CIMA Exemptions for MBA

Do you hold a Masters Degree in Business Administration? Are you looking to increase your knowledge in this industry? Apply for the CIMA exemptions for MBA qualifications, and you could gain a CIMA qualification.

What is the Point of CIMA Exemptions for MBA?


The point with exemptions is not to repeat work that you already know. So this allows you to skip a few exams. It also shortens the time that it takes to complete the course.

Who is Eligible for the Exemption?


Students that completed their full MBA qualification qualifies for an exemption. You don’t have to write the following CIMA exams:

  • All CIMA certificate level exams (There are four exams)
  • E1 Organisational management.

Do you Need to Register Before you can Apply for Exemptions?

Yes, you need to be a CIMA student with a CIMA contact ID.

How do you Register?


You can register on the CIMA website or through us, Skills Academy. We are a distance learning college with CIMA accreditation. Contact us today on our toll-free number 0800 39 00 27. A friendly consultant will assist you.

Apply for CIMA Exemption

When you have received a CIMA contact ID, you can follow the steps below to apply for CIMA exemptions for MBA.

  • Search for your qualification on the CIMA website. Use your institution’s name to search for your MBA qualification.
  • Send documents as proof. It can be a Graduation certificate, letter from University, but should include your transcripts. Email your documents to [email protected] Do not send your original documents.
  • It can take up to 20 working days to get a response from CIMA.
  • Accept or Decline exemption granted.
  • Pay for your exemptions.

CIMA Exemptions Fees


For every exam that you will not write, you need to pay a fee for. The table below gives you this.

Qualification exam

British Pound

South African Rand

Certificate in Business Accounting (per subject)

GBP 70


Operational level objective tests (per subject)

GBP 90


Operational level case study exam

GBP 145


Management level objective tests (per subject)

GBP 100


Management level case study exam

GBP 155


Strategic level objective tests (per subject)

GBP 145


Strategic level case study exam

GBP 220


The CIMA fees information is available on the CIMA website. All of the calculations made was on fx-Rate on 14 September 2018.


How Does a CIMA Benefit my Career?


CIMA graduste wearing a braduation cap and carrying a big black book that is hiding her mouthCIMA qualifications are internationally known for their Professional Qualifications. When you have a CIMA qualification, employers will respect you for your skills and knowledge. It is so because you will have skills in many roles in this industry.

Employers are impressed when they see you have more than one qualification. And employers are eager to employ people with CIMA qualifications. The skills that you will gain from these courses are high in demand in this industry. So don’t delay and start your CIMA qualification today.

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Author: Olivia Pika

Last Updated: May 06, 2020

Last Updated: June 15, 2022


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