CIMA Exemptions for CMA (USA)

Do you hold a CMA (USA) qualification? CMA stands for the Certified Management Accountant. Are you interested in studying a CIMA qualification? Well, CIMA awards exemptions for CMA qualifications received in the United States. CIMA does not want you to repeat work that you already know. Let’s find out how CIMA exemptions for CMA (USA) qualifications work.

CIMA Exemptions for CMA (USA)

CIMA Exemptions for CMA (USA)

The CMA qualification that you get in the USA has subjects that cover the same information in the CIMA syllabus. You can then apply for CIMA exemptions for CMA (USA) qualification.

Having two qualifications in the finance world will benefit you a lot in your career. It will increase your knowledge, your skills, and your employability. Employers will be very impressed with the skills you have in different business roles and functions.

Who is Eligible for Exemption?

CIMA will exempt CMA qualification holders based on the two qualification types listed below.

How do you Apply for CIMA Exemptions?

You apply by sending all of your documents to CIMA through email or fax. But you need to be a CIMA student.

Register With CIMA

Register on the CIMA website or through a training provider like Skills Academy. We are a distance learning college with CIMA accreditation. Employers are always impressed when you’ve studied through distance learning because it shows commitment. Contact us today and register on our toll-free number 0800 39 00 27. A friendly consultant will assist you with your application.

Apply for CIMA Exemption

Once you have been registered and received a CIMA contact ID, you can go ahead and apply for the CIMA exemptions for CMA (USA). Follow these steps to guide you.

  1. Search for your qualification on the CIMA website.
  2. Send your documents as proof. You can either email your Graduation Certificate or a letter from the University that states that you have completed the course. Email the documents to The subject line of the email should be: Your CIMA contact ID and should include CMA (USA).
  3. CIMA will send you a confirmation email that they’ve received your application within 72 hours. It can take up to 20 working days to get the results of your application.
  4. Accept or Decline exemption.
  5. Pay exemption fees if you accept the offer.

Please do not send your original documents, because CIMA cannot guarantee that it will be returned safely.

CIMA Exemptions Fees

If you ‘accept’ an exemption granted, you need to pay a fee. The table below provides the cost per exam that you’ve received the exemption.

Qualification examBritish PoundSouth African Rand
Certificate in Business Accounting (per subject)GBP 70R1,359,41
Operational level objective tests (per subject)GBP 90R1,747,82
Case study exam: Operational levelGBP 145R2,815,93
Management level objective tests (per subject)GBP 100R1,942,02
Case study exam: Management levelGBP 155R3,010,13
Strategic level objective tests (per subject)GBP 145R2,815,93
Case study exam: Strategic levelGBP 220R4,272,44

The CIMA fees information is available on the CIMA website. All of the calculations made was on fx-Rate on 14 September 2018.

CIMA Benefits

CIMA Exemptions for CMA (USA)

CIMA qualifications are known globally for their high-quality standards in management accounting. Anyone can study CIMA, even if you don’t have finance or accounting knowledge. Upon completion of your qualification, you could qualify as a CIMA member and earn a higher salary. Start with CIMA today with us, and increase your employability.

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Written by: Olivia Pika

Last updated: February 12, 2019

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