CIMA Exemptions for CMA (USA)

Don’t waste any time repeating work you’ve already done. CIMA gives you the opportunity to get exempted when you hold a CMA (USA) qualification. Go ahead and apply.

Already have your CMA (USA) qualification, but want to enrol into our CIMA courses? CIMA awards exemptions for CMA qualifications received in the USA. This way you can build on your learning without repeating any of the work you have already done. 

The Benefits of Getting a CIMA Exemption for CMA (USA)

You have work, social and family responsibilities. So why waste your time writing exams for work you’ve completed? Getting exemption is a great way to lessen the heavy load you already have to deal with. 

Less Exam Stress

If you are exempted you won’t have to write the exams you’ve already completed through your CMA qualification. This will lessen your exam stress. You’ll only have to worry and study the work that you haven’t already done. 

Prior Learning Recognised 

No one wants to redo a course that covers work they’ve already done. CIMA recognises your prior learning and ensures that you won’t have to waste any of your time – giving you a chance to focus on other subjects, work and life. 

Finish Your Course Quicker

Your time is valuable. Apply for a CIMA exemption for CMA (USA) and finish your course quicker. Here, at Skills Academy, if you finish your course early you only pay for the time you studied. So, if your course duration is 8 months, but you finish it in 5 months, you only pay for those 5 months. 

Our CIMA Courses 

To apply for CIMA exemptions CMA you must first be registered for a CIMA course. We offer the following CIMA courses via distance learning:

The courses we offer are accredited. Once you’ve completed your studies with us your education will be recognised worldwide. 

Two business professionals working through paperwork. Gain access to the business world once you apply for CIMA Exemptions CMA (USA).

What are CIMA Exemptions?

If you already hold a CMA qualification then you have already done modules that are covered in some CIMA courses. CIMA then allows you to apply for exemption in those modules. This means that once you apply and receive exemptions, there will be certain exams you won’t have to write.

Are CMA and CIMA Qualifications the Same?

Are CMA qualifications and CIMA qualifications the same since they cover the same subjects? The answer is no. Both hold their own weight within the professional world. Studying two finance courses will set you apart in the business world. You will be more credible, skilled and trained than others in the job market. 

Who Qualifies?

Exemptions only apply to people who have already graduated with a degree programme that is related to CIMA. CIMA will exempt CMA qualification holders based on the two qualification types listed below.

  • Before 2008 – Certified Management Accountant (US)
  • Certified Management Accountant (US) from 2009 completion onward

If you received these qualifications then you can go ahead and apply for CIMA (CMA) exemption. 

Applying for CIMA Exemptions 

Ready to apply for CIMA Exemptions? Here are the easy steps you have to take. Once you’ve done all this you need to do is wait until your application gets approved.

Register as a CIMA Student

First, you must be registered as a CIMA student. Register on the CIMA website or through a training provider like us. Enrolling with us gives you access to a world of perks. Some of these are:

  • No classrooms – ever!
  • All your study material is couriered to you.
  • Online platform where you can get student support 

Search for Qualifications on Database

Once you’ve registered you get a CIMA contact ID. Use this contact ID number to search on CIMA’s database whether or not your current qualifications allow you to apply for exemptions. Can’t find your qualifications on the database? Don’t worry, you might still be eligible for exemptions if the course you completed is related to CIMA.

Send the Relevant Documents 

To verify if  you are eligible for exemptions,  you’ll need to send copies of your highest level educational certificates and transcripts. These must include details of the subjects you studied and the marks you achieved. 

Wait for Confirmation

Once you’ve sent through your documents, you need to wait for CIMA to confirm your exemption. Approval for exemption usually takes up to 20 days. So in the meantime, while you wait, use your study planner to schedule your study time. 

Accept or Decline Your Exemptions 

You can either accept or decline any exemptions you have been granted. You need to be sure you are familiar with the material covered in the exams you’re exempt from. Material covered in the early stages of CIMA is built on at a later stage.

CIMA Exemption Fees

For every exemption you accept, you need to pay a fee. This information is available on the CIMA website. Worried that your running costs are getting too high? Thankfully, studying with us gives you the opportunity to save:

  • There are no hidden costs. 
  • You won’t have to pay for textbooks – all your study material is included in the course price.
  • You won’t have to spend money on relocating or travelling to campus as all our classes are done via distance learning. 

Have a look at our full breakdown of the CIMA fee structure to get a better idea of what your spending will be. 

Planning for Your CIMA Exam

You’ve registered, applied for CIMA Exemption for CMA (USA) and now it’s ready to prepare for the exams you will be writing. 

  1. Have a look at the CIMA Exam Timetable to plan ahead.
  2. Create a study schedule. Write down what you’d like to complete and by when.
  3. Set clear goals – this will keep you on track.
  4. Reach out to fellow students and tutors on our online platform for assistance and past exam papers.

With us backing you, there’s no reason to not make a success of your studies.

Get World-Class Education With our CIMA Courses

Enrol into our CIMA courses today and apply for CIMA exemptions. Our course consultants are ready to help you through the quick and easy process. Contact us today:

  • Call us for free on 0800 39 00 27
  • Fill out this contact form for a call back
Last Updated: June 15, 2022


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