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What is CIMA South Africa? CIMA South Africa is an institute that provides management accounting courses. CIMA stands for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. They are internationally recognised for their high-quality standard qualifications.


CIMA South Africa


What are CIMA South Africa Qualifications?


CIMA focuses on internal business needs. Other accounting courses focus on the external accounting standards. CIMA qualifications are a good investment for potential employers. You will focus more on making important decisions within the business for its personal growth.


Why Should you Study a CIMA Qualification?


CIMA qualifications prepare you for the business and finance industry. It is very popular among employers, which will improve your chances of getting a job. Here are more reasons why you should study a CIMA qualification.


  • You can get a job locally or internationally.
  • The courses develop your decision-making skills.
  • You can gain expert knowledge in finance, business and accounting.
  • You can become a CIMA member and communicate with like-minded people.


The CIMA South Africa Syllabus


CIMA has four courses that you need to complete to become CIMA certified. These courses are divided into levels: The CIMA Certificate level and the CIMA Professional Qualification level. Have a look at the image below to see how you will progress in your CIMA South Africa qualifications.



CIMA South Africa

Skills Academy – CIMA South Africa

CIMA Certificate Level


If you have no business or finance background, then the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting would be your foundation. It is the first step towards becoming a Chartered Management Accountant. You can also start your own business only with this qualification. On your CV, next to your name, you may use the designation letters CIMA Cert BA when you’ve successfully completed the course.


Operational Level


The CIMA Professional Qualification: Operational Level is the first level of the CIMA Professional Qualifications. You will deal with business principles, financial reporting and make decisions on previous financial information. After completing this qualification, you will receive the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting.


Management Level


The Management level is also known as the Gateway level and is the second level of the Professional Qualifications. The CIMA Professional Qualification: Management Level deals with subjects such as project management, budgeting and analysing financial statements. Upon completion, you will receive the CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting.


Strategic Level


The final CIMA level is called the CIMA Professional Qualification: Strategic Level. It deals with subjects such as performance assessment, changing financial strategies, and risk management.


If you want to become CIMA certified, you need to gain three years of practical experience. Once you have successfully completed your three years of work experience, you will receive the Professional Qualification: Chartered Management Accountant. You can also use the designation letters ACMA (Accredited Chartered Management Accountant) and CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountant) on your CV.


CIMA Exemptions


Are you currently studying but would like to pursue a qualification in CIMA? You might qualify for a CIMA exemption. With it, you’ll avoid repeating work that you already know. At this rate, you can finish your qualification sooner. Only CIMA can decide if you get exempted.


How do you Apply for Exemptions?


Before you can apply for CIMA exemptions, you have to be a registered student. Then, you need to search for your qualification to see what exemptions you qualify for. Follow these steps to continue applying for your exemptions.


  • Email documents to (A copy of your graduation certificate, a letter from the University or transcripts). Don’t forward your original documents, CIMA cannot guarantee its safe return.
  • CIMA will let you know within 72 hours if they have received your application. It takes up to 20 working days to get feedback.
  • Accept or Decline the exemption offered.
  • Make payment.


Exemption Fees


If you ‘Accept’ the exemption granted by CIMA, then you have to pay exemption fees. It will cost you per subject. It is only a once off payment. Have a look at what it will cost you.


DescriptionBritish PoundSouth African Rand
CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (per subject)GBP 70R1,293.60
Operational level Objective Tests (per subject)GBP 90R1,663.06
Integrated Case Study Exam: Operation levelGBP 145R2,679.38
Management level Objective Tests (per subject)GBP 100R1,847.84
Integrated Case Study Exam: Management levelGBP 155R2,867.25
Strategic level Objective Tests (per subject)GBP 145R2,679.38
Integrated Case Study Exam: Strategic levelGBP 220R4,069.64




You can find this information on the CIMA website. Please note that the exchange rate is subject to change.


CIMA South Africa Exams


CIMA’s examination process consists of Objective Tests as well as Integrated Case Studies. Both exams are computer-based.


What are the Objective Tests?


They are exams consisting out of short questions, multiple choice questions and so forth. You need to write an Objective Test for every subject in the Certificate level and Professional Qualification levels. These tests are 90 minutes for the CIMA Professional Qualifications and 2-hours for the CIMA Certificate level.


When do you get Your Exam Results?


You get your results after you have completed your exams because it is marked by the computer. You can view it on your My CIMA profile within 48 hours.


Why do you Need to Write an Integrated Case Study Exam?


It tests your decision-making skills, based on real-life business scenarios. These tests are only available for the Operational, Management and Strategic levels. They are three hours long.


CIMA South Africa


How Long do you Wait for Your Exam Results?


Exam results are available within five to six weeks after the exam session. It takes so long because the exams are marked by an assessor and not the computer.


Study CIMA South Africa Through Skills Academy


Are you currently working and would like to study? Do you live far from a study institute? Skills Academy is a distance learning college that is CIMA accredited. Study at your own pace and in your own time. When you need help, we have tutors to assist you. You can also join an online study group. Call us today on our toll-free number 0800 39 00 27, and one of our friendly consultants will assist you.




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Written by: Olivia Pika


Last updated: February 05, 2019


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