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Has the thought of changing careers crossed your mind lately? Think you have what it takes to handle employees, set up budgets and run internal affairs in a company?

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Supply Chain Manager

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Sales Manager

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What is Management?

Management refers to handling all internal affairs of an organisation. This includes setting goals for the company, and evaluating strategies put into place to make the company a success.

Benefits of Being a Manager

A woman in management careersBeing a manager can be a difficult task. Employees look to managers for help, and are tasked to make difficult decisions. 

However, there are many benefits of being a manager. 

One benefit is seeing the positive influence your skills and creativity has in a company. 

Other benefits include:

Higher Income

Being a manager means you have more responsibilities and work. Although this might sound unpleasant, you need to remember: with more work comes a higher salary. The long hours you spend at the office will all be worth it.

Opportunity for Growth

As a manager, you will be faced with many challenges. But these challenges also give you an opportunity to grow and gain experience. This improves your decision making skills and creativity.

Improve Interpersonal Skills

Managers need to be able to effectively communicate with all departments. This allows you to build valued work relationship between you and your colleagues. You also network with other companies which gives you more exposure and experience.

Duties of a Manager

The tasks of a manager are endless. As a manager, you have a specific role in the workplace. However, you need to be flexible and should be able to positively approach any project or problem. Some of the basic duties of a manager includes:

  • Delegating work to all employees.
  • Training new staff in their department. 
  • Working out budgets for everything in an office, whether its for supplies or a project.
  • Determining short term and long term goals for a company.
  • Making important decisions and predicting the possible outcomes.
  • Firing employees who do not perform well within the workplace.
  • Tracking the performance of all employees.
  • Conducting interviews for potential candidates.

Characteristics of a Manager

Not everyone has what it takes to be a manager. There are qualities you need to portray, as you need to be an example to your employees and superiors. Some of these qualities include:

Leadership Skills

A manager needs to lead their employees, as they look to managers for guidance in the workplace. 

Be Resourceful

Managers often face obstacles that are hard to overcome. So you need to have the ability to come up with solutions to overcome problems faced in the workplace. 

Dedicated to your Role

If a manager is not passionate about their role, the company will suffer. Managers influences how well employees work in a company. If a manager doesn’t want to be at work or hates his job, it impacts the outcome of work in an office. 

Compassionate Towards Others

As a manager, you have to be compassionate when it comes to your employees. Although you do control what happens in your department, you cannot dictate everyone and have them abide to rules by being forceful. 

Effective Communication

Managers need to be able to be clear and communicate with their team. Whether its giving employees their tasks, or relaying important information from senior management to workers, managers need to be able to share information effectively.

Why is Management Important?

A management personnel using her comuter and cellphone and drinking coffe Many would regard management as being the backbone of the company, as they take care of many of the important aspects in a company. Without proper management, employees will not know what to do. This means that resources will not be used properly and work will not get done. The company will be at a loss, as there is no one who will set up budgets. Company goals are set up by the manager which allows the company to grow and become successful.

In What Industries can a Manager Work?

Think managers are limited to one industry? Think again! Managers are needed in all industries worldwide. Successful companies makes use of managers in all their departments, making sure that work gets done within a certain time frame. From marketing to finances, they are an important part of any department in all industry. Below are popular manager positions.

Project Manager Jobs

A project manager handles every aspect of a project from beginning to completion. Project managers will plan, make decisions, and lead the team in ensuring that the project is a success. Project managers are found in most industries and companies. These projects could range from small activities in a company to major developments such as infrastructure.

Business Manager Jobs

 A business manager manages everything that happens in a company. This could range from supervising employees to making important decisions which will ensure that the company is a success. Business managers make sure that deadlines are met and that goals are set which will allow a company to be successful. 

Sales Manager

Sales managers handles all sales related aspects in a company or business. They strive for customer satisfaction and always think of ways to improve it. They are always planning on how to make the sales in a business more profitable.

How Much Does a Manager Earn?

Managers earn according to the industry they are in and their level of management. This includes years of experience. Senior level managers are more likely to earn more than their junior colleagues. Take a look at some of the average salary estimates per month below:

Senior project manager: R29 000

Junior project manager: R19 000

Business Manager: R27 000

Management Levels

Not all managers are on the same level. Some have been in the position for years, which means they will have much more experience. The three levels of management includes: 

Senior Level

Also referred to as top level management. These are the highest level management within a company. They manage middle and lower level managers. Senior level managers usually have years of experience in this position. They are responsible for handling the workplace, or more than one department. They are also responsible for communicating with clients and developing relationships with other companies. These managers are also held accountable whenever there are problems in a company as they are the decision makers.

Middle Level

Middle level managers report to senior managers and manage lower level managers. Senior managers can’t always be among employees to help whenever they need guidance or have problems. Middle managers make sure that there is clear communication between these senior managers and employees. 

Lower Level

Lower level management usually works very closely with employees. Although they don’t micromanage their workers, they do delegate and supervise day to day activities of employees. When employees have a problem within the workplace, they would inform lower level management, which will inform higher management if necessary. This position usually refers to supervisors and foreman.

Think you have what it takes to be a manager? 

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Author: Charnell Ward
Last updated: May 07, 2020

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