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Mould, nurture and shape tiny tots’ minds and development through play and education with our Creche Management Courses. Go on, be the hero you were always meant to be!

Available Courses

Crèche Management: Comprehensive Certificate Course

A Crèche Management: Comprehensive Course is the perfect step if you are interested in entering a management role. Upgrade your skills in no time.
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Crèche Management: Certificate Course

Our Crèche Management: Certificate Course will teach you the skills to work with children, communicate with them and different learning tools.
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Crèche Management: Short Course Certificate

Creche management is one of the many wonderful careers in Child Care. In this short course you will learn the basic skills and background knowledge you will need to succeed.
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Are you excited by the idea of shaping young minds for the future? Snorty noses, scraped knees and kissing all the “ouch!” away? Then Creche Management is the best course for you to enrol for. The job satisfaction that comes with being a qualified child care provider is unmatched.

Why Study Creche Management Courses?

The first seven years of a child are the most crucial stages of a child’s development. And in order for a child to develop to their maximum potential, they need guidance. Someone to hold their hand every step of the way. And that’s where you come in. You will be their beacon of hope. Other than that, other benefits of studying Creche Management are below:

Increase Your Credibility

Looking after children is not an easy feat. It is even harder for parents to leave their children with other people. So, for them to be able to be at ease, they need to know that the person responsible for them knows what they are doing. Having a qualification such as Creche Management certification will be a watertight proof of your credibility. With increased credibility comes higher chances of employment. 

Job Satisfaction

This is by far the most satisfying job in the world. And the rewards are ever growing. When you see them excel in everything they do, you’ll be beaming with pride knowing that you had something to do with that. Also, no day is the same. These little diamonds always come up with new tricks up their sleeves to introduce you to. . 

High Job Demand

This job is in high demand EVERYWHERE. So, you never run the chance of not being employed. Not only will you never not have a job, you will always be needed. Children are our future. They need to be nurtured and cared for. Even our Government agrees that investing in early childhood education is the future!

Four books for creche management course student stacked on top pf each other. There's an apple perched on top of them. Next to the books are colouring crayons and A,B,C play blocks stacked on top of each other , alphabetically.

What Skills Will You Learn?

Excelling in this job requires you to have a certain number of skills. And not just any skill. Because, trying to relate to a child when you have been an adult for decades can be a challenge. This is where getting an education comes in because all the set of skills you need, you will learn from the Creche Management Course.


The first and foremost important skill you need is patience. Most of these children will be at a point where they do not know how to use their words to communicate their feelings yet. And this can be frustrating for them.When that happens, they need to be met with a lot of patience and kindness. 

Leadership and Communication Skills

With  this course, the most obvious route your career will take is being a creche manager. And to be any manager, you need to have excellent communication and leadership skills. You need to relate with the children so you can be able to shape and mould their minds. It’s a lot of work but with our Creche Management courses, it can be done. 

Time Management Skills

Another thing that our Creche Management courses teach you is time management. Children have no idea of how time works so it is your job to manage it for them and make sure everyone sticks to schedule. Without stifling their playtime of course because that’s where their learning happens at best. 

Ability to Work Well With Children

This is a no brainer. However, working with children can tend to be a bit of a challenge. Your love and passion for them is not always enough. You may love them to death but not know how to work well with them. Not to worry, these courses will equip you with all the skills you need to work well with children. 

A toddler in a playroom seating on a red chair, playing with a purple toy camera. A represantation of what your career would be like once you finish our Creche Management Courses and work in a daycare..

Entry Requirements

The great thing about this course is that it has no entry requirements! You do not need to have any sort of prior qualification, even matric! All you need is your passion for children and your understanding of the English language. You also need to be able to speak, read and write in English.  

What Can You Do With a Creche Management Qualification?

You have a wide range of career opportunities to choose from once you are done with our Creche Management Courses. Anything from working as a childminder to having your own creche! Some of your career options are:

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