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Take calculated risks and gain the trust from your employees and employers with our Risk Management Courses. Identify risks and protect organisations from going bankrupt or failing!

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Security Risk Management: Short Course

Short Course Certificate in Security Risk Management involves understanding the maximum allowable level of overall risk to and from a specific activity.

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Security Risk Management: Certificate Course

Security Risk Management involves understanding the maximum allowable level of overall risk to and from a specific activity. This is a highly sought skill by employable companies.

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Security Risk Management: Comprehensive Course

Security Risk Management involves the overall understanding of the maximum allowable level of overall risk that is involved to and from a specific activity.

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Become the hero the boardroom needs and help make important decisions that could save a business. Risk Management Courses will equip you with the skills and knowledge that will make you a key player in the industry. Your colleagues and business partners will look to you for advice. 

Why you Should Study Risk Management

Be in control and take action when your company is facing threats. If you love taking risks and get a thrill out of stressful situations, then risk management is for you. Be the person people can turn to when things go wrong. Use your quick thinking and problem solving skills to save the day. 

Gain New Skills

Enroling for a course is all about learning new skills that you’ve never had before. What makes Risk Management Courses even more special is the fact that you will gain rare skills. The skills you will learn will prepare you for an exciting career in risk management and similar roles. 

Impress Your Colleagues

Not everyone will have the same skills as you once you’ve successfully completed your course. People will look to you for your expert advice and opinions. Impress your colleagues, managers, and business partners with your knowledge regarding risk management. 

Help Save a Business

Unfortunately, risks and threats will always arise. And with your knowledge and skills, you can help reduce the loss that comes with the threats. This could help save a business, its employees, and keep their clients and business partners happy. 

A Chance to Become an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are successful because they aren’t afraid to take risks. Not only won’t you be afraid to take risks, but you will be able to measure the size of these threats. And that will help you plan your next move.  

Child playing jenga. Our Risk Management Courses will encourage you to take and calculate risks like playing a game of jenga

Our Risk Management Courses

Our Risk Management Courses consist of three levels. They were designed by industry professionals to give you quality education. Each of our courses are skills-based and will help prepare you for the workplace. 

Study Without Matric – Entry Requirements

Never finished matric? Whatever the reason may be for you not finishing school, you can now have a second chance to chase your dreams. This is an Open Access course. That means that those who never went to or finished high school can enrol and become an expert in risk management. 

What you Will Learn

Curious to know what Risk Management Courses can teach you? There is a lot to learn and plenty of rare skills to gain. 

  • Concept of risk – The first and most important thing you will learn is the concept of risk. Find out what potential threats are before you go into the more technical stuff. 
  • Identifying and evaluating risks – Risk identification is important. You will learn how to identify potential threats and how to measure the impact they might have. 
  • Report writing – Put your professional skills into practice. Report writing will teach you how to write a professional document that shows your research and analyses, and your recommendations to avoid that in the future. 
  • Investigative auditing – Identify accounting irregularities. This course will teach you how to spot fraud and trace missing money. 

Skills You Need for a Career in Risk Management

Thrill seekers, problems solvers and those who don’t mind attending finance meetings will love every minute of this career. If you think you have what it takes to become a risk manager, and possess the following skills, these courses are worth considering.  

Analytical Skills

Use your big brain to help solve problems and make important decisions. Analytical skills are vital; they use logical thinking and reasoning to help understand and solve issues. This skill refers to your ability to absorb and analyse information. 

Financial and Business Literacy

In this industry you need to have knowledge regarding finance and how businesses work. These skills can be taught, but students need to have a genuine interest in it in order to succeed. Financial and business literacy will help you make informed decisions that will impact a company’s finances. This refers to financial planning, managing loss and debts, and understanding the true value of money. 

Problem Solving 

Risk management is all about solving problems. And those interested in this industry need to be able to think on their feet. There is no one way to resolve all problems, and you therefore need to be able to resolve problems in a creative and effective way. With enough practice early on in your career, you will become a pro at problem solving. 

Communication Skills

Communication plays a big role in risk management and identification. Risk management professionals need to be great communicators, because they need to inform teams when threats arise. They also need to help minimise the fear and uncertainties that employees and business partners may have, by effectively communicating with them.


Business environments, the economic climate, and the world as we know it is constantly changing. It’s important for businesses and risk management professionals to adapt with the times in order to survive. 

Woman standing infront of a white board. This could be you in boardroom meetings once you've completed our Risk Management Courses

Risk Management Courses in South Africa

South Africa has many colleges, universities, technikons and private learning institutions students can choose to study at. Only a few of these places offer Risk Management Courses. Therefore, students often have to relocate to further their studies.If you can’t afford to make the move, or can’t give up on your responsibilities, then distance learning will be your best bet. You can study from anywhere in South Africa, and never have to leave your house for class.

What Qualifications do you Need for Risk Management?

Academic requirements will differ for each job. You will realise this once you start job hunting. Any qualification is good, as long as you have the skills and experience to support you. You don’t necessarily need to have a degree to get started. Recruiters often look for people who have certificates and diplomas too.

Career Opportunities in Risk Management 

Risk Management qualifications prepare you for many jobs. These courses equip you with transferable skills that are useful in many industries. The main job titles you can hold includes:

  • Insurance Analyst
  • Risk Consultant
  • Business Risk Manager
  • Corporate Risk Manager

We’re Worth the Risk

Go the distance with us and invest in your future. You will gain a wealth of knowledge and equip yourself with scarce skills. This will give you a headstart and prepare for your daily duties as a risk management professional. Ready to enrol? Our friendly course experts will walk you through the easy registration process.

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Last Updated: August 12, 2020

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