CIMA Fee Structure

Everything comes at a cost. So does studying CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accounting). Find out how much your studies will be by using the CIMA fee structure.


CIMA is a UK based company which means that their fees are in the British Pound. You need to convert the British Pound to the South African Rand value, to have an idea of what you will be paying. Luckily we’ve done that for you in this article.

CIMA Fee Structure

The CIMA fee structure is quite easy to understand. You can ask your training provider to assist you with this. Also, make sure that you pay the correct amount according to the CIMA fee structure.

1. Registration and Yearly Subscription Fees

Registration and subscription fees need to be paid by all students to study CIMA. If you are applying for the first time (new student), your subscription fee is free.

Do you Have to pay Subscription Fees?

Yes, this is compulsory. The subscription fees payment is due on 01 January every year. Subscription is from 1 January to 31 December each year. The fees are all shown in British Pound (GBP), and you may use an online converter to convert the fees to South African Rands (ZAR).

2. Exemption Fees

If you apply for exemptions and you accept it, you need to pay an exemption fee. This is the fee structure for all exemptions paid for and awarded after 1 August 2019:

3. Exam Fees

The exam fee that you pay allows you to write the exam. For every CIMA exam that you write, you need to pay a fee.

CIMA Fee Structure Exam Fees

4. Membership Fees

If you passed the Strategic level exam, you qualify to apply for CIMA membership. It is an elite group filled with like-minded people in the management accounting profession. Being a CIMA member gives you access to tools and allows you to engage in discussion about the changes in the economic market. Here are the fees that you need to pay.

Table with CIMA Fee Structure Membership Fee

The CIMA fees information is available on the CIMA website

Payment Options

If you decide to study your CIMA course with a training provider, then they can assist you with payments. If you are a UK student, you can pay online with a debit/ credit card.

A student researching on their laptop what the CIMA Fee Structure is.

How do you Make Payment if you are not in the UK?

You can pay online or by post, but in South Africa, this (post) is not very reliable. It is good to know how to make payment for your studies especially if you are going to study through distance learning. Here are a few payment options for your CIMA studies.


CIMA has the option where you can make payment online through CIMA login. The online payment is a card payment. They are quick, easy, and usually takes 2-3 working days for the bank to authorise the payment (To protect you from fraudulent activities).

Debit Order

Skills Academy has the option of a debit order. It is a great feeling to know that your payments are on time. You can also get 5% discount on your monthly instalments (Skills Academy fees). You need to ask them how to set it up for you.


Most training providers will provide you with their bank details. You can physically go to the bank and make a payment. Nowadays everything is tech-savvy. You can make a payment online or through your banking App. Always use your student number as your payment reference. Payments take between 3-7 working days to process. Find Skills Academy bank details here.

Proof of Payment

If you make a payment at the bank, you need to send proof of payment. Depending on the training provider, you can either email the proof of payment or send it via post.


There are two ways that you can register; on the CIMA website or through your training provider. Then you need to choose your study option, for example, full time, distance learning and so forth.

Skills Academy

Skills Academy is a distance learning training provider for CIMA. We have tutors to assist you, and we deliver your study material at your place of delivery. The best part about us is that you only pay for the time that you study.

Register for our CIMA Courses Today!

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Last Updated: November 2, 2020


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