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CIMA Login has a variety of benefits for students. Allow us to take you through these benefits and what you can expect as a student at Skills Academy. Dive into distance learning.

Your CIMA Login is the key you need to access all your resources. It allows you to keep track of your work, subjects and lets you communicate with your student advisors. In this article you will find out how you can register for MYCIMA and the benefits you can access via distance learning. 

What is MYCIMA? 

MYCIMA is an online service and platform for all CIMA students, members and business partners. So by registering, you automatically have access to it. This platform acts as a student  portal. So you will be able to communicate with your student support team and access all your course work. 

Registration Process 

To access CIMAconnect or MYCIMA you will need to register. Unlike most registration processes, this one is quite simple and straightforward. It should only take around five minutes of your time. Once completed you will have your CIMA Login details that you will use to access your student portal. 

Register as a Student 

When registering as a student, you will see that there are four steps to the process. This includes the start, your details, registration and payment. Each step will take less than a minute to complete. 

What you will need: 

  • Contact details – address, email and phone number 
  • Current employment details
  • Details of your tuition provider( if you are studying) 

Register as an Apprentice 

The registration process to be an apprentice is similar to that of a student. It will consist of four steps. The only difference is, you will need an agreement with your employer and training provider to start. In your process, you will need to create a cima account. 

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CIMAconnect is an online student support platform of study resources.  It gives you the opportunity to be in full control of your studies. On this platform you can do more than just connect with fellow students. You will also be able to view discussions and blog posts.  

What do you use CIMAconnect for:

  • Create your year planner 
  • Access study guides 
  • Past papers 
  • Schedule exams 

Need Help Accessing CIMAConnect? 

You can simply gain access to the portal by using your MYCIMA login information. For this you will need your CIMA contact ID and your password. If you don’t have this then you can register as a CIMA student. If you have forgotten your password or your contact ID, you can contact a CIMA advisor. 

Alternatives to CIMA Login 

There are alternatives to registering for a CIMA Login. You can access CIMA courses with us here at Skills Academy. That’s right, we have CIMA courses you can do via distance learning. Simply enrol as one of our students. 

Our CIMA Courses 

We have all the CIMA courses you need right here. Each course has its own set of entry requirements and course work. Remember these courses focus on giving you skills needed for the business industry. Great thing about it is that you can start them without matric. 

CIMA Courses 

Student Support 

Just because you’re a distance learning student, doesn’t mean you’re on your own. There are highly trained lecturers, student advisors and course advisors available to you. Never worry about being in this alone. We are with you every step of the way. 

Online Study Groups and Tutors 

To give you the best advice and help, we have online study groups and tutors available. This allows you to connect and communicate with fellow students. Our tutors are there to give you an extra hand with your course work when you need it. 

Other Courses Offered

Along with our CIMA courses, we do have a variety of others. Our range includes accredited and non-accredited courses. This allows you to choose what type of skills you would like. With our courses you will be able to walk into almost any working industry. 

A student who used their CIMA Login information to get study guides to help with exams

Benefits of Studying With Skills Academy

You might not be aware but we are a distance learning institution. Which means that you don’t attend any face-face classes. Instead we will courier all your study materials to you and you will study from home. Ultimately you can study anywhere you want like the park, library or even the beach. Studying from home isn’t your only benefit. With us you will have a wide range of benefits. Just take a look. 

Thinking it’s Time to Switch Course Providers? Speak to one of our Course Experts Today!

You can skip the sign up steps by speaking to one of our course experts today. Do your accredited CIMA course with us from the comfort of your home. Find out how you can get started.

  • Contact us on 0800 39 00 27 –  it’s free! 
  • Fill out our contact form for a call back
Last Updated: June 15, 2022


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