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Make money moves and gain credibility with Entrepreneurship Courses. Our courses are accredited and will teach you the tricks of the trade to help you grow your business.

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ICB National Certificate Entrepreneurship Small Business Management

Entrepreneurs are pioneers, leaders and inventors. If this sounds like something that you will do, the ICB Small Business Financial Management course would be perfect for you.

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ICB National Diploma Entrepreneurship: Financial Accounting

Entrepreneurs are the forefront of social movements – in their field. The ICB National Diploma: Financial Accounting course will focus on teaching you these skills.

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ICB Higher Certificate Entrepreneurship Office Administration

The ICB Higher Certificate Entrepreneurship Office Administration course will focus on teaching you the necessary skills you need to be at the top of your game.

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Always dreamt of becoming your own boss and creating job opportunities? Then take the first step to make your dreams come true by enrolling for our Entrepreneurship Courses. Who knows? You could be sitting on an idea that could change the world as we know it. 

Benefits of Entrepreneurship Courses

A chance to become your own boss and bank on your ideas. Why would you say no to that? If you don’t have any background in business or lack experience regarding entrepreneurship, don’t worry. You can gain these skills and more when enrolling for Entrepreneur Courses. 

Learn Independence

When becoming an entrepreneur, you will find great joy in independence and doing things on your own. Not everyone shares the same drive as you, and you will learn that sometimes it is better to make decisions on your own. An entrepreneur course will equip you with plenty of skills that will help you become independent and make decisions on your own.

Enhance Your Business Management Skills

If you’ve never managed staff or a business before, then you will be pleased to know that Entrepreneur Courses will help you with that. A lot goes into running a business, but a great course will teach you about financial literacy, legal practice, business ethics, and more. 

Become a Leader

Were you born to lead? Then fine-tune your leadership skills with an Entrepreneur Course. Learn how to communicate effectively with your staff, colleagues and business partners. You will become so confident in your skills that you will inspire those around you. That’s what true leadership is about. 

Increase Your Creative Thinking Skills

Entrepreneurs are creative thinkers. They come up with incredible business ideas and find ways to make those ideas come to life. Entrepreneur Courses will help you enhance your creative thinking abilities and then put those ideas into action. 

Become a Problem Solver

In business, problems and risks will always arise. Be prepared for the uncertainties of the future. No two problems are the same, and it is therefore impossible to prepare for specific situations. However, you will become good at identifying risks, evaluating them and finding solutions. 

Aids Personal Growth and Development 

Entrepreneurs should always be open to growth. By enrolling in Entrepreneur Courses you will gain a wealth of knowledge and skills. Going back to school will challenge you, and in return you will develop new skills. Learning is all about growing.

Woman with her laptop on a bench. You can start and manage your business from anywhere with our Entrepreneurship Courses.

What You will Learn in Entrepreneurship Courses

Wondering if Entrepreneurship Courses are worth it and what you will learn from one? Course outcomes can be a deciding factor for many. Aside from that, here are some valuable skills you can learn from this course. 

  • Identifying Problems – Make sure you identify potential threats to your business. Our courses teach you how to identify and evaluate the size of each risk.

  • Prepare for risks and uncertainties – The future is uncertain and unpredictable. Entrepreneur Courses prepare you to plan for these threats to minimise loss.
  • Financial literacy – This is an essential skill to have. Gain skills to help you plan your finance and properly manage debt.
  • Office and legal practice – Make sure you are familiar with ethical business practices and legal principles. These courses prepare you for the legalities in business. 
  • Business management – Learn the practices of a business and put those skills into action when you start and manage your own. 

What are the Best Courses for Entrepreneurs?

We are course providers for the Institute of Certified Bookkeeping (ICB) to give students the best, quality education in South Africa via distance learning. Our Entrepreneur Courses consists of three levels, and aims to give students all the skills they need for a successful career. 

Skills All Entrepreneurs Need

Some people are born with qualities that will help them become leaders. Others aren’t so lucky. If you are one of the unlucky ones, don’t worry. Skills are always something you can learn and improve on. If you want to become an entrepreneur you need to have certain skills to make this career work for you. 


Are you a natural born leader? Then entrepreneurship could just be for you. Part of being a leader is inspiring people around you. You should motivate your team to push beyond their best and remind them how valuable they are to you. 


Entrepreneurs are great at communicating. They have to deal with clients, business partners, colleagues and staff members every day. Therefore they need to be excellent communicators. They should speak with confidence and conduct themselves in a professional manner. 


Your ideas and your creative mind will help you make money. All entrepreneurs should be creatives. If you lack this skill you can explore activities that could help enhance these skills. 

Willingness to Learn

Entrepreneurs should always be willing to learn new skills and learn more about the industry. They can do this by enrolling in a course, or by attending workshops and seminars.  


Changes happen very quickly. You need to learn how to adapt and be open to change in order to survive. Learning how to work your way around these changes could help you keep your customers and staff members happy. 

Businessman in suit getting ready to conquer the day. This could be your with our Entrepreneurship Courses.

Is Entrepreneurship for Me?

Not everyone is made to become entrepreneurs. Some may lack skills and knowledge. Others might lack the drive and motivation. If you are serious about entrepreneurship you need to agree with the following statements in order to become successful. 

  • I like to take risks
  • I hate procrastination and love being productive
  • Making money is important but not urgent
  • I am action oriented 

Entry Requirements – Study Without Matric

If you’ve failed or never finished matric, then this is for you. You can still study further and enjoy a successful career without a grade 12 certificate. To enrol for our Entrepreneurship Courses you need to have finished grade 11. This will help enter our ICB National Certificate Small Business Management course.  If you don’t meet the requirements, you can finish matric or consider taking another pathway with other ICB Courses. 

Entrepreneur Courses in South Africa

Further your education by studying at colleges in South Africa. There are colleges that offer entrepreneur and business management courses in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. You will have to relocate to these parts of the country if you want to attend classes on a full-time and part-time basis. If relocation is out of the question, consider studying via distance learning. You can study anywhere in the country, and never have to attend class. 

Career Opportunities

The skills you will gain from entrepreneur courses will prepare you for many careers in different industries. After completing your programme you will gain scarce skills that can be used for a career as:

  • Business Reporter
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Advisor
  • Project Manager
  • Business Manager
  • Recruiter

Build Your Empire

Invest in yourself by learning new skills and gaining a wealth of knowledge with our Entrepreneur Courses. Our friendly course experts are keen and will help you with our easy registration process. 

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Last Updated: August 8, 2020

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