Career: Forensic Science Careers

Fraud Investigator doing her investigation on a white board with a male colleague. invest
Lucrisia Wyngaard

Fraud Investigator

Want to know what a Fraud Investigator does, how much they get paid and some other perks? Look no further as we explore this fast-paced career.

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A Forensic Scientist working in a lab

Forensic Scientists

Are you always fascinated by how criminal cases are solved using science? If you’re a diligent person who pays attention to detail, a career as a Forensic Scientist is for you.

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Private Security Guard protects people and property.
Charnell Ward

Private Security Guard

Being a Private Security Guard is not only a fulfilling job, it is also important to the company that needs your service. Study with us and learn skills.

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Criminalists examining evidence in the lab
Matthew Dunbar


Now you can live out your favourite crime drama and embark on this exciting career. Find out how you can become a Criminalist.

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Graduate top of your class and be the best Crime Scene Investigator
Tia Sauls

Crime Scene Investigator

Do you care about the law? Do you have a mind for problem solving? Help the police of your country solve crimes by becoming a Crime Scene Investigator. Skills Academy has a distance learning course that you can do to kick-start your career.

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