Photography Careers

Do you enjoy capturing every moment? Would you like to make your hobby a career? This article will give you all the information you need to know about Photography Careers.

Jobs in this Industry

Learn how to become a Photojournalist with our Photography Courses.


Do you want to tell a story using your very own photos? Then Why not become a photojournalist? Find out everything you need to know about this job right here!
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Learn the basic skills needed to be an Art Director with our Photography Courses.

Art Director

Do you enjoy telling a story using visual arts? Then being an Art Director might just be the perfect career for you. In this article we explore what is an Art Director.
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Our Photography Courses will teach you the basic skills needed to be a Camera Operator.

Camera Operator

If you're a storyteller with excellent hand-eye coordination, then this might be the job for you. Use your love of working behind a camera to start a career as a camera operator.
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Our Photography Courses will teach you the basic skills needed to be a Photographer.


Take a look at this Photographer article. Here you will find all the exciting benefits and short steps you can take to become a very successful photographer.
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What is Photography?

Photography is the process of recording image. This process was created over 200 years ago. The main purpose of photography is to capture moments you’d want to last forever. Working in photography is the perfect way to take a hobby and make a living off it.

Benefits a Photography Careers

When considering what career to go into, you should look at the benefits that come with it. Photography careers are often seen as artistic careers that don’t have as much stress as corporate careers. Here are three benefits that make photography careers so attractive.

Start Your own Business

If you don’t want to work for a company or for  someone else, with photography you don’t have to. Having your own equipment and building a portfolio allows you to work for yourself. You will set your own schedule, prices and work the way you want to.


How would you like to travel around the world because of your job? Depending on what type of photographer you want to be, traveling might be mandatory for you. You will travel around the world to capture things that your country might not have.

Earning Potential 

How much you earn depends on two things. This being your experience and your skills set. The average earning of an entry level photographer is R182,035  a year. With a good qualification, dedication and more experience you can increase your earning potential.

Photography job Opportunities

With the constant growth of technology, any industries rely on photography for modern imagery. Today there are several careers in this field. Below are the top three careers in photography.Three most popular photography careers in South Africa:

Camera Operator: records images or videos for an audience. Can work for TV shows, news broadcasters, music videos and much more.

Art Director: are responsible for the visual component of any marketing campaign

Photographer: are artists that capture moments and memories with a digital or film cameras

Skills Needed for Photography

The skills needed to be a photography professional would depend on the career you choose to go into. There are a few general skills that you can use in any photography career. These skills will assist you with your craft and business.

Technical Expertise

A photographer taking photographsHave you heard of the saying knowledge is power? It applies to photography. 

Since you will be working with a lot of equipment, it is important that you understand and know how all the parts work and what they are used for. 

This will give you independence and will impress future employers.

Eye for Detail

Being able to capture the beauty in something is very important. Having a good eye will also help you when editing and knowing which angle will produce the best image.

Legal Knowledge

It is very important that you are up to date with laws about photography. These laws would include copyright and contract laws. Not knowing these laws can be fatal to your career.

Business Skills 

Having a few business skills is an essential part of being a professional. If you decide to become a business owner, you will have to know how to do everything from finance to marketing.

How can I get a Career in Photography?

Would you like to become a photography professional? Although you can go into photography with just pure talent, the following steps with make it easier and more efficient. These steps are also in place to ensure you are the best at what you do.


A cameraman looking at their cameraStudying or perhaps doing a short course in photography is the first step. This will equip you with the theory and skills needed. Also while studying you will have the opportunity to choose what kind of photographer you want to be. 

Here at Skills Academy we have three photography courses that will teach you to have full control of the camera.

Purchase Equipment 

If you want to make photography you only income, you will have to invest in yourself. This means that you will have to buy equipment. Photography equipment consists of cameras, camera lenses and tripods to mention a few.

Intern With a Photography Professional

Gaining some experience is always a benefit. Interning will not only give you the experience you need but it will also give you a feel of the job. Once you have completed your studies, shadow a photography professional working in the field you wish to go into.

Set Goals 

Now that you have your qualification and a bit of experience, set career goals. This will keep you motivated and give you something to work towards.

Self Promotion or get a job

In the industry of photography your work speaks for you. It is very important to compile your work in a portfolio for potential employers and clients. This along with your experience and qualification this  will be the starting point of your career.

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Author: Tia Sauls

Last Updated: August 21, 2020

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