CIMA Exam Results

Waiting for your CIMA Exam Results can be hard. We have this guide to help you understand your results and how to work towards it. Don’t be scared, let us help you.

Interested to know your CIMA Exam Results? Then you’re at the right place. We have a great load of information on how and when to get your results. You can also find out where to get study materials and tips. Take deep breaths, exam results don’t have to be so intimidating. 

CIMA Exam Results 2020 Timetable

Exams are tough but waiting for your results can be even worse. Luckily your CIMA Exam Results timetable for 2020 has already been released. So even though you have to wait, this results timetable can give you some peace of mind. 


CIMA Exam Results 2020

Operational Level 

Management Level 

Strategic  Level 


6-8 weeks after exam window

6-8 weeks after exam window

6-8 weeks after exam window

September – October 

24 September 2020

01 October 2020

08 October 2020

December – January 

22 December 2020

14 January 2021

14 January 2021

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What is the Pass Mark for CIMA

Knowing what to work towards makes studying easier and less stressful. It also gives you the opportunity to set a goal and work towards it. In this section you will find out what mark you should strive to achieve. 

Objective Tests: Your results will be given to you as a scaled score ranging from 0 to 150. You will need 70% for each of your tests. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to figure out your pass mark with any simple formula. Instead you should focus on studying hard. 

Case Study Test: The pass mark for your case study test is marked on a scale score of 0 to 150. You will need to receive at least an 80. With that you will also need to achieve a score of “moderate” or “strong” to ensure that you aren’t weak in a particular area. 

How do I Check my Exam Results

Your exam results are sent to you so you don’t have to run around looking for them. On the day that your results are released, you will receive an email. This is a notification to say that your results are available on your MYCIMA portal. If you have any trouble accessing your portal, simply contact your student advisor. 

How Hard are CIMA Exams?

All exams are tough but it’s not impossible to pass. So even though you won’t know how difficult your exam will be, you will know what your pass requirements are. This will help you with both your objective tests and your case study test. 

Objective Tests 

Your objective tests are computerized. Therefore, you will receive your test results 48 hours after you have completed it. You’ll receive an email stating that your exam results are available on your MYCIMA portal. Your results will state “pass” or “fall”. If you would like a breakdown on your objective test results, here is a video created by CIMA explaining your objective exam results

Case Study 

Your case study exams are harder. Case study exams are marked by professional graders. You will wait approximately 5 weeks after the test window to receive your results. When you receive your results you will see “strong”, “moderate” or “fail”for each of your 5 competencies.

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What Happens if I Fail? 

Don’t worry, if you fail your exam you can redo them. In fact, there isn’t any time limit on how many times you can redo a course. You can study for as long as you like and try, try and try again. Failing a course doesn’t mean you’re a failure, it means you didn’t understand the course work at that time. So grab your second chance with both hands. 

What you Should Know for Your CIMA Exam 

Just like any course with any exam, your CIMA exams have guidelines. Following these guidelines ensure that you follow the basic rules of writing an exam. It also ensures that you adhere to the exam ethics and policies written up but the CIMA. 

Get Help Studying for Your Exam 

At Skills Academy we try to give you every resource needed for your exams. We do this because as our student, you need the best. Our study tools and resources will allow you to enter your exam venue with confidence. 

Online Tutors and Study Groups 

By studying with us, you are agreeing to studying via distance learning. This means that you won’t attend any physical classes or study sessions. Instead you will have access to online professional tutors and study groups. Your study groups will consist of students who are studying the same CIMA course as you.

Past Papers 

Our world-class team of student advisors work tirelessly to bring you past exam papers. These papers will help you prepare for your exams. Now you won’t write the exact same paper but past papers have proven to help students understand their exams. 


Lecturers play an important role in your academic success. That’s why we have the best team of lecturers working around the clock. You can contact your lecturers via email or call them. Remember to always contact your lecturers during office hours.  

Other Benefits to Studying With Skills Academy 

Once you have enrolled as one of our students, you will see that we have a variety of benefits waiting for you. These benefits are set in place to help make your studying much more effective and enjoyable. It’s also so you receive a quality education. Read up on our policies and benefits right now. 

Fun Fact

You can do all your CIMA courses with us. That’s right, we offer all your CIMA courses right here. You can do them from the comfort of your home and reach us via email or a free phone call.

Start Preparing for Your CIMA Exam With our Help 

Exam preparation is very important and we would like to help you. Contact one of our course experts and have them tell you how you can study, become a professional and be successful all with our help. Let us get you started. 

  • Contact us on 0800 39 00 27 –  it’s free! 
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Last Updated: November 2, 2020


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