Course Specific Careers – What are my Chances of Getting a Job?

What are your chances of getting a job with course specific careers? Find out if it limits your career choices or if it gives you unlimited opportunities.

Imagine buying a red pair of shoes. You love your shoes but didn’t consider the clothes you will wear with them. Your outfit choices are limited, leaving your shoes packed up and boxed away.

Think of the shoes as your course, and your outfit as the career. They should be a match made in heaven, offering choices and opportunities. But if it’s too specific, it could limit your career. Find out what are your chances of getting a job with course specific careers right here.

What are my Chances of Getting a Job With a Job-Specific Course?

When you have the qualifications and experience, you will get a job. But it won’t be easy. The jobs in the field you want may be limited. So it will take some time before a position becomes available. Or it could be that your skill is not in demand. That shouldn’t stop you from pursuing a course and career. If it’s your passion, your determination will allow you to become a success.

Woman holding a camera to her face, taking a photo outside. Learn what are your chances of getting a job with course specific careers right here.

Should you Study a Course That Only Focuses on one Field?

This all depends on you and the career you want. But there are certain setbacks of studying a course that limits you and your professional life. Some of these disadvantages include:

Being Limited to One Field – Imagine you study photography. Although it’s a great field, you will be limited to a career as a photographer. Even if you improve your skills, your career opportunities are narrowed down.

Fewer Job Opportunities – With a specific course, you’ll have few job options. So when you’re searching for a job online, your skills might fall short of the jobs requirements.

Feeling Stuck and Unmotivated – When you don’t have many career options, it could leave you feeling stuck and unmotivated. You might feel like your chosen path will lead to a dead end.

Although these disadvantages might get you down, keep in mind that studying a course specific to a career has its benefits too. These include:

Become an Expert in your field

Just because you are limited to one career, doesn’t mean your skills have to be. Study further and improve your knowledge. Become an expert and even an advisor, that helps others.

Work Your way up

Remember our example of the photographer. Well even if it’s limited, you can work yourself up. You could start off taking snaps of couples, to moving up as a photographer for a magazine.

Use Your Knowledge and Start a Business

You may not know it, but you have more opportunities available than you think. You can use your knowledge and start  your own business. Put your skills to good use and be your own boss. It will also create jobs for others.

Live your Passion Everyday

If it’s what you want in life, go for it. Even if a job offers security, if it doesn’t make you happy, you will feel stuck either way. If you choose a career you are passionate about, you’ll be living the dream.

Carpenter wearing a face mask working on a laptop surrounded by wood and tools on a table. Find out what are your chances of getting a job with course specific careers right here.

Courses That Offer More Than one Career Opportunity

Want to study a course that offers many career opportunities? We’ve got you covered and ready for action. There are quite a few courses you can dive into and start a versatile career. Some of these include:

Accounting Courses – Every industry and company needs an accounting professional. Whether you are working for a construction company or a marketing agency. Your skills will be needed everywhere.

Business Management Courses – With a business management qualification, your options are endless. You can manage a department or your own company in your chosen field.

Marketing Management Courses – From print to taking your skills into the digital space, studying a marketing course is a great option. All companies need to market their products and services. Use it to your advantage.

Computer Courses – IT professionals have become an important part of every company. No matter how big or small, every business needs your help. From installing software to fixing troubleshoot issues, there are so many jobs opportunities.

Management Assistant Courses –  Every company has a CEO, and every CEO needs a right hand. Not only are there a range of jobs you can have, your duties vary as well, from taking calls to setting up presentations.

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Last Updated: 28 January 2021