportunities will not be limited to just sales management. 

You’ll be in Demand

Sales Management is one of those careers that will always be in demand. Business will always need someone who is trained in sales management. This qualification will have no expiry date. The skills you learn will be useful for many years to come.

A team discussing their sales strategy in a vibrant office. Learn how to boost sales with our sales management courses.

Our Sales Management Courses

Here, at Skills Academy, we offer the following sales management courses. These courses are aimed at preparing you for the work environment. Once you’ve completed these courses you’ll be ready to enter workplace with an array of useful skills.  

Our courses range from introductory to more advanced courses. If you just need a quick recap on sales management then our short course is the perfect pick. If you are however looking for a more in-depth look then our certificate and comprehensive course will do the trick. 

Entry Requirements  

Our sales management courses are provider programs. This means the coursework and course material are designed by us. Our provider programs have no specific entry requirements. This means:

  • They are open access – anyone can enrol.
  • All you need is the ability to understand, write and read English 
  • Prior qualifications and age does not matter. 
  • These courses are skills focused. All our students complete our courses and are work ready. 

This is just one of the ways we prioritise learning for all. 

What Skills Do I Need to Study Sales Management?

As we mentioned before, you don’t need any prior skills or qualifications to enrol into these courses. However, the following skills will certainly help in completing your course. These skills will help with your studies, and your career in sales management. 

  • Good communication skills
  • Leadership qualities 
  • Analytical
  • Values customer service 
  • Time Management

What Will I Learn?

Our Sales Management Courses cover an array of subjects and topics. Your learning will be broad. The key focuses will be the following:


To thrive in any workplace you need to be able to communicate well. All our courses are aimed at our students being able to communicate professionally on all fronts. This included written, verbal and non-verbal communication.   

Customer Satisfaction 

Working in sales is all about the customer’s experience. One negative review could ruin everything! We teach you how to resolve matters and deal with clients – even the difficult ones. 

Decision Making

If you are looking for a career in management then you will have to make some tough choices. Everything from budgeting, product development and hiring new staff will be up to you. Think you’re up for the challenge? With our courses you’ll be ready in no time. 

Sticky notes on a brown board representing the core ideas of sales. Learn more about these themes in our sales management courses

What is the Function of Sales Management?

You might be asking yourself what the function of sales management is in the workplace? Having the right skills in sales could be the difference between the success or failure of an organisation.

Improves Product Development 

Sales management skills allows you to determine whether your product line or services are relevant to your clients. This will give you the chance to add new products or drop some depending on your findings. In this way you are able to develop the right products and services that will bring in money.

Better Financial Decisions

Our courses will teach you about managing your finances. The right skills will assist in cutting costs.  Businesses spend tons of money in campaigns and marketing of products. As well as product development. The right training will assist in strategies to curb unnecessary spending. 

Improves Staff Quality 

Sales management has a lot to do with hiring and training workers. The right set of skills will help with choosing the right people for the job. This means businesses are able to get staff members of high quality. 

Optimises Sales 

The success of businesses are all about sales. Sales Management allows you to look at how the consumer is buying their products and how to make use of these platforms. You might find that many clients like buying their products online. This will then lead you into making more use of online sales. 

Career Opportunities With Sales Management Courses 

Studying further opens up many job opportunities. Your career won’t just be limited to management. There are many career paths within sales that you can choose from once you complete your course. Some of these are:

  • Sales Development Rep
  • Account Manager 
  • Sales Manager 
  • Inside Salesperson 

Don’t Sell Yourself Short. Go big With our Sales Management Courses!

Now is the time to make the biggest purchase of your life: invest in your studies. Our course experts are ready to assist.

Last Updated: August 13, 2020

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