Career: Tourism Careers

Become a Tourism Manager with our Tourism Courses.
Tia Sauls

Tourism Manager

From solo travellers, honeymooners to families – each of these clients have different travel needs. They need a travel expert who understands their budget and expectations.

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Kickstart your career as a travel consultant with Skills Academy.
Charnell Ward

Travel Consultant

Think you have what it takes to start a career as a Travel Consultant? Read further and find out everything you need to know about a career in this field.

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Help clients holiday dreams come true and become a tour guide.
Lucrisia Wyngaard

Tour Guide

No day in the life of a tour guide is the same. You learn so much from the people you are guiding, as well as learning about the amazing country you are in.

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Kickstart your career as a travel agent with Skills Academy.

Travel Agent

Do you Want to be a travel agent one day? Then you can find out all you need to know about this exciting job right here. Sign up today and start your career.

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