Marketing Careers

Marketing Careers are fast-paced and creative with plenty of job opportunities. A bonus of this field is that you will work with a team that’s creative, eager to learn and driven.

Jobs in this Industry

Brand Manager

Do you ever think about how would your life be if you weren’t…you? If your name was different? Identity and personality are as important in business as it is to you as a person.

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Product Manager

Ever looked at a product and you just naturally feel drawn to it? What that means is the Product Manager did an excellent job developing that specific product.

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Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager has a nice ring to it. I think so. Well, do you want to be a Marketing Manager? That is not impossible. All you need to get started in is a diploma.

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What is Marketing?

It is the promotion or advertising of a business, product or service to the public. Marketing is the link between the business and people. That could be Facebook, Emails, Newspapers, Radio, Sale leaflets, etc,. How exciting that millions of people see your project and love it. 

Have you ever sold anything on Gumtree? You wrote an ad and loaded pictures to attract interest in what you are selling. You did marketing!

Benefits of Working in Marketing

Marketing has many benefits besides being a fun environment to work in. If you are not sure if fun is enough to convince you here are the benefits that should.

High income

Marketing is financially rewarding. The average salary is higher than South Africa’s average salary of R6400 p/m. With an exciting average salary for any given role in Marketing of R18 891. 

Excellent career options

After completing a Marketing course you have options. Like what career path you would like to follow or specialise in.  Flexibility is a benefit that if you get tired of what you are doing you can always change your career path. 

Creative expression

You get to express your creativity. With all the options of creative fields in Marketing, you can find your interest.

No Degree needed

Education is important and gives you an edge over the next person. But, you don’t need a degree to work in Marketing. A National Certificate: N6 Marketing Management course will give you that head start.

Social Career Field

You interact with the audience and work with creative professionals on collaborations.

Marketing Careers will enable you to use your problems solving and creativity skills.

Career Opportunities in Marketing

With changes in software and tech, the Marketing field is always changing and growing. 

So what are the top options according to the Top searched Marketing Careers and your options?

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Managers focus is on what’s needed to market the product or service. Planning the Marketing strategy. This is to increase the market share and maintain current customers. If you are keeping up with trends a Marketing Manager could be the perfect job for you.

Brand Manager

Having a good image is important in the era of Instagram and influencers. Even more so for businesses attempting to increase their market share. A Brand Managers main goal is to create a lasting positive image like that profile picture on Facebook. 

Product Manager

Product Managers define the what, when and why of the product. Based on market research and customer demands. Working with teams like sales and support to get the online product from planning to selling. If you like making decisions based on research this is the job for you.

Marketing Careers Opportunities and Growth

Marketing careers have changed with the wave of new technology and trends. What this means is more options. With more options, pursuing a career in marketing has become more exciting and easier. There is no doubt that the way forward is digital and Marketing Careers are becoming a bigger need. 

Marketers are setting trends and innovating. It’s an exciting time to choose a Marketing Career and being the trendsetter. 

You may want to specialise in a specific field. Yet, there is still the need for Traditional Marketers in the world of Digital Marketing.

Being a marketing manager is just one of the many Marketing Careers available.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

So what is Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing anyways?

Traditional Marketing

Communicating your message or promotion using offline channels like TV, Radio, and Print. For everyone to see and enjoy. Traditional Marketing reaches a semi-targeted audience but to a big audience. You have less control over who sees or hears your promotion. Meaning millions will see your work. It’s pricey to run traditional marketing promotions but still effective. 

The downside of Traditional Marketing is the customer can’t respond to promotions immediately. 

Digital Marketing 

Also known as “Online Marketing”. Is advertising using digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, and Websites. It’s targeted to a specific target market and only those customers will be able to see it. Things like Facebook ads are affordable as more people spend time on the internet. Creating brand awareness to the right target market has become easier. With Digital Marketing, customers respond directly to the promotions. You get instant feedback on the promotion.

Because of this Digital Marketing has a clear advantage over Traditional Marketing. Many businesses use a combination of both to reach their audience.

Creative Marketing

It’s the process of creating an impact or impression with your customers. You do this by using tools like images, video or articles. Like this article. It’s a form of creative marketing for you to better understand the Marketing Careers field. 

Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing use Creative Marketing. To make the promotion appealing. Look pretty in a sense. The Creative Marketing team includes designers, web developers, SEO specialists, writers, and editors.

Marketing Careers Skills Needed

Skills can be broken down into 2 categories – Traditional Skills and Digital Skills. Traditional Skills are needed and important even in the digital age.

Traditional Skills

  • Writing and Communications
  • Planning and Application
  • Budgeting and Time Management

Technical Skills

  • Computer Literacy
  • Social Media
  • Research Skills

The other skills you can learn from a National Certificate: N5 Marketing Management. Skills like Sales Management and Entrepreneurship and Business Management.

Author: Lucrisia Benjamin

Last updated: August 18, 2020

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