Courses That are in Demand

Are you interested in furthering your studies? Look at Courses That are in Demand to help you find the perfect course. We can help you make this a stress free process.

Courses That are in Demand can help you secure a steady and stable career. You can find out what skills are most needed in the workforce and what qualifications employers look for. With our help, choosing a course doesn’t have to be stressful. 

College Courses That are in Demand 

Colleges have endless lists of courses that you can do. It is easy to feel overwhelmed with all your options. To make your choice a bit easier, look at the college courses that are currently in demand. Having a look at these courses will give you an idea of what career path you could take. 

Marketing Studies

Marketing courses will take you through key factors needed in every industry. You will learn about sales, advertising and meeting customer needs. Marketing studies is a popular course to take because every company needs it.  

Management Studies

Management Courses give you essential business skills.When doing this course you are given the skills to go into any industry of your choosing. All departments in a business need effective management. Making management courses high in demand. 

Business Studies

Business studies teaches you how businesses work. You will explore topics like business management, customer relations, entrepreneurship and even marketing. Once completed you will be able to get a junior position in a company. 

Economic Studies

Economic studies are in demand courses because you cover a broad range of topics. These topics will include finance, taxation, accounting, banking and tons more. The skills you can gain in this course are vital in the workforce. 

Technology Studies

If you have a natural love for gadgets and high tech equipment then technology studies are for you. Technological advancements are made everyday. That’s why technology studies are in such demand. Best of all there are many  IT jobs created everyday.

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Courses in Demand by Employers 

Knowing what college courses are in demand might not help you choose a career path. Maybe knowing what courses are in demand by employers will. Every employer looks out for specific qualifications and skills in their employees.  





Information Technology 

CompTIA A+ Certificate


CompTIA Network+ Certificate

IT Technician 

Software Developer 

Web Developer 

Software Developer 


National N Diploma


Comprehensive Certificate

Brand Manager

Product Manager

Marketing Manager

Digital Marketer


ICB National Certificate


Comprehensive Certificate

Supply Chain Manager

Sales Manager

Business Manager

Project Manager

Accounting and Finance

ICB National Diploma


Comprehensive Certificate



Financial Manager

Debtors Clerk

Workforce Skills  

Knowing what skills are needed in the workforce is a vital part to choosing a course. The job market always needs a variety of skills. With  workforce skills there are two categories, hard and soft skills. You will need a bit of both to be a working professional. 

Hard Skills 

You get hard skills when you further your education and develop your knowledge. They are job specific skills. Having the right hard skills on your CV can increase your chances of landing a job interview. 

Information Technology 
Microsoft Office Suite

Search Engine Optimization- SEO
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Proficiency in Research and Analysis
Basic Business Competencies

Accounting and Finance 
Tax preparation software
Business intelligence software

Hard Communication 
Digital Communication

Soft Skills

Your soft skills are what make you a good employee. They aren’t taught but you can define them with a short course. You might not know this but having soft skills are critical for any working environment.  

Leadership: Best used when you are gathering a team to achieve a goal together. 

Problem Solving: Being able to handle complicated and unexpected situations in the workplace. 

Interpersonal Skills: Communicating and working with others by using active listening. 

Communication: Delivering a message in a way that everyone understands. 

Top Courses Abroad 

Studying abroad is a good way to get your independence and to travel. As exciting as it may seem, it is a big decision to make. You should be 100% sure of the course you want to study and at which institution you want to study it. Have a look at the top courses to study abroad.

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Short Courses That are in Demand 

Short courses are dynamite in small packages. They give you the skills you need in a short span of time. Most short courses average between four to nine months to complete. This is why they are in such high demand. 

Project Management

These project management courses are set up of three parts. Start with the short course and work toward the project management comprehensive course. The longest this course will take is 12 months but remember you can study as fast or as slow as you like. 

Digital Marketing

If you would like to give the marketing industry a try then our marketing management courses are for you. There are three short courses that are all loaded with the subjects that will give you the skills you need.

Business Accounting

Our financial management courses will give you a start in business accounting. These short courses are packed with knowledge. Explore the variety of subjects you will have access to with us. 

Customer Relationship Building

Customer relations had become more popular. You can start off your career with our customer relations management courses. Gain the skills you need in three short courses and in half the time. 

Did you know? You wouldn’t even have to take a break from your job when studying one of our courses? That is one of the many benefits of studying via distance learning. 

How to Find the Right Course 

By now you will know about the importance of choosing the right course. Don’t worry, you’re not in this alone. We have a few tips to make the process less stressful and easier. In fact we even have a study readiness test that you can take. 

Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Why do you want to study? 
  • What do you enjoy doing? 
  • Are you interested in any careers? 
  • Where would you like to study? 

Select a Course and Start Today!

Ready to take the next step? Have a look at our courses and contact one of our course experts when you’re ready.  Ask any and all questions you might have. 

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Last Updated: June 9, 2022


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